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seldom Apr 5
loving someone
is only giving them a door
giving them a door
a lock
a key
and a wrecking ball
they can choose to
destroy you
save you
protect you
they can do whatever they please
and in the end they leave
whether by
or death
they leave
and take a piece with them.
monica Apr 5
i pressed the key
a sad, yet sweet melody
i missed the key,
so does he

you are the piece
that completes the peace
you are the music
that gives me bliss
Duet, Minor Key
by Michael R. Burch

Without the drama of cymbals
or the fanfare and snares of drums,
I present my case
stripped of its fine veneer:
Behold, thy instrument.

Play, for the night is long.

Keywords/Tags: Duet, minor, key, cymbals, symbols, drums, fanfare, snares, instrument, play, ***, night, long, strip, ****, naked
Grey Mar 27
I locked my lips
And threw away the key
So why is it
That you still can't put your trust in me?
February 2020
I haven't done anything, so why..?
Isabella Mar 16
I'm the lock, you're my key.
And you fit perfectly.
I'm in a cage, can't you see.
And you can set me free.
Nicholas Feb 29
I see you’re feeling
maybe you need some
and you’ll be back at your

You can always be my
as long as you feel
just come and head out

It’s time that you
what’s made you so
Cayley Raven Feb 13
The key you´re holding
in your precious hand,
it will let you in

only when

you´re capable
to make me feel
like I can love

Reviews appreciated!
Ken Pepiton Feb 1
the idea that this is as

the webs towing spiders in the winds, winding
on circuits long ago distorted with mountains

and canyons,
effecting whorls and currents forcing a way around a mountain
for the mists that once watered the flatter feeling
vessel we were alive upon, in books

spaceship earth one. I in roman tongue,

but nothing lasts forever,
everything else changes,


be still.

realms with in reasons,

uni-verse-ity-ifity agregaton setting liquified stone,

how (wise) wegsheid sehen Sie veer left

OOPs loops, left from when this was a decide point.

FYI, it was my idea to go through the wall,

I was the one who went through,
not you,

I came out the front door, not you,

but you didn't run, you were my friend,

in this projection of a decider point, we

adaptively, as if augmented with a

allyes promise, ala all ye, all ye, outs in free... message from base

aye, I A-ok a intuitive influencee feeling tugging,

not pushing, gentle pull, slow
and steady

spider woman, grace for grace. let flow this thread
in ever

let it tangle with the wind,
we hold in our fists,

and the thief looses owning his good for use, the joker lifts off,

with a laugh, doing good,
like medicine,
loosed when one hand claps,

without the other knowing,
A page pondered while examining my life fifty years after the key decision
The girl in the dream will never be seen
An immovable force hides my true self away
Sitting beside her, alone and astray

Our eyes meet, the curtains close
Words from the head jumble into an
inaudible breath
Shadow self weeps not feeling complete

I'm for her if she is for me
No outlet, pathway or key
Just ask her aloud if she's free?
Nothing flows out as I try to connect
but wasted words left for the dead

Words come from thoughts and
actions from words
My thoughts will never be heard
She's the girl from the dream but
will never be seen
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
A poet's mind
is a whole different world
An ocean of myriad philosophies
A door to world's unseen geographies
This door is sometimes better left locked
For the things you might discover
are bound to leave you shocked.
But for the ones who dare
the key is the heart,
And mind you, they are rare,
For they understand;
To get the key
One must be as crazy as the poet,
If not more.
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