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Harley Hucof May 2021
I once wrote to mystify a tale of lifetimes crafted in each night and day. So I pray every night as I live a near-death experience before I sleep, and I wonder is it me or my PTSD?

Souls are precious for the soul-less and mine will never be for sale.

There are a million worlds out there and they are all lived here.
Whatever might be the vows you've taken, by the morning they'll all lose their meaning because the night is harsh, and we suffer to sleep, and in our agony, the evil entities creep onto us with their mischievous deals.

There are a million worlds out there and they are all lived here.
My vision's been recalibrated to see every version of what is real, in threads of colors descending, intertwining with my stomach and neck, like a magical key to a world that emanates consciousness in orange and red.

From the brink of death to love and respect, it is all good when I remember, but what can I do when I forget?  

I sleep hoping that the morning will bring back my optimism

Words Of Harfouchism
Harley Hucof Apr 2021
Life is all entertainment , just like a psychedelic theater, our thoughts and breath whisper reality into creation.
I roam in and out my worldless kingdom
Freedom's reserved for the wild and untamed.
For who cares to know, we could fly our way out as falcons , or swim our way in as whales. It will never really matter because it's all entertainment , while we patiently wait for the emanations.
Expectations emerge from preconceived notions and blocks the transmissions entitled to all sentient beings.
Like a collective prophet and a magnet , we learn to filter the commands to percieve the matrix. Finally to redefine and recreate a convenient  path that is real.
Our thoughts and breath whisper reality into creation, i chose my fun as transmutation, life is recreational.

Words Of Harfouchism
Harley Hucof Mar 2021
What happens in the unknown ?

Sages preach of "knowables" and "unfathomables",
but I perceive it to be a cognitive game since my attention is always fixated
on patternized characteristics and sceneries.

I've known and loved myself enough to  know not to invest my thoughts or actions in impulses
Yet from time to time, I tolerate myself.

Life might be identified as unknowable but we all live and die,
consumed by a spectrum of unnecessary emotions and intense analyses
to finally, ironically, conclude that death is punishment.
So, we befriend God like deceitful hypocrites, seeking immortality and monetary advantage.

Still, many believe in the procedure of acquirement through encounter.

Perhaps if you go further for once, you might find human alternatives locked in unusual dispositions,
veiled, yet waiting to be discovered.

Death only happens to those who have merit,
and what happens in the unknown is never open to analysis,
for what stops death
is awareness.

Words Of Harfouchsism
Harley Hucof Feb 2021
The art of knitting will never be taught,
Humans are not yet ready to knit life out of their thoughts.

Patience led me here, people suffer because of their greed but i'm in no position to speak
I might be called a hypocrite yet i can not stand still

You need two constants and a variable
disclose the knowledge, the truth is inevitable.

The wind is a constant , we need its presence
The moon is a constant , we need its presence
I've been around long enough to claim your reverence

Integrate the information through me
ignorance is not a bliss, knitting preceded technology, try to be open to this.

Words Of Harfouchism
knit your life
Harley Hucof Jan 2021
I am pleased, might finally speak about my witch friend
share with you some of her wits and trends

Masters today desecrate the truth,
meditation and visualization are nothing but outdated tools

Culturally, relatively free i write fearless,
Contemplation overcomes meditation,
Spirituality conqueres religion ,
I formless, will not abide to your anticipations
I renounce my knowledge and education
Transparency , revolution,
Love works,
It has been scientifically proven

We are what we think
Thoughts procure reality
it has been confirmed quantum physically

So what's your excuse?
take control and imagine the best version of YOU

Imagination is the key to reaching everything and beyond

Words Of Harfouchism
Harley Hucof Jan 2021
The night has confided in me its secrets,
Revealing my paralleled selves.
We are all privileged, being depressed or anxious is hypocrisy itself
I've sat and thought ,
Time affirms knowledge
Though i am not my awarness,
I feel wired to a hidden intelligence,
Unfamiliar images, imagination,
Everything is a lesson,
Unlearn it to reach the destination

Gratitude brings bliss and peace of mind
do not underestimate the advantage of being ALIVE

Words Of Harfouchism
Harley Hucof Dec 2020
What i seek is real, preserved unseen ,
In a place reachable through meditation and dreams

The Akashic records contains our past, thoughts and future.
Once all's been accepted and amended , we conquer perception and  perspective in a suture

Closing the gap of dependence
We become the silent masters
Convinced in our experience merely as observers

Detached the information flows
The secret is attitude and love

Everyrthing is written, destiny is destined ,
Show me what is hidden allow me to share the message.

Words Of Harfouchsim
Harley Hucof Oct 2020
Alleged linear
Ignoring its devious nature,
Time is homogenous
Conflicting with my behaviour

Allowing ritualized secrets and processes
Personalized by fragments that possesses
The civilized enablers
To protect art in form of divination

Revealing obsequious attempts
To pretend the culture's end
Ignoring our needs,
Promoting that healing isn't real
Inculcating us through a pharmaceutical delight
A treat to numb your mind
And make you believe that magic isn't real.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Harley Hucof Sep 2020
I know i chose the right path
I've seen all the possible outcomes
My sight seized by the hawk
My aim is the aftermath
Laying on the highest rock
The teachings of wisdom will last

Dripping from the skies
Protected by all the curious cries

Onto the souls seeking the holistic prize
And guidance
From the divine creatures in the Heavens

Transmitted to give hope and validate your merit

Until you accept you are a god and live by it
Harley Hucof Sep 2020

Information penetrates in light


I no longer believe in your fight


Intelligence evolves


By conscious thoughts

And a will,
Hard as steal
To divert the fear

Through a creative lens
Expressed in a bleeding pen

Mixed with a salty tear
For the truth to be revealed

Words Of Harfouchism
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