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Life is hard. Yes it is.

All motivations are temporary,
And so is all the outside attention.
When life slaps you, take it as a new break
Life’s slaps are still permanent but its claps are all fake.

If you take a decision, don’t look back
Don’t live in apologies and permissions.
Even if you do, don’t blame yourself, don’t regret
Never feel guilty for following your unique path in any condition.

Never let someone else’s beliefs
Become a barrier in your way.
Act with love not with aggression
Don’t let someone else’s bitterness harden your heart’s clay.

Don’t suppress your love, don’t suppress your voice
Just because people are afraid of your roars.
Don’t depend on anyone for believing in yourself
Learn to find and open your own doors.

Life is tough. Yes it is.

Cherish your sensitivities
But never let them become your weakness
Love someone with all your honesty and heart
But don’t be afraid to let go, don’t sacrifice your uniqueness.

Prove yourself to yourself
Not to the people, not to the world.
If you ever need to choose, choose yourself
You’re not needy, you’re a free bird.

Shed rivers of tears
Then gather all your gear
If you can’t fight with anyone else
At least fight with your own fears.
There’s snow outside my room’s window
A blanket of white fullness, a fullness of love
And a subtle fire inside my heart, vibrating up and below.

Since the moment I’ve seen someone suffering
In dark clouds of power, control and ego.
I never knew how strong I was
Until I had to move on and let them go.

There’s snow outside my room’s window
And tears trickling down in my shadow
For, I never knew the powerlessness of power and control
Until the power of love defeated the love of power breaking open my heart’s window.
Let’s get a little wild today
After all, freedom isn’t too expensive.
Let’s dance in the rain today
Don’t resist, don’t be defensive.

Let’s re-write the story
Let’s turn the page
This is your life
Have no time for others’ garbage.

Let’s shatter all the bars
Let the dam of emotions break free
Why do you look for permissions
You can become what you want to be.

Let’s stop searching for love
Let’s become it
Let’s begin to live again
Moment by moment, bit by bit.
Sunrises and lemon juice
Sunsets and tooty fruits
When life gives you lemons, drink their juice
When life gives you fruits, relish the juicy fruits.

Heart gets broken.
And tears flow with all words unspoken
Sunrises and sunsets are simply the signs and tokens
To stitch your pieces and create an embroidery from the heartbroken.

Life goes on. No matter what life offers on the shelf,
Just be a champ and believe in yourself!
You are not lonely.
Look at the flowers that dance
And feel the branches that swing
They are here for you
You are not lonely,
You’re filled with enthusiasm and zing.

You are not lonely.
Look at the animals that play
And the birds that fly
They are here for you
You are not lonely
You’re filled with infinity of the sky.

You are not lonely
Feel the babies crying and kids laughing
Feel both the happy and sad, feel all that is there,
They are here for you
You are not lonely
Even your tears are filled with gifts of your prayers.

You are not lonely
The Sun, moon, earth and stars
The streets, buildings, people and cars
The universe is here for you
You are not lonely
Your heart is filled with love, let love fill all your scars.

You are not lonely
You are filled with stars.
Just let love in, let it fill all your scars.
Of what use is your name, fame, money and power
If you are stuck in the box of your mind.
Of what use is all your words and arguments
If, to your own heart’s guidance, you are blind.

Of what use are your victories
If you can’t even feel your own emotions.
Of what use are all your fights and battles
If you don’t know how to access your freedom, your own love, an infinite ocean.
Take a motorbike,
Slip into a zipper jacket, do some hike.
Walk in hilly roads,
Taste some hot and spicy street food, be childlike.

Whether you’re sad or broken,
For a few moments, gather all your fragments and be whole.
Stitch your heartbeats together,
And laugh and cry and dance and roll.

Life is too short,
To be confined into structures and goals.
Sometimes just be alive, be innocent, be wild,
Coming out of all the roles, out of your thought holes,
Sometimes, just step into your soul.
I fall silently,
I want to fight back loud
Wearing shoes of diamond,
I want to step over the clouds.

The fog is still heavy
Blinding me, the ashy smoke also arrives.
While the dark night is still looming,
The rising Sun reminds me, that I’m still alive.
With a tiny spark of love,
I will erase the billion years of darkness in your eyes.
With the umbrella of my heart,
I will protect you, baby I won’t let you cry.
No matter what the world has done to you,
Just talk to me my heart and together we’ll conquer the sky.
They tried to encase me
To imprison me in chains and boxes.
They tried to push me past my breaking point
To inject my veins with their words like toxins.

I slipped away wearing a will of steel
I stepped out of their controlling world.
I tapped into love, into the guidance of my heart
And started sharpening my own sword.
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