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Miss Fit Feb 13
Through pain's call
You've seen it all
My painkiller when I need a cure
Sweeter than sugar,
More than the finest wine,
Your love is pure
That's who you are
And you are mine!

You're the perfect mate
When I go crazy, you set things straight
You swallow my frustrations with grace
In your heart I know I have a special place
My comfort in times of dismay
Never straying from the right way
You're my peace always and your love will never decay

You may not own a billion
But I'm proud of the capabilities you hold
You're one in a million
Your love is worth more than gold

Miss Fit⚓
Miss Fit Jul 2023
Dear Musician play me a song
Play for me a song so long
Though the words may not be new
All I want is a tune so true

Play for me the mbira
And take me back to Africa
As your hands hit those metal notes
Let from your mouth come musical tones

Pluck the strings of a Spanish guitar and send my mind to a land afar
Create a song I want to hear it
Create a melody and make me complete

Play the African drums in contrast
Create a melody and make it last
I want to dance the way my forefathers did
To dancing the African way I myself bid

Rub gently the strings of violin
On your shoulder let it lean
With the bow make music
Make music and make me meek
Let it heal me, I'm no longer sick

Hit the notes of the marimba
I want to hear their deep sound
By the melody I'm spellbound
Deep satisfaction I have found

Dear Musician play any instrument for me
Play me any song, whatever tempo, whatever genre, whatever melody
All I want is the sensational harmony
Of your voice making music for me

Miss Fit ⚓
Miss Fit May 2023
He wanted a woman with curves
She was too self-centred
He chose one with pure skin
She was too sensitive
He got one with flawless hair
She was too cocky
He opted for one with a beautiful face
She was too rude
He went for a fair skinned one
She was too lazy
He switched to a chocolate skinned one
She had terrible cooking
He looked for a tall one
She was disrespectful
He went for a short one
Her temper was even shorter
In all this he learned tolerance
Now he accepts the perfect imperfections in people

Miss Fit ⚓
Miss Fit May 2023

She screams as she struggles
The sound of her cries muffled
Her assailant's eyes look baffled
Her red eyes cry, her sobs stiffled

She tries to run but she is stopped
To the ground she is tackled
Her effort to run is attacked
And to the floor she is dropped

She tried to fight, she did, she tried!
She cried too much, she did, she cried!
She aimed to bite, oh yes, she did!
But the result she got was not what she bid
She wanted to hide, but all that was hid
Was only just this evil deed

An evil deed, indeed it was
An evil deed that no one saw
Evil as it was, no one saw
If someone had seen, she would cry no more
But at present her pride was no more
It's a cruel world out there and cries for help often go unheard
Miss Fit Feb 2023
You've always been fully aware of what lies
Between these thighs  
You just weren't sure
If you could ever lure
Me to let you slide
Into the sweetness that they hide

Caramel or chocolate
Of late
You haven't been sure
Which one is sweeter
Than the honeycomb offered not on a plate
But hidden between my legs

The craving in your groin
Longs for a taste
You dream of my *****
Hotter than larva or fire
Burning with desire
For a deep *******
That leaves me wetter than a summer's rain

**** my sweet nectar
Be filled to the brim, my star
Remind me of my naughtiest fantasies
As you show me all your fetishes

Grab my hips
Push them up and down
Even if the rhythm is imperfect
Plunge deep, for me that's perfect

I will hold you deep inside
Your manhood I'll hide
My lips I'll bite
Because I know I might
Not be able to hold my tongue
And let a loud scream escape my lungs

As we ride blissful waves
Drowning in beautiful escapes
Forgetting our surroundings
Until we reach the land of milk and honey

Miss Fit ⚓
Miss Fit Feb 2023
You loved me
And mine
I left you
Never said why
Or for who
You drowned in wine

Now you're fine
I'm back
Come dine
With me
And mine

Love's no curse
Just fill my purse
I will stay,
Go all the way

You were broken,
Somewhat scarred
You're still scared
But I bring a token
I ask to be forgiven
It's granted I know
Your heart is healed I pray
After all it is sacred!

Miss Fit ⚓
Miss Fit Dec 2022
They buried a small seed
In a dry parched land
The driest autumn they'd seen
Their aim being to destroy

Winter came, stripped every tree
Of its leaves,
Iced the land
Completely covering the ground

They thought that spring
Would be the thing
That would bury her deeper
Outshine her beauty
As it put blossoms on every tree

But summer's rain fell
She chose to heed
To nature's call to grow
And broke the land
Reached out her hands
And poked her head
Looking for the sun

To their surprise
A number of springs later
She stood among the sturdiest
With blooming flowers
Ready to bear fruit
And once again scatter more of her kind on earth

Miss Fit ⚓
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