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Nina Jun 17
I didn't plan on loving you,
Yet i did.
And i feel so lost without you here.
aL Mar 2
would just these lips,
out of the blue,
recite some cheap quotes
about my undying love for you?
but darling I know you prefer affection out of actions,
words might immortalise my attraction but she knows;

a caressed soul is a well-lived life.
aL Feb 16
Left enchanted by unseen wonderfulness,
Intangible attributes could hold so much power
And yes, naked eyes won't see such easily
Peculiar taste in beauty shall all we differ

Like a diamond in gold rush, worthy but unwanted.
mae Oct 2018
I don’t know if being pregnant
Was on my mind
Or the fear of being left behind
Unable to rewind,
Back to the time
In which I was able to make good decisions
To think with great precision
To look beyond  a short sighted vision.

Taking a risk,
Over someone who doesn’t care for you
Lack of resolve to take care of you
A person who doesn’t care for Love
And I simply paying the price
For disobeying the king above
Because I did wrong instead of doing right

His final straw has been cut,
And unfortunately I am out of luck
Yes I am what you call, ******.
Maria Etre Mar 2018
It goes beyond
the voices in your head
to tap
into the
beats of your heart
unplanned surprises, twists and turns
Cheyenne Feb 2016
A melancholy saunter, future fresh within its grave
Knowing that the darkness is something you must brave
The unknown is daunting, but beckons nonetheless
Ignoring all the wisdom that claims that it knows best

You've tried the paths well traveled, but they ended all the same
In heartbreak and ruin, and they say you are to blame
So sure of the destination that it's the only road they paved
But you can't find your happiness on the map they made

You're frightened and shaking and standing on the edge
You're facing the void and its uncharted depths
But you will run forward because you can't crawl back
And into the darkness you wander at last
Alyssa Torres Jan 2016
From the moment I felt you in my 17 year old belly, I knew I would **** you.
Even though I loved you.
I knew I would **** your innocent face,
your shapeless hands,
your unknown soul,
and I knew from the moment i felt the fluorescent lights beam down on my face,
that I was making a mistake.
abortion is ******
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