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Zoe Mae May 28
What the eff is up with this site?
Why is it most people on the front page can't write?
Folks just babble on and on...
Or spit out a two line poem
Which is fine if it's a two punch knockout
Instead of sounding like a grammar school dropout
And why do certain things get so many views?
I can't seem to get more than two
Post crap if you want, if that's what people write
But they should give everybody a chance on this site
So I don't write about flowers or blather on about paint
So I don't pretend to be something I ain't
We should all have a voice here, The good and the bad
The silly, the happy, the lost and the sad
So come on hellopetry, give gutter poets a try
If you'd rise just a bit, we could meet eye to eye.
So sick of seeing the homepage full of crap poetry.
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2019
every poem is a test of character,
holy/profane all the same,
algorithm entirely humanized-you,
the elected words cannot be voted out of office,
by a recall petition, regardless of
constant corrected incorrectness.

sorted by size,
nocturnal alliteration,
do they sound in the dark
like your bleeding or you’re breathing?

holy/profane all the same,
Gertrude truth is a truth is truths,
you think my name matters?
Artificial Idiocy. Everyone poem faceted,
a chip off the the naming blockchain idiot.

when I imagine-lie,
it is a truth in and of its own

call me baffled.
that is a god enough
one word summary.
and so true.

baffling perplexing cryptic and opaque.
in all honesty.
if you’re reading this, you are
testing my character.

what have you found, or even, lost?

in the midst of the characters is

inspired by Leonard Cohen
pistachio Dec 2018
Shall I leave of shall I stay?
I'm baffled to see you in dismay
If I stay you'll only yearn for me to wake up
If I leave, the days of yearning will probably come to a stop.
Undecided...Puzzled...Help her decide the next step.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Lurking memories,
Echo of silence resounds;
Grave stones seem baffled!
Isaac Aug 2018
If all this will cease on the day I die,
Then why?
Written 5 August 2018
Autumn Whipple Feb 2015
a girl walked up to me one day
well, a young woman really
she said that she had something to say
and what she cried was sorry

i was shocked, surprised
for what? i queried
i don't remember any past transgressions
so it didn't lessen
my bewilderment when she smiled
and said
for everything

a couple years later she walked up to me again
and said lets share secrets and be friends
and one after another the words just flew
tales of love and *** and horror too

she sat beside me
as i drank in her words and similes
a silent laugh kindled inside me
as adults we are still little kids
as i replied to her reckless bid of
let's share secrets and be friends
this really did happen, and it went surprisingly well. maybe it is easier to make friends as an adult than i thought

— The End —