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Mark Toney Apr 2020
Among mankind's best—
Brave, courageous
Heroes who do no harm
Assuaging our fear
With fellow feeling and care
Amidst viral strains' stealthy swarm

Among mankind's worst—
Mean, dastardly
Zeros who do know harm
Stoking pandemic fear
Scamming the unsuspecting ear
With a smiling swindler's charm

Heroes & Zeros
Best and worst of mankind—
What a dichotomy!
We'll keep hoping instead
For a bright future ahead
Daily coping with anxiety

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
4/12/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Dawn of Lighten Oct 2015
My real name is not of any importance,
other than the people who know me by it.

My work alias is simply to convey who I am,
And without a struggle I hope people can say a nick name common to their tongue!

When I go online I use a screen name,
So the crazies I can hold back with certain level of privacy of who I am.

With the current digital age comes with sharing information,
And too easily accessible with in the finger tips.

Truly those who read my inks will know who I am,
Like writing to a pen pal,
Computer screens keep us distant,
But in that black screen is a window to people's mind,
And understand connecting with people by their ink is far closer than a name!

Until you can invoke their inner child by their real name!
There are many reasons why we choose to share our names,
And by the response to our names invoke certain emotions,
I choose to be intimate by our birth name,
Because it invokes from our childhood comfort.

From this digital to Information Age,
even real names can be dangerous for people to hold,
Then ask yourself should you be naked in front of them ?

Updated I believe we surpassed digital age now to Information Age, so has been reflected by the title, but if I were to guess next age, I would assume nano age where nano technology would reign supreme!

— The End —