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Defied gravity,changed the game’s formalities and all you have to say is mentality. For the lord of the rings mastery to appear images of 81, a man who shots ended so many suns and trailblazers. Your impact was nothing short of a Big Bang crater, a creator to so many future hoop legends that’s why I’m writing “Dear heaven” cause he did more for us than any lakers possession. A father even in the end, I salute as your jersey ascends there will never be another bean Bryant again.
Logan Robertson Jul 2019
Where Phil's ship set sails
With the biggest whales
His legend has tales
And he spouts no fails
In the depth of nails
His hammer has gales
With winding winds of hales
He keeps to his trails
Leaving quests that impales
Five consecutive NBA finals scales
With LeBron and Leonard's pails
He fetches more water to rescales
With Lakers, his thirst now flails
Bringing hope his ship prevails

Logan Robertson

The Lakers brought in forner assistant coach Phil Handy from the NBA champions Toronto. One there is hope he brings in a winning  mindset, one that's contagious, especially ferreting out the best in his players. Two there is hope LeBron's drive is fueled. With five consecutive NBA finals appearances with Cleveland and Toronto he certainly has a good track record and foundation to build on with the Lakers.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
You want me to wear
logos in my hair
and purchase
the matching scarf?

A billboard for sale
at the human scale
Sporting your brand
Oh, what a larf!

Go Team Go!
Print on a throw
For the low price
of fifty-four dollars

I'd rather be happy
not buying your sappy
stuff that you sport
on your collars

you tell me to buy
because i'll look fly
and fill up my closet
with swagger

Believe when I say
not one single day
I'll fall to the dance
of your dagger!
We are walking, talking billboards.  How much does the NFL pay you to advertise their brand on your body?
Justin Petermann Apr 2018
The lights are bright
The big boys have come out to play
The Brow will flex his might
The Beard will ruin your day
The Baby Dinosaurs seek to change perception
While the greens look for an immaculate deception
The Young prince is poised to reassess
While The joker will complete the process
Forget about hickory town at your peril
The Flash looks to prove that he aint sterile
The magic men look to climb to the peak
Don't you dare take your eyes off The Freak

The Chef will be back
The enforcer will not crack
Rip city looks for the soft touch
The stat Padder needs to prove that he's clutch
In the land of the lakes there's A KAT with unprecedented power
I dare you to step up and challenge the Steifel Tower

With all that being said
The time to rest has been put to bed
For in this majestic tussle to win that ring
You still need to come and see the King
With the NBA Playoffs getting underway i thought i would write a poem about it... enjoy
sunprincess Feb 2018
Basketball is a fine sport
Little boys learn to play

They run around a court
and chase a ball all day

Then those boys grow up
and join the mighty NBA
Ivan Brooks Sr Feb 2018
A shout out to LeBron
For a big night in Akron
A welcome win for the Cavaliers
Tonight against the TimberWolves.

Cavs finally ended the drought
Via the energy they brought.
Coach Tyronn Lue drew up a game plan
That finally brought a win to the land.

Both teams put up a spectacular show
Leaving the erratic Cavs fans like wow!
The combined 3s of forty was historic,
Shot by both teams was really fantastic!

Tonight LeBron played like a real GOAT!
Playing great basketball from all over the court!
The big block on Butler is not what this is about,
But the clutched game winner fadeaway he shot!

The King was on top of his game tonight.The one hand block over Butler and the buzzer-beating fade away over him again to win the game was everything!
Some Bitch Dec 2017
Postin em up
dunkin on em like KD
that's ****** up
Can't slow down
Curry for 3 from downtown
Takin it
Faking it
Makin it
Draymond makin em look like fools out here
blockin shots into next year
Don't need that screen
off the dribble *****,
they mean
not lettin up
hell no, not even Draymond Green
gettin that win everyday
splash, this time it's Klay
5 seconds to go in the 4th
they hittin one at half court!
clutch as ****
the other team?
good luck..
I'm not a bandwagoner leave me alone. I'm not even a Warriors fan.
b Oct 2017
When I was eight years old I told my mom I’d play in the NBA.
And she believed me.
A year later, I was nearly dead.
A quick cough in January caged my lungs with such force
I could almost hear them fighting for breathing room.

I don’t remember much.

All that comes to mind is the panic
Like an animal that lives inside your skin,
That only awakens when he is least needed.

I came to with my mind split in half.
In reality I was on a stretcher, in a hospital.
In my mind, I was chained to a sheet of wood.
Floating in a pool.
Spread out like the vitruvian man.
I watched the water run through my fingers.
On second glance, I was not alone at the pool.
Men in all black stood around the edges
Staring like henchman do at helpless prey.
On third glance, I am in a stadium filled with cheering fans.
I could never really tell who they were cheering for.

One of the men shouts out, and I am drowning.
A godlike force pushes through the chain and I am engulfed.
No breath.
No sound.
Just blue and black
And the muffles of panic.
Only interrupted by a brief resurface
And the roar of an audience
Followed by blue and black.  

My mind began to converge,
And two worlds became one again.
As the water around me turned to tile,
My hands still felt wet from the pool.
The nurse asked me why I kept screaming to get out of the water.

I never learned how to swim.
I never played in the NBA.
CK Baker May 2017
five for fighting
hands to the face
personal foul
player disgrace

illegal contact
leap in the fray
willful head shot
legs astray

encroachment defense
mouth guard out
rough at the whistle
back field bout

grounding the pigskin
horse collar tackle
clip from behind

knee on knee
offside end
unnecessary roughness
too many men

gross misconduct
thumb in the eye
hooking the shooter
sticks up high

match ejection
over the top
face off folly
penalty shot

unsportsmanlike conduct
chopping the block
slew foot infraction
hammer lock

stick to the head
kick in the crotch
**** end jab
adhering the watch

slashing the d man
spearing the wing
running the keeper
back checking

intentional grouding
stoppage in play
punching and hacking
delay of the game

striking the ref
aggressor in fight
obstructing the line out
ear in a bite

loss of downs
hands in the ruck
pinching and boarding
illegal upchuck

rules of the battle
so softly spoken
pushing the limits
without being broken
Nothing like the playoff season!
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