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Waffles Jul 9
The best servant wields empathy
and refuses it in return.

"Do not come" says the master
"I will obey" though it pains me thinks the servant.

The master continues on with a smile
The good servant shares it.
On completion
You will be certified
As the Mature

You will master
When, and what to dream
How far, and when to end

Further, You will master
What is reality, but
Why to dream
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Even when nothing works, have a reason to dream
uv May 20
It is an unconventional truth
It starts and it roots
You start the engine right
You gear the stem in sight
You step on it faster
It runs more like a master
When it is time it over takes
Its a chance it loves to take
Just try to step on the right
It slows down with all its might
Drinks of the earth it drinks
Empities it with a blink
It greeds over it more
Can you handle it like before
It runs in the count of miles
Starts eating the green inside
It donates a lot of stuff
Believe me you do not want it bluff
It slowly taking over
Planning to become a ruler
Multiplying more than our race
Becoming the faith of the earths face
Lets take our control now
Save the world before its down
Lets see the beautiful skies blue
Before they bid adieu.
Hayley Apr 30
Demand what you want, I'll give you what you need
I'll submit to you my dear, please take the lead
But that's not all you wanted, you tried to take more
The signs of mental abuse were there, impossible to ignore
I thought it was your kink, and merely a game  
I liked being the kitty you wanted to claim
You were my master and I wanted the pain
But when you asked for my soul I knew you were insane
There's something dark within you that needed control
Not just over my body but over my soul
I loved the choking, restraining, and lust
But you tried controlling my mind and lost all my trust
If I allowed it, you would have sucked me dry
Leaving nothing inside, no tears to cry
Please stay away, though I want you again
I must clear your energy from my body within
I wrote this a few weeks ago and now that my mind is more clear, I made lots of necessary changes.
Shadow Dragon Apr 25
Empty bottles,
empty lives.
Star crossed lovers,
looking to survive.
Tasting the fire,
at happy hour.
Should we take a shower?

A taste of the edge.
Plot twisted,
crimes listed.
Half hearted feelings
with soles revealing,
empty skulls filled with power.
Can you bring me a flower?

Implanted noise,
keeping me from beyond the void.
Space shuttles and stars.
A bypasser,
I wonder who you really are.
Come here my master,
do I want to taste your disaster?
Terry Collett Apr 21
George's father
stares at Polly.
"How is George?"
he asks eyeing
the young maid
who cares for his
shell-shocked son.

Polly studies the man
behind the desk
how his eyes
search her.

"He has moments of nerves
but I manage to calm him"
she replies
pushing from her mind
she and George
in bed the night before.

"I have received a letter
asking about him
from his regiment commander"
he says
"asking about his possible
return to the Front."

Polly's eyes betray a fear.
"He can't"
she says
"he's not well enough."

His eyes pierce her.
"It is not your opinion
he will be asking"
he says sitting forward
in his chair.

"If it wasn't for me
he'd be locked away
in some asylum".
Polly says
not thinking
as she speaks.

He looks at her.
"I know he thinks
you are his wife
but you are not"

Polly stands up straight
looking at him.
"But all the time
he does
I am"
she replies
seeing George
making love to her
twice in the night
behind her eyes.
Maira Apr 18
Dance to the cheering of men
Show yourself and dance, Dear Gwen.
They pry on you but that's alright,
You'll serve three for tonight
Take it light

One at a time, do not rush
With two hands and a mouth, pure cold cash
You get your pay, they get their pleasure
With a body as if porcelain like yours
Women have no pressure

Your price is high so let no customer down
Satisfy and obey, smile never frown
Dance gwen 'till the sun arises
Until then, you're trapped in your own darkness
Poor gwen, used to satisfy moree than less

Take a quick sip, this liqour has its magic
Makes you brave, night less tragic
It's the moon again, the spotlight is on
The room is dim but the eyes are dawned

Dance Gwen, dance 'till dawn
Dance to the cheering of men
The less you wear, the more you gain
Dance Gwen, Dance until you're worn
Worn out, keep your thorns.
Cat Lynn Apr 4
Where was it I left off? Oh yes, the rebellion of a slave to its master

I Believed my deceitful heart knew the way, but the way to disaster

As the days visited me and went, the colder I grew, and the more beauty fled

I scratched, I punched, I kicked, I hit the doors to try to break them open... and continuously I bled...

My eyes grew white and blind... so I could not see the destruction I was causing to myself and around me...

I was so certain that this hall was the hall where my life would unfold, where I'd find everything I could ever need...

Skin chipped away, muscles scrapped slowly down to the bitter bone...  I refused to have anything heal

I made a blood pool mess of pride at the entrance... along with a few puddles of a broken deal...

My God did not leave me though... He was there... but within spirit... but I denied it...I didn't care about my loss of purity

"Do you not have trust?" A young blonde servant whispered, kneeling to my level of insecurity...

"Why continue to make your self suffer when you can rise again?"

"And what reason would I have to rise? My desired fellowship will never amend..."

I intended to be rude to show her kindness and words were not welcome here

"You sound as if our Master is unfair... You doubt him.. you doubt his decisions, His choices, it's that clear..."

"You must be in His favor... To be so hopeful and life filled... Do you even have the slightest taste of suffering?"

Her knees laid in my pool of blood, her blue jeweled eyes stared into mine, my mind constantly puzzling

Closing those sapphires, and reopening them brought forth a vision of her past or tormenting love and tears

" Foolish girl... You're selfish to believe you are alone in this feeling... I was ONCE lock in your cell... Trapped by fear"

"And there are more down another hall who would know that pain all too well... Please... arise and come with me..."

"Why?.... What's the point when I have already fallen and failed and there is no possible better beauty..."

"They can answer your doubts and questions since they have had the same shoes..."

".... but I'm too blinded to even see my self... all I see is strangely you.." I tried to look down... but pain wouldn't allow me to move

"Then I guess you have no choice but to trust me... Do you think you can treat your wounds if you can't even see your own body?"

Anger irrupted inside of me... Only because I know this Blonde was right. So with her guiding hand, I rose to my feet

My soul screaming and shouting... Begging to rebell... but how could I? My body was dying and in defeat...

One warm white skinned arm wrapped around my brittle waist to guide me to the other side of the castle

A trail of blood footprints followed behind me... As I felt the connection between my flesh and the beaten door hassled

Trying to carefully slip away... I could feel the strength in her arm... there was no escape

So off me and this Blonde went... Leaving behind the hall that I want and also, or so I thought, the Hall God had planned and shaped...
.....sorry it took a while... Part 3 should be out soon if you guys still want it.... again sorry about that...
Poetic T Mar 31
Woven with secretions of midnights veil,
Its fur absorbs full moons light now stale.
Through its piercing eyes that follow shifting
shades, daring to attain its glare precariously drifting.

Abiding its time as night decays, fractured sights
let in the breath of inclement silence, coldness bites.
whispering through halls, but shuddering when
this onyx mystery speaks, winds shudder becoming thin.

This place is a citadel of muteness, where one
voice to be only spoken, it never gestures than
with some intent, but wears many facades
changing its outfits, ever enjoying its odds.

For what is life without a challenge, its master
returns, those whose thought he was the caster
when spoken through a ventriloquist of self
as who holds the blame not her, but himself.
On my knees I bow down to you
My soul belongs to you alone

Mistake me not as a captive
But I am an explorer of you

Wandering in the galaxies with you
Following the footprints of you

To my savage Master, I am a slave
I’m set free from the prison in me
In you..I breathe,live and obey
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