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Bison Jul 2016
Ring Freedom like cold metal
Around my wrists.
Jewels of the white, red, and blue
Sparkle in the lights
Beneath our impossible stars and stripes.

Paint my prison bars
In the blood of your sacred
Did Destiny manifest itself in your heart?
Did she blind you to the suffering of those who walked before?

Lady Liberty bring me peace.
Adrift in this American ocean; red and thick. It tastes of iron. It smells of blood.
Do you see those bony broken backs that have built you?
Do you dare look them in the eye?

How are we to believe those lofty words
hoisted upon our souls?
Life, Liberty, Happiness, Equality
Were surely written with pure intent.
Have we enslaved the poor, the broken, the citizens of our own continent?

Speak like you know how to scream.
Speak like you ache to be free.
Just speak.
We will not be led by blind indifference.
Love will seize our hearts and make them whole.
Speak. Speak. Speak words of hope.
For what fear do we have of the rope?

E Plurbus Unum holds our lives for ransom.
Burn down this shamed house of greed.
See the light of a nation freed.
Hear those bells ring out aginst the silent auction of captivity like the hearts of We the People.
Charlie's Web Feb 11
There are days I dream and feel like an imposter

until I remember we’re all imposters living in unrealized dreams.
Who are you
I promise to be
A backbone of
Your evolving

You can rise
As high as
You like
Genre: Inspirational | Zen
Theme: Unrequited Love
Ivan Brooks Sr Aug 2018
We are all here today
Courtesy of yesterday.
So fear not tomorrow,
It's a gift from God to borrow.

Take a look at everything,
Do you miss anything?
Everything, everyone here today,
Began their journies yesterday.
Fear not what tomorrow brings,
It could be some good or bad things.
Things allowed by yesterday
Just to manifest themselves today.

Yesterday is the same as today,
It's just a day that has passed away.
Though it takes a part of us with it,
Tomorrow is what we all await.

Fear not yesterday, its a broken arrow.
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
Did you see the bliss
Shoot across the night sky?
Here then there so quickly
Like a blink could project its moment
Yet when crumbling
Into the quake of memory
It is the window's remaining rain
Trickling down so slowly after the storm
Until all that is left is its drying trail
Clear to see the tired clouds sink behind
A heart so weathered
Never truly sleeps. Never rests
The hallow beats manifest
Into the crippling visions of the night
Blanketed by such distress
Until the rising light does nothing
But awaken the regrets that were left on the nightstand
Like a book with one chapter
No where left to turn
Do you see the ache
Shining dim in the night sky?
Like a footprint in the moon's dust
As alone as one could ever walk
Do you see the shame?
Like forty dying stars
Their fiery, blazing eyes
Watching every paranoid jitter
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2018
Art, unborn,
aches to find form;
to manifest itself.
Within me it screams,
while those around
remain deaf to its cry.

It claws to free itself
from mortal chains,
restless to share its vision
with the world;
to tell its story
in verse and beauty.

This art within,
impatient, cannot wait.
It struggles to find
its voice
within my finite days
and world.

Until at last,
like a volcano,
unable to restrain that voice,
it erupts,
and my art flows out,
spilling onto paper.

The words and images
become solid,
taking form,
giving birth to the art within.
Thus, completing me,
quieting the cry inside.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
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