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Tamara Lynn Jun 25
Meet me by the wake of the moon
At the hour that twilight falls over the city
The night is young and so are we
Dance deep into this dream with me
The magic of the night is granted by the moonlight
You fill my heart and soul with absolute delight
Tamara Lynn Jun 24
We humans crave connection
To hold each other close  
Whisper sweet nothings
Words made of sugar and honey
We bathe ourselves in emotion
Soak up each other’s alluring affections
Intoxicating addictions
To the fabrication of those lovely chemicals
Can’t get enough
Give me another hit of that love potion
Bodies in motion
If just for a moment
Silencing all the commotion
Give me some more
Drown my sorrows in the name of amour
Tamara Lynn May 21
It’s the dawn of a new fate
For the entire human race
We’ve grown to take advantage of being alive
And what it means for us to thrive
Hindsight has now let us realize
That our main goal is to simply survive

A dawn of a new age
Stuck inside a cage
A rat race while we isolate
From afar we communicate
Remain in a state to collaborate

Just waiting for the upward trend to reverse
It’s been a turn for worst in the midst of a new decade
Social dissociate is not how we were made
Many without pay and a world in dismay

With the dawn of each passing day
We hold onto hope that a new fate awaits
I wrote this when the Pandemic was first hitting. Just some thoughts about the strange times right now. Hope you all are well <3
Tamara Lynn May 9
With the state of the world right now, the only thing that we’re sure of, is that we’re not.
I hope you all are staying safe and well during these uncertain times 🖤 We may not have much certainty in the world in 2020, and nothing is guaranteed, but the power of human love and connection makes it all so worth it.
Tamara Lynn Feb 9
We are all one in the same
The stars are from which we came
The elements that comprise us and so much more
Were fused inside the depths of an inner core
To that state we’ll return one day
When the sun engulfs us in a fiery fate
See pt. II for an an expanded idea of this thought
Tamara Lynn Feb 9
When we focus on what makes us human in the expansive cosmos that is our only home

It’s a humbling experience to have the knowledge
that this existence is impermanent
And that we are not alone in the awareness

These beings among us are the only ones we know of that will ever grasp the concept of our place in this universe

For that we can at least empathize with one another
Realize that love and peace is what we should pursue

If for only but a second could we all zoom out
and come to conclusion that we don’t really have a clue

That it’s okay that we don't have every answer

At times it’s necessary to admit defeat
We can find solace in the incomplete
Meditate on the beauty in the madness
Rest our minds amongst the mess

The way of this world is not meant for perfection

Entropy is inevitable
Destruction and decay
We can hope and pray

But this universe doesn’t speak that language
It’s set on its own path

Time flows in a linear direction
from which we can’t turn back

Nevertheless we are apart of a whole

We have to keep that in mind and hold on tight
Please allow this message to console

In the midst of this glimpse in the timeline of human life
It’s crucial that we waste no time and choose to live it right
Tamara Lynn Dec 2019
What if
For just a moment in time
We pressed pause on the world passing by
Silencing the inner mumblings that tell us all these lies
And actually forgive ourselves for once in our lives

You know all that weight we carry around
The kind that causes us to be confined in our mind
Couldn't we just hold it in our palms
And let the wind sweep it to oblivion
So that we're no longer haunted by the sound

Quieting our personal qualms
We can then make space in our hearts to accept actual love
The kind we once thought we didn't deserve
We need a whole lot more, from what I've observed

We can pause our own world
In this moment make the conscious choice
To allow the heaviness to sink
The ongoing commotion to fade
To a dull white noise with little voice

With a deep breath in
Then let it all go

None of it matters when you put it in perspective
We're only human and that's all we can be
The only ones that hold our own key
Right now it's our critical objective
To set our minds free
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