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Keonna Oct 2018
Look into my eyes,
Keep your eyes on me,
I feel your energy rise,
Your soul is for mines to keep,
Show me your fears,
Tell me your secrets,
I’ve been here for years,
I originated from Egypt,
I come out in the night,
The day is where I sleep,
This realm has no light,
Your the only light that creeps,
You’ll make it out of the realm safe and sound,
But beware of the demons that lingers in earthbound.
Destiny M Sep 2018
Live your life , enjoy your life, love your life . I don’t wanna die knowing I didn’t live my dream and was all that I wanted to be in life . It’s starting to become more clear to me that if I don’t do what I love and what’s meant for me I won’t be happy . I’m never happy doing something I’m forced to do you shouldn’t feel forced you should want to have a certain career not be forced into it and hate it and waste your life etc I know I love to sing , act and dance I know that’s always been in me it’s my dream . What I need is a manager someone who knows what they’re doing , someone who has connections . Connections are important in this industry . I know I’m gonna make it if I keep trying at least I can say I never gave up . I’m never giving up on myself or my dreams again . **** dreaming I’m trying to manifest and create my own reality .
Willow shade Apr 2018
Me - the poet,
Made up of griefs and frustration,
Stretched between skies and the darkest bottoms.
A withered winded tree
full of blossoms

Me - the poet,
Beyond all realities with deep *******,
Upon all good and bad perceived by the mass.
Poems - my dead dreams
I carry in my arms

Me - the poet,
Have no age or link with any generation
The frantic solitude will always light me
And I will proudly stand
For the solitaries like me

Me - the poet,
The lost words of God, the miserable admission
I have seen the hell and of the heaven I am tired
This is my scourge
- to be deeply inspired

Me - the poet,
Fallen apart losing my all cognition
Trying to fix myself among the pieces of mine
holding on non-compliance
where I've found my shrine

Me - the poet,
Now have found my essence in empty repetition,
welcome my joyful and recuperative faith
- all will find themselves
In the embrace of death!

We - the poets!
We must endure and stand just only for ourselves!
We will destroy all 'holy' principles they serve!
You can beat them with the endless love in your heart!
I will not let you just unfairly fall apart
and we will be paid the price we actually deserve!
I feel your burning heart and feel how you grin,
are you satisfied, my dear poet brethren?!
RyMo Mar 2018
Imagine your life as your dreams come true,
Then let it go and watch it come back to you,
We don’t have to know the how’s or the when’s,
Just hold the “what” in your mind’s eye within,
Steadfast and true we must be to ourselves,
So in the right direction we focus our delves,
Don’t think too hard lest you depart from the flow,
Feelings are stronger for truth they do show,
Born to create as our natural way,
Our dreams are alive and here to stay.
Xyns Oct 2017
If motivational bankruptcy has been declared
And it's a challenge to see the appeal in my work
I reach up and pull will power right out of thin air
Remembering the reward will be worth all that I exert

Only the purest vibes are worth risk to invest
I've been graced with this affinity- the ability to manifest

May hell freeze before the day I'm poetically impaired
No room for rest on the way to reaching level expert
Finding solace in this ability to be poetically repaired
And I'm comforted by the pleasure provided by my efforts

*I'll find validation when, with myself, I find I'm impressed
Harnessing energies; these dreams are sure to manifest
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
When we met,
i visualized you to be mine,
it happened with time!

Then i had,
the nightmares of losing you,
it too came true!

Believing in "the law of attraction",
i wish to get back together,
But it is violated here!!
Manifestation of LOA, Is it a myth?
Star BG Sep 2017
your dreams become reality
by manifesting
inside fields of
as you move.
I am who I am
who I want to be.....And made explicit  

Yet I am judged
For who I am not.
Clearly my arrangements
Inspired none!
Bethany G Blicq Feb 2017
Sometimes people get trapped in the past;

most of us spend our time remembering

and reinventing memories

and distorting them

with our emotions and our convictions.

Sometimes people are trapped in the


like Nikola Tesla was;

"He was before his time," so they say.

The ideas and potential

not quite surrendered

to closed minds

and long established greed.

Ideas so "radical" that they often fail in


they often fail

to weasel their way in to the market


without making Corporate enemies

before they hit the ground running.

I found my home,

not my cage,

in the present.

My home is inspired by visions

of the past

and of the future;

past and future

failures and successes

and possibilities and potential.

I refuse to be one or the other,

after or before

my time.

If anything,

I will be right on time,

although some of my ideas

span into the territory of


or outdated.

Those ideas inspire me

to challenge myself,

to find new ways - practical ways -

to use those ideas.

I am inspired.

I am creative.

I am manifesting my wildest

most aspirational dreams,

here and now

and forevermore.
Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Bethany G Blicq Dec 2016
Choosing to love
shows the world
what God is like.
is to manifest God.
By loving the entirety
of creation, we become
The Way, The Truth, and The Light.
Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for reading!
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