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Megan H Aug 5
You are etched on my bones
Ingrained in my soul
Locked in my mind
Still residing in my heart-
I cannot wash you
From my skin.

When will I be free of you?
Do I want to be?
Megan H Aug 2
I did not expect-
To mourn you.

It feels like you died.
Maybe you did.
Megan H Jul 22
Maybe I'm sad
Because I thought-
I was worth more
You treated me.
Maybe I deserved better.
Megan H Jul 18
Maybe one day
I won't
Go back for more.
Megan H Jul 18
If I'm not numb-
Do I go back for more?
Megan H Jul 14
They ask me
Why I can't sleep.

Because I am a witch-
Wandering the night
Worshipping the moon and stars
Connecting with nature
And collecting my herbs.
Megan H Jun 28
Have you ever danced
By yourself
Under a moonlit sky?
Completely out of your mind-
But the wind and birds and bugs
Create a background song
To life.
The grass under your feet
Makes you feel
Complete with nature.
And you dance-
You dance for the trees-
The stars-
And for yourself.

It truly is an experience.
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