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Miss Fit Apr 2019
There are days when the music is too loud
And the grass looks too green
There are mornings when the **** crows too proud
And mama's cheerful wakeup call sounds too mean

There are days when my dreams seem too blury
When past nightmares seem too scary
There are mornings when my goals are too high
And my arms are too tired to reach for anything but the nigh

There are days when my head is too heavy to lift
When even my eyelids are too heavy to lift
There are mornings when my eyelashes are forced to sweep
My cheeks and be drenched in the tears I weep

There are days when I wake up and wish I had stayed asleep
Remembering how I didn't sleep last night counting sheep
The drowsy feeling of last night lapses into the insomnia of today
And the dreams of yesteryear bounce off my head like a faded light ray

Only on those days when the sweet music doesn't speak to my soul
And the green of the grass might as well be grey,
Do I shamefully and pitifully wallow
In the sweet, sticky, dry tears on my pillow

Only on those mornings when the **** crows continuously, monotony its tone
And mama calls for me to wake up, a few hours after my first wink, in a
voice that's a slow, dull, monotone
Do I shamefully and pitifully wallow
In the sweet, sticky, dry tears on my pillow

Miss Fit
If you've ever cried yourself to sleep thinking that by daylight you'll be okay, just to wake up crying still...then you'll understand.
Miss Fit Apr 2019
You and I are as thick as thieves
So I know your nightmares  

You've tossed and turned
Your eyes burned
You rolled and churned
Your sweet dreams were thrown away
And nightmares took their place
The sweet tunes of a lullaby seem to continually fade away
Like you no longer have a special place
In the
Musicians heart.
I know what you face  

From burning hot like fire, everything turned as cold as ice
From wings taking you higher
To being unable to devise
Solutions to rekindle the fire
"This dream has never been yours"
They say
"Had you been a little wiser
You could have owned it," you hear everyday  
The words have turned into the monsters you fear
Mermaids, centaurs, mystical creatures
With long nails, sharp teeth, unrecognizable features
**** joys, depressants, unforgivable teachers
They've scarred you, marred you into an inexplicable stature
But I watch you nurture
The pain 'til it's a part of your nature  

Surprisingly I'm the one fighting everyday
Hoping you won't fail
You're the one in prison denying yourself bail
I'm trying to make you run the sail
But you're walking the plank
Yet I still see a captain in your soul
Every time you come to me in pieces
I'm puzzled
How anyone can fail to accept you never ceases
To leave my mind boggled
Because I understand the colourful 'patchwork' that is your heart
And instead of confusing, raggedy mismatched pieces,
I see a rainbow.    

Miss Fit
Life gives you those people who fail to see their worth and sometimes it's worth it to remind them that you know what they go through.
Miss Fit Mar 2019
I think foolish best describes an intellectual's ways
I know it sounds ironic, but I'll enlighten you on what the world says Or rather what the world thinks  

See, I grew up thinking that reading was learning  
And learning was knowledge
And that knowledge was born from logic
And finally that logic was wisdom  

Is it just me or did we all grow up in a society that was blinkered to view wisdom as education
With our minds blinded to see intellect as knowledge
Thinking knowledge is power, power is money and money is...well...everything
Well, money does answer all, but it is not everything  
You see, mankind's intelligence never satisfies
The more learned we become the more the world slips away
The more knowledge we possess
The more the world becomes complex  

We believe ourselves to be the I AM
With the power to know everything
We seek wisdom in philosophy
But it only makes us realize we are fools
That the wise don’t exist on earth
Unless we seek wisdom in the great I AM
And forget that earthly knowledge is power  

Well, knowledge is power, but WISDOM
Wisdom is ETERNITY
It is the eternal life that we're all working towards
The life that that thief on the cross had to look forward to
Only because he was wise enough to recognize his salvation and his Saviour  
So, dear stewards, the best that you can give your children is not a Harvard or Oxford kind of education
The most valuable gift is not the concept of making money  

The best that you can give to those in your care is wisdom
This wisdom is the knowledge of a man
Who abandoned His own kingdom
To die for foolish simple men  

A man who stood before so called high judges
Yet He was the Most High
A man who humbled the proud
And used the foolish things to shame them
For His word says that even His foolishness
Is greater than our wisdom
For His thoughts are not our thoughts
Neither are his ways our ways  

So, all I'm saying is
The most valuable legacy that you can leave
Is the knowledge of the One with all the wisdom,
The wisdom to choose God
For we only find wisdom when we realize, we are nothing but fools before Him  

Miss Fit
Miss Fit Mar 2019
So as I walking down memory lane
Passing by the house of Jane   More like a house of pain...t
All washed down, different faded colours that replaced each other over the years
A dog named Scars lifts his ears

My childhood thoughts flood my head
And childish emotions drench my oversized yellow gum boots
It's like I'm back there again
The bell of a bike chimes behind me at a distance  
"Life's a *******, " the all too familiar voice of the rider shouts
And I look up just in time to see her, Life
Hanging by no more than a string, on a dark cloud with no silver lining
"She is isn't she?
The type you can't help loving though,"
I say just below the sound of screeching tyres
I turn searching for my first best friend's response
There's no direct one, but I believe he agrees with me
Because he is there, just...something like a pile of bones and steel
Reaching, with all he has, for dear Life
Yet she keeps drifting further away until
The only thing that can catch up with her is his spirit
And his spirit and soul have to separate

Miss Fit
Life has a way of bringing back memories that you hoped would never turn up
Miss Fit Mar 2019
When I close my eyes I see a pool of words
I am buried in a swirl of phrases in worlds
But when I open them
I'm struck by silence unbeknown
I hold my breath
Then take a deep breath
I bite my tongue, yes I'd rather
Be silent before I stutter  

When I sleep I can see clear descriptions
When I wake my mind and mouth are in altercation
It's because my words have never meant much
My speech has never been recognized
I see myself clearer in adjectives
Than in mirrors.
I used to see myself better in people's eyes
And see a definition in their words
They described me as "useless"
And that I was unless
I could find a use for this thing called a mouth "Fool" they called me
And that I was unless
I could find a voice to speak those words
They labelled me "stupid"
And that I was unless
I could gather enough courage to move my lips
And speak those words I see
If only I could summon the strength to rearrange that sea
Of words I dream of
And make something meaningful Create something beautiful
And say something useful  

Miss Fit
Belief in oneself is one of the most important things in this world, to define oneself before hearing from anyone else...
Miss Fit Mar 2019
I don't know what love is
I mean I do, at least I think I do
But I don't know how to explain what it is
This feeling that kinda makes me a fool

I can only but attempt
To tell you what love feels like
It's an inexplicable feeling unlike contempt
I know that's not an explanation, hahaha, psyche

Let me just say
It's warmer than a hug
Sweeter than a may-
Flower's nectar to a bug

I may not know what love is but I know that rhyme was lame
But there's one person who loves me all the same
Though no one knows his name
With me there's no need to compete for fame
Because your love burns brighter than a flame
And if my heart burns to ashes I'll have only you to blame
And pray that you don't drench my lashes

I forgot I had to explain love
From verse one to the fifth
So before I drift
From the subject again like I did above
Let me get this off my chest
I don't really care what love is or what it means
I only care for you and not the rest
So I guess you know what this means
It means that you are the best

It means that there's only one person I love
And that one person is you

Miss Fit
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