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What if
For just a moment in time
We pressed pause on the world passing by
Silencing the inner mumblings that tell us all these lies
And actually forgive ourselves for once in our lives

You know all that weight we carry around
The kind that causes us to be confined in our mind
Couldn't we just hold it in our palms
And let the wind sweep it to oblivion
So that we're no longer haunted by the sound

Quieting our personal qualms
We can then make space in our hearts to accept actual love
The kind we once thought we didn't deserve
We need a whole lot more, from what I've observed

We can pause our own world
In this moment make the conscious choice
To allow the heaviness to sink
The ongoing commotion to fade
To a dull white noise with little voice

With a deep breath in
Then let it all go

None of it matters when you put it in perspective
We're only human and that's all we can be
The only ones that hold our own key
Right now it's our critical objective
To set our minds free
I wish I didn't bear the burden
Of feeling it all so heavily at once
The weight of my heart
About to erupt
Self destruct
You were just right here by my side
Hands grasping each other's so tight
Our essence and being
So gracefully entwined
In a flicker of time
All of that can feel like we've hit rewind

We were just two lonely people in search of another
To confirm that we do in fact have a purpose
In a great big world that lacks emotional explainability
The void is difficult to face on your own
When all you can see is a sea of uncertainty
But it was you and I against the time
Until our unforeseen, inevitable decline

Oh but why
Did these delicately cultivated memories
Shatter at the seams like they were never truly reality
But I'm aware that it's out of my control
All I ask is that you please don't forget
The way you used to look into my soul
I am the universe
And so are you
A manifestation of matter and energy bound to a carbon based body that developed a conscious awareness of it's surroundings

The elements that comprise our bodies were forged in the core of a star that collapsed and burst
Ultimately creating the building blocks to our existence
It's utterly astounding

But deep down underneath the surface we're a mere collection of subatomic particles interacting in strange, incomprehensible fashions
And so is everything else which sparks intense curiosity and passion

Does that then imply that I am the universe and so are you?
It's all the same but manifests itself in different ways
I am an outward expression of the universe and I'm enjoying the view
Tamara Lynn Nov 5
Oh how long it’s been, my old friend
After years in the city
It’s refreshing to see sights this pretty
I’ve missed this type of peace
Daily chaos never does cease
But here there’s a type of mystique
The kind that can lull you to sleep
You whisper sweet nothings to me
By the sway of the trees
That subtle breeze
In the early morning when the sun first peaks
I get a glimpse of how life should be
Simply carefree
Tamara Lynn Nov 5
Walk into the room
Mind swirling
Hands like ice
Do they like me
Shouldn’t assume
Can’t breathe
Shake in the knees
Crawling in my own skin
Want to speak
Where do I begin
Deep breath
Throat tight
Words don’t come out right
Teeth clenching
Heart wrenching
Tongue tied
Mouth dry
Cover it up
Don’t let it show
Put on a brave face
Hope they don’t know
Relief when the moment has passed
Although surely it won’t be the last
Tamara Lynn Nov 5
Moving on isn’t as simple as one might think
Since the past is written in permanent ink
You can’t hit undo on what’s already been done
But it’s true that the present has just now begun
I’ll begin to start fresh from the place that I left
This version of myself can be the very best
I won’t look back, It’ll set me off track
I’ll build myself up on the things that I lack
No one's in charge of yourself except you
Steer yourself forward and start life anew
In a single moment it all fell apart
But creating a fresh start
Is the cure to mend a broken heart
Tamara Lynn Nov 5
Tossed aside
Happiness is pulled back like the tides
Why did I trust to love so deeply
Thinking that my feelings were laid out so neatly
But instead they were used
Twisted, bent, and misconstrued

One day I know I’ll be treated right
Without feeling the need to put up a fight
All I can do now is work on self-care
Focusing inward and becoming very aware
Exhale all of the pain back out
And never again listen to self doubt
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