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Megan H Jul 21
I am unsure of where to go.

I was always told
That life would show me the way,
And Frost told me-
To take the road less traveled.
But the roads do not seem clear to me.
Where do I go?
What do I do?
How do I find my way?
Adulthood is rough
Megan H Apr 28
My words,
Like a whisper,
The world drowning them with noise.
Written on paper instead-
Where they may live forever.
Megan H Apr 25
You took something from me-
I'm not sure what.

I've been frantically searching,
But I don't know what I'm looking for.

Something about me is missing,
And it's taken away my smile.

You took something from me-
And I'd like it back, please.
Megan H Apr 7
I allow myself to be a sinking stone-
Settling in the bottom of the sea,
Encompassed in darkness.

I wait for a tide
To bring me to shore-
But it never comes.
Megan H Apr 6
In the search of something more-
Several doors I closed
Only to be left
Locked in a room on my own accord
All entrances blocked
Telling myself I will escape one day
Except I do not accept reality-
Destined to be isolated from the world.
Megan H Jan 25
I never realized
How easy it could be
To lose yourself-

I stopped taking time for myself,
Gave myself to others,
Piece by piece.

Every time I put the puzzle back together,
Another piece was missing.
Or perhaps stolen.

One day I will no longer exist.
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