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SomaSonata Aug 2020
Life is a flower
I want to pluck its petals
And taste the metal

Heard the trees falling
Glorious impurities
You found your calling

Cooling by degrees
Don't know which viewpoint I see
Yesterday's headlines...

Sickness of the swine
Fever of the fettered mind
Fits me right to size

Lazy summer days
Give way to scorched Earth evenings
Red bloom carriers

Speak the golden words
Catch the boomerang's return
Old dogs never learn

Dance the night away
No refunding second thoughts
Paper spades in play

Terracotta fued
Running low on rocket fuel
Engines slow to cool

Someday sometime soon
Take a dip in glitter dust
Shaking off the rust

Prospective buyer
Beware the hyperbole
Circle back someday
Strying Mar 2020

I asked you a question,
you never replied.
Tell me the truth,
please do not hide.
Your complexion is fine,
when you are not lying inside.
I know that you want me to stay,
but I need you to tell me that,
it will all be okay.

I love you and never want to hurt you,
But I am,
And I can't.
So I need you to tell me that you will move on,
that you will be able to get to school,
and still, have fun.
Please don't cry,
don't whine or look sly.
I love you,
But I must say goodbye.

I need you to tell me,
I need it now,
I can't leave without it,
tell me to go.
Tell me you don't need me,
And that you will be better off,
this way.

I need you to tell me it's okay for me to go.

Hi, I'm afraid the coronavirus is here and they aren't closing my school. My parents are making me stay home :)
Ash C Dec 2019
He's there
Reaching that hand out
In disguise of a fellow man

Grabbing you into his world
Shinning that smile
That hides his cynicals

His eyes full of wonder in the person you are
His lies locked behind what seemed to be truth in those gems of irises
Longing in a sickening desire

Love burns you alive from what seeps from him
Painless, numbed by the blindness of love
He holds you like you've never had before

He's there
Glimmering shards of white lights
The pits of fire in those wonderment of eyes
Vemon seep from the tounge.
I found this in my files, having no remembrance of writing it, but it was in my files, so I guess i wrote it. Never finished it. Not even sure what i was really going for besides a man who lies behind perfection.
Nigdaw Jul 2019
Sly looks and sly smiles
Sly remarks on points of style
A little slip, a little quip
And you could be the **** of it

Laughing behind hands, they stand
At the corner of the bar
Each victim carefully selected
Each remark perfectly directed
A ***** of a time
A little jealousy, a little crush
A little misplaced love and trust
You can almost feel the knife stab
And as you go down, they laugh

Sly looks and sly smiles
Behind each others back as well
Laughing behind hands
Looking out for trusting friends
Poetress2 Apr 2019
A Snake in the grass,
is very sly and cunning,
and ready to bite.
Don Bouchard Nov 2016
After all the work of forming sprouts,
Calling out all forms of  leaves,
Beckoning grasses, inert, unseen,
HE turned browns to golds and greens.

After awakening from restful sleep
The slumbering, snoring bears,
The fidgeting squirrels,
The ball-coiled snakes;

After HE irresistibly wooed to life,
Fish, Fur, and Fowl,
Gave orders of procreation,
Set ardor in the *******
Of all living things,
To make them spawn and breed,
To make them stomp and howl,
Under the teeming blue of oceans,
Upon the verdant plains of grass,
Beneath the sun that holds us fast,
Fecundity blooming where HE passed,

After the world was teeming and alive,
HE left humans asking questions,
And a Serpent asking on the sly,
"Perhaps it's just another lesson?"

Suggested truth beyond the Truth might lie.
And she, Pandora's Mother, Mother of all men
Considered loss of innocence the price of "Why?"
And death a mystery to share with Man.

So Winter came upon the world,
So Death declared its right to win,
And Living Things upon the earth,
Discovered cold and death and sin.
So comes the Fall....
I never fully understood the meaning of the  word “mourn” until this year -
To truly feel the loss of another concentrated in its purest form.

I never believed when others would say
“I miss you more, in  each and every day” or
“There’s not an hour goes by, without a thought of you on my mind”
As if Loss is an unforgotten constant in the trails of the trivial,
We are only human after all.

But I was naive, through and through.
Loss never leaves your side once you meet
Loss is a friend for life.
The kind that shows their face in the most unpredictable moments,
Who never fades away or falls out,
Becoming more aquatinted as we go through life.

Loss is selfish, wanting our undivided attention,
Expecting us to indulge in its deep dark thoughts with strong pretension.

Loss is harsh, not hiding nor sugarcoating any enemy attack,
Facing us with the reality of control and just how much we lack.

Loss is bitter, Loss is unkind
Loss is a thief, stealing our piece of mind.

Loss is jealous, Loss is sly.
Is it absent of Love,
Or has Love left it’s side?
John Shahul Oct 2018
The murmur of the sly hours seize
Panting the breath into violent grief,
Love that disdains
Leave anyone in despair.
True link thus detests,
All things in the world  disdains
Other than dear ones loving heart.

Love must ever be known for sincere
That sincere love looks upon
Mutual striving towards each other
And the intensity of love looks upon
Being upfront in and out
With no taboos
In sweet surrender.

And the language of love looks upon
The cravings to meet each other in the eyes,  
Desperately seeking to tell the love
And stare at each other until communicated
And love be spoken as they meet
And retreat in sweet dreams
Like shining stars.

Love is of the kind related to mind.
Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling;
It shines like a diamond
Inside of the mind.
When heart is broken, love is more cruel
Than diamond particles slowly gaped in
And times merriment forsaken.

If love is not timely sought,
Pain will never cease
And pangs of death imminent.
Love is not a gossamer in dew’d grass
But a magic web of encircled kindness.
Love is of the kind related to mind.
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
She was a modern Red Riding Hood in disguise,
As sly as a fox,
I had flaws too,
I was broke but spent like the rich.
We painted the town red,
Had gala time  in bed.
Suddenly she left without a word,
For me,she was good riddance,
I was knee deep in debt.
Out of the blue she resurfaced with a baby boy,
Claiming the child was mine,
Mother said,"Do the right thing."
So I married her.
Soon she realised I did not lay golden eggs,
Instead I was persued  day and night for money,
She disappeared  leaving the boy with me.
Again mother said,"Do the right thing my son."
So I had the DNA of the boy and mine checked,
It did not match,
I had her tracked,
I left the boy with her together
with the copy of the report.
I could not keep something that was not mine.
When I returned home mum gave me a bundle of notes,
She said,"Do the right thing,
pay me later."
So I paid off my debts.
I work hard and stay within my earnings.
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