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Gerald Aug 15
I broke silence
to keep me from

But a monster was
lurking on the
Kamilla Jun 2019
it shines through
no, it doesn’t shine
it lurks
from the eerie, dark cobweb covered corners
of my soul
vine like grip, no release, no matter the fight
grappling insecurities in constant motion
rugged claws,
holding captive, release begs of freedom
no avail
forced and bound with no escape and no hope
only fear
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Cloud’s hot teardrops fall,
Polluted lake swells and sighs,
Dark waves lurk beneath!
sushii Sep 2018
ribbon-like flow of time is
enveloping me and
slowly suffocating me with its rhythm.

can’t seem to
see past the clouds that lurk above for
more than ten minutes.

i wish that
i could maintain my anonymity
to you all.

maybe if i
stay quiet,
i can keep it all
hidden inside.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Lurking memories,
Echo of silence resounds;
Grave stones seem baffled!
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
Who’s eyeing up is lurking deep.
Every star looks down,
wants to drop in it and swim
deep down the burrowed stream,
that deathless ab-e-hayath
every king wants to drink.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
in a huff night left,
how darkness still lurks around?
monsoon slyly lies!
How many times...
How many times do I need to lose friends before one will stay?
How many times do I have to cry at night because I'm not pretty enough?
Does crying burn calories?
How many times do I have to dream only to wake up to the nightmare of reality?
How many times do I have to be stuck in this loop of time?
Cry, sleep, dream and cry again
but my worries never go away.
They lurk around corners and hide in the cracks of the walls
Haunted by my own trust issues.
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