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As , I know
It isn't always
It could be
a maybe
a nope
a naugta
but you can
improve the chances
of a possibility
or a success
if you give it
and feed it
think of it
see it
and you just
might make
it be ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Tear at my flesh

you still can never

reach my soul

Daring and Willfull

trying to get in

despite the pain

Knuckles bruised

not once giving up

wanting to reach there

For you see

you can't hurt me

I'm blessed in this flesh

built this fence
around me

Sadly you will lose
as , I stand here
looking into your hell
Seeing what once was a human
now all , I see is

the sad sad
weaker of you

I live in spite of you

and you will never

reach what's


my soul is human

© Jennifer L Delong 🦏1/22/2018
Where Shelter May 2019
she was skilled.
a super heroine.

WWW long before there was the internet competitor,
defender of the Weaker ***,
from when that was still an
acceptable insult,
that she crushed, when found the pronouncers,
and the foundering it was of causal, her rescued army,
oblivious to the injury she risked and
completely aware,
injury she was hoping to cause.

woman. wonder, women.
and my mother,
my shelter unquestionably,
between her legs, me standing,
little boy bravery infusing,
she was his blood, his tea, his exemplar,
his teacher

drank so deep that when he was at last man-dated,
her honoring was in the reciprocal,
when he was anointed
Wonder Man.
A Willful and Wanton Conduct is a willful or wanton injury that must have been intentional or the act must have been committed under circumstances exhibiting a reckless disregard for the safety of others, such as a failure, after knowledge of impending danger, to exercise ordinary care to prevent it or a failure to discover the danger through recklessness or carelessness when it could have been discovered by the exercise of ordinary care. [Henslee v. Provena Hosps., 369 F. Supp. 2d 970, 977-978 (N.D. Ill. 2005)]

Willful and wanton conduct means “acting consciously in disregard of or acting with a reckless indifference to the consequences, when the Defendant is aware of her conduct and is also aware, from her knowledge of existing circumstances and conditions, that her conduct would probably result in injury.” [Duncan v. Duncan (In re Duncan), 448 F.3d 725, 729 (4th Cir. Va. 2006)]
Charlie Dog Aug 2018
What good does it do the world for me to relax?
What sapience does it bring,
For me to sleep and become lax
While others, the subject of winters sting?
Others thirsty, dying, hungry
And me impervious all the while.
What good am I to feign ignorance.
I, who laugh, and dance, and smile.
A conflict crippling beyond my will,
My mind, my own capacity,
Abating to the point of dread
A broken soul, now broken inanity

The words I can't resist to restate
Again and again and about
Can I have the will to keep it--
The meaning, now to saturate

I sit in my muddled state of disarray
Contemplating the worst--
Or perhaps,
Just honesty

I love my scattered, esoteric mind
I love to squirm as I think at night
Alone, I know, not just in presence
But in ethos, judgement, sense--all the rest,

Still who can help but want another
A mind to love for lonely days
Any mind vaguely the same, just wise
Who could think in ways of deep insight

Can both be given?
In my life of ungraciousness
My world of willful sorrow
My feeble ways of petty days

A weight held fast in the heart

That's what my conflict is made of.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
Where am I going, what do I seek?
Do I truly inherit it all if I'm meek?
And if I inherit all this, the earth,
Do I stay the same or encounter rebirth?
Am I meek if I'm gullible and get pushed around,
Or am I meek if I rise up and stand my ground?
I want to open eyes, to show others a way,
To let them truly see their lives surpass day to day.

— The End —