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Moeshfiekah Sep 15
My **** *****
Your lips I crave.
Your master on her knees.

Your hand , my throat
So please take note.
A master you could be.
How she gets me to drop my dominant side and still calls me master still baffles me people
Allen James Sep 14
Silly little wishes,
Fantasies and dreams,
Who but me to make them true?
Or so that way it seems,
Twice a day, a minute spent,
Begging my soul's master,
Oh I could count a thousand prayers,
Without a single answer,
Kneeling down on tender knees,
Beneath the mercy of a rope,
Wishful truth may set me free,
But the cruelest lie is hope,
So of these vacant, mystic promises,
I've grown weary and suspicious,
If I am *** then *** is dead,
And so are all my wishes.
Sam Sep 11
I want to be great, I want to paint, draw, sing, play guitar, juggle and dance.

I want to run a half long marathon, achieve greatness when I have the chance.

But with only 24 hours a day, I fear it can’t be done.

I want to travel, see the world, be successful and have fun.

But here I sit at home, when I should go on a run, it seems I am a jack of all trades,

But a master of none.
Rahama Aug 26
Don't move.
  He already won,
   There's nothing else to prove.

Don't try.
  He's holding back your wings,
   He won't let you fly.

He's hiding.
  You need to be careful,
   'Cause he's lying there; waiting.

Now listen -
You thought he loved you,
  Remember I warned you.
   He just needed you to be there,
    To do his bidding,
     Whatever he asked,

You were enslaved by his c
He stopped you from doing so many things,
Even leaving the house.
He held you in an I.R.O.N. F.I.S.T.
He didn't trust you, see?
I warned you from the start,
But you didn't listen.

Now you see the monster,
And you run back to me for help.
But you're trapped.
You can't run from him,
You can't hide from your master.

You laid your bed in the grave he set,
And sooner or later you must rest your head.
Thank you for reading ❤.
Hannah Aug 11
I create more problems so I have something to solve.
I’m the master of my own destruction and my own purpose.
I’m not sure I know what would happen if I stopped—
Who would we be?
Jared Ross Jul 20
The Caged Man (2018) By Jared Ross

Heart racing, the caged man stands excited for his master
To free him of his burden,
Confound to solitude and desperation
The caged man stands idle in corner
Body to be left waiting until warmer.

Without voice and without cry the caged
Man tries and tries
His master’s absence causes worry in eyes
For he is a caged man,
He can not speak nor signal
He awaits his master for his mind is so simple.

The caged man is loyal and his duty is plain,
The master will be here he will wait everyday,
Until his bones break down, and his expression to frown,
Until his beating heart ceases,
Until the maggots eat him to pieces,
He’ll wait for his master,
For he is a loyal caged man.

The caged man wags his tail,
Anticipation to see a master who never showed up,
The cage is far from locked,
But the caged man remains inside,
Waiting for an absent master,
What a ******* of a master.
Waffles Jul 9
The best servant wields empathy
and refuses it in return.

"Do not come" says the master
"I will obey" though it pains me thinks the servant.

The master continues on with a smile
The good servant shares it.
On completion
You will be certified
As the Mature

You will master
When, and what to dream
How far, and when to end

Further, You will master
What is reality, but
Why to dream
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Even when nothing works, have a reason to dream
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