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Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
When I do not see you for awhile
Start going through withdrawals
Like when you’re addicted to drugs
Dependent on alcohol

When I eat food is tasteless
In fact hard to enjoy
Much anything consumed
Focused on the void

No matter what’s done or said
Nothing distracts from absence
If I keep hours busy
Not once your thought leaves my head

My brain obsessed with you
Turning memories around
Try focusing on anything else
But way your laughter sounds

Impossible to be at peace
I wake up alone
Emptiness follows me from our bed
Clinging to each bone

Inside stomach sits a knot
Tangled with concern
Ball that gets tighter every minute
Messages left unreturned

I hate how I need your kiss
To function throughout day
Did not realize contact was necessary
Til moment it was taken away

My heart beats unevenly when you are gone
Stays like that until you come back
Every ***** placed in my body
Is in some manner out of whack

I am more than just miserable
Sick without you here
Unable to be myself
Until presence is again near
When I miss my boyfriend Paul
William Kline Dec 2018
you were the one
but not for me
you made me happy
but I guess my happiness wasn't enough
maybe I just didn't fit
like a puzzle piece in the wrong spot
theres another piece thats supposed to go there
but I'm not that piece
go find your piece
and ill find my missing spot
maybe we'll both be happy in the end
but for now
you're just not for me
TK Sep 2016
Bed bound, beneath the sheets
Unable to stand, knees much too weak

Ready to buckle, if I dare attempt to walk
Ready to pile, in a messy heap on the floor...
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2016
and it is in the very loss of hope
that lucidity comes

V Oct 2015
Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Diazepam, Alprazolam, if you've been acquainted with benzodiazepines,
Then you will know the hassle that I hearby mean.
Names so crazy it's like they fit your mind,
Yet without them they can be so unkind.

Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Diazepam, Alprazolam,
Tiny little pills, oh how you can truly and seriously help me to heal!
Yet, you make us happy as we should be without you to feel,
Because I'd rather remember you as an old friend who was there for a while to keep me "still".

Clonazepam Lorazepam, Diazepam, Alprazolam...
I know it's hard to say goodbye,
So for now I'll just say "goodnight",
And maybe one day I'll see without you-
the true happiness of daylight.*

I hate the consistent need to feel "normal" with any medication. It such a pain when you go through deadly withdrawls too. :(
Mahdiya Patel Jul 2015
" Should of taken acid with you, glued our tongues and become undone "

Should of taken ecstasy with you, discover aspects of euphoria you were always afraid to touch//

Should of taken ******* with you, become one with the worldly elements, talk to the sun as if the same blood ran within//

Should of taken shrooms with you, allow your toxic thoughts to breath along side the explosive stars//

Should have ...
but didn't.
So now, I will suffer withdrawals of your destructing presence.
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