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dennis gunsteen Oct 2010
you held the key
to the kingdom of
my heart.
you held the key
to ever lasting love.
you held the key
to the spring time song.
you held the key
to the magic of wonder.
you held the key
to the music of my heart.
you held the key
to the  story of  are  love.
you held the key
to song of my  love.
you held the key
to the music of life
you held the key
to my heart
you held the key
to my love
an i love you
that way you
held the key
to are love
because i love you.
Jordan Apr 2013
It’s kind of funny how you can go from walking around with nothing but lint in you pocket and being totally stoked, to walking around with a pocket full of keys and being totally bummed.
It starts out simply and seductively. I’ll just get this car so I can snowboard more. Wrong. Anything that let’s you snowboard more is a scam. It won’t let you snowboard more because you ride every day and a car can’t add days to the week.
“I’ll just get this little night job so I can buy gas,” you hear yourself saying. There’s another key. Then your job starts making you miss sleep, so you can’t snowboard as hard or as long as you used to. And you need stuff to wear to work. You need a place to change and store your stuff. Now you have an address, that’s another key. Soon you have to get a day job because you’re not making enough money at night. The keys start adding up.
Now that you have a job, girls know you’re not a total loss and you end up with a girlfriend. She wants you to hang with her once in a while instead of going boarding all the time. First, she gives you the key to her heart, and then the key to her apartment. That’s two more. You can’t give her the key to your heart because snowboarding put a combination lock on it and only your snowboard knows the number.
Now you have a bunch of keys in your pocket. They’re high-maintenance items. You have to take care of them. They’re weighing you down. Snowboarding is slowly slipping away, and you don’t even notice.
One day, cruising to your full-time office job that you had to get a few years back to make payments on all your keys, you drive past a guy on the corner with his thumb out and a snowboard under his arm. While speeding by you start thinking about the guy you just passed. He looked like you used to—snowboard and nothing else. As you pull into the parking lot at work, you can’t get the hitchhiker out of your head. Your mind keeps wandering back. Pulling all the keys out of you pocket and jingling them, you think about what you really want from life.
Running back to your car, you reverse out of the parking lot and squeal a Rockford in the middle of the four-lane highway. You’ve got to get away from your keys. You begin throwing them out the window as you blow down the highway. First to go is the key to the door at work. Then you backhand your girlfriend’s apartment key out the passenger window. Flick, there goes the key to the storage unit, then the key to her car. Flick, flick, flick. You feel better each time a key flies out the window and goes bouncing down the pavement at 100 mph. You don’t even slow down for the tollbooth, paying instead with the tossed key to your office and the executive washroom.
You only have two keys left. You unlock your house, run in, grab your snowboard, and dash out of the house. You leave the key to your house sitting in the lock to the front door. Whoever finds the house open can take it, and all your stuff. You don’t need it anymore. You jump back into the car and start burning rubber through all four gears back to the highway where you saw the hitcher.
He’s still there. You slam on the brakes. When he opens the car door, you look into his eyes. It’s you. It’s the life you left behind when you sold out.
Qweyku  May 2014
Qweyku May 2014
The key to finishing is beginning.

The key to victory is uniquely found on the battle field forged through a warriors' cry of triumph.

The key to any type of revelation; is activation.

The key to liberty is wrought with the hammer of responsibility.

The key to paradise is hidden; it can take a lifetime of searching and/or a single simple decision.

The key to understanding; is found in the application of knowledge through wisdom.

The key to any type of belief is often based on the intangible; a step of faith.

The key to fruitfulness is in planting good seed.

The key to overcoming; is found in the hands of the heart injected with the fuel of persistence.

The key to life; is recognizing the breath of the living.

The key to love; is G-d.

The key to any beginning is only made visible at the ending.

**© Qwey.ku
Simon Nov 2019
Mind. Body. Both are transfixed among one another. They attract a certain multitude of how both permeates the other with constant activations among it’s greater whole. Two sides to the same coin. Something remotely without judgemental issues to be weary of. Mind and body servitude one another on the grand scale of themes. Monitoring what it’s like to function without one another in the best-case scenarios. One would like to think they both do have separate parts among being each others counterpart. It’s more finite then one would think at first. The difference between finite and separate existence comes with its own separate finite pieces without the other to perturb it’s operations. Finite is a judgmental classification among something to do with how each permeates the other. Yet have many finite pieces among one another who they deem isn’t worthy of there time. There’s an operation going beyond both connections between mind and body can foresee. The skeleton key of mind and body! This key is able to permeate both situational events at one singular time. A simultaneous rate without virtue to uphold it’s investigations. Investigations being something without equal ownership to who’s to be the most separate among each other. And having their own finite pieces among mixed connections one is deemed worthy to uphold among differences entirely. Does mind and body disagree with one another? Or do they simply don’t understand what they are among one another? If they did, then why the hustle from one another? A simple documentation among desirable functions on instinct to never get along. Yet why be brought together to permeate among connections across many of their pieces they already deemed worthy? Is it because they have no choice, but are fixed to get along? A forced operation which localizes their own behaviours across mind and body’s actions. Systematically removing respect among one another. All the above are equilateral. But the skeleton key of mind and body isn’t equilateral by any means. It’s the warden of both mind and body. It’s the warded succession that binds these permeated systems together for peace, and agreement. Desires without conquest isn’t deserving among one another. It’s only deserving among two sides of the same coin, when the key hiding in-between all separate pieces of finite details which takes the entire cake! Why does natures evolution want to keep these visuals under wraps? It’s only the in-between operations without separate pieces of finite details to rhythm the constant of all processes. The skeleton key is the proper picture hiding in plain sight for (non being the wiser) to evoke upon. (A reason being obvious among other reasons without closure among each other.) A testament to become stuck apart, if not for the skeleton key to fill in the gaps. Constantly pushing the desires from urges which are constantly giving practice toward mind and bodies believe in one another. Believe equals sacrifice. Both giving a well-known awareness that they aren’t truly at conflict with one another. There aware of another which binds their desires from urges over and over again. Unlocking one’s own processes among believe which equals sacrifice on a huge scale! Trying to process a path of deservance between how life is truly instructed upon. Natures evolution trying to permeate the true picture from the original design back into another’s claim. Its skeleton key is the object to truly finding progress with the original design. Mind and body being just pawns in a greater horizon. Evolution is the shenanigans of natures ploy. A thing helps pertain the connection between mind and body. Subjecting a skeleton key to react over and over again. Why? Simply so it isn’t disowned by the original designer. Evolution being natures shenanigans is a crafty finite detailed version onto natures spectrum indeed. Evolution being the key to mind and bodies success. A deceiving skeleton key hidden in plain sight for non to equally see!
They say a skeleton key opens all locks. Forcing processes to uphold many believes that it is master of all in-between transmissions among a community without value over itself entirely.
The night is the time.
When one finds the key.

The key to locks of life.
The key to never ending strife.
The key to unheard cries.
The key to unsaid words.

The key to the lost treasure.
The key to the broken measure.
The key to unsolved mystery.
The key to unseen misery.

And it is the key to..
the Realization

Tonight i find another one.
Its Listen.

My friend Listen.

Listen to understand.
Listen to be listened.
Listen to be loved.

Listen to everything around.

Listen to the voice of you.
Listen to talks of two.

Listen to the wind.
Listen to the sun.

Once you understand.
It will be fun.

Listen to the people.
Listen to the old.

Don't be afraid of being sold.

Listen. Don't hear.
Listen is love
Hearing is the opposite.

And in the vastness of this sea.
Listen is another key.
A broken attempt
Sam  Feb 2017
A Key
Sam Feb 2017
Have this.
It's a key.
But not just any key.
Maybe it's a little rusty, a little old, a little worn.
But it's yours.
And maybe sometimes if you hold it, it jabs into your hand,
But it's yours.
And maybe one day you'll lose that little key,
and you won't know where it went.
But don't worry.
This key is yours.
This key will always be yours.
Because this key, this small, old, rusty key,
is the key to my heart.
Fel  Jan 2014
In the Key of Bb
Fel Jan 2014
We met in the key of Bb
In that small room
With all the others
It wasn't the first time I saw you though
It wasn't the first time I held you
But it was the first time
I saw you
And held you
And knew you were now mine.

We got to know eachother in the key of Bb
At first our ride was a little bumpy
I was inexperienced,
I didn't like you much at first.
But you were patient
You had been through this before
Time and time again.
Others had had you
But now I have you
And that's all that matters

I made friends in the key of Bb
Because of you, I met good people
Loving people
Friendly people
People I can trust
Which are hard to find.
You introduced me to them.
The­se are people I'll know
For the rest of my life

I started a new chapter of my life in the key of Bb
New places, new faces
You helped me fit in
I felt uncomfortable
But you made me right at home
You made my home my home
That other small room
Much like the one I mentioned earlier
Is now my place of peace
Where I feel most calm
Where I can be myself

I found passion in the key of Bb
On that field
Under those stadium lights
That's where I found myself most.
You made me do unnatural things
Things most people
Wouldn't want to do
And you made me do it
Because of my love for you
A love I hadn't truly defined yet
But that came
After the first show
I started to truly believe
In the magic of you
I had my doubts,
But all of those are gone

I realized what I wanted to be in the key of Bb
This was when I fully found my love for you.
This was in my third year of being with you
I truly believed by then
In this magic that has engulfed me
You have given me an opportunity
To do something I've never done.
To travel the world
To perform for hundreds, thousands
To live.

I found love in the key of Bb
You introduced me to him
He's amazing
And he loves you, too.
He has a passion for you as well
And he found me
In the key of Bb

And sometimes
You're a little ******* me
You made me hurt
In ways I never hurt before
But you made me feel joys
That I had never felt before

You gave me friends
You gave me love
You gave me a passion
You gave me a family

What could I do without you?
Can you guess what this poem is about?
The beach swept away in the distance,
The tide as far out as could be,
A couple were laughing and playing there,
She’d cuffed him, in fun, to a tree,
‘Now that isn’t fair, Isabella,’
He’d laughed, as she danced in the sand,
‘You’re going to be mine, Richard Andrew Devine
Or forever be tied to the land.’

She taunted and teased and annoyed him,
He said, ‘I just want to be free!’
She spun on the sand and she held out her hand
And she laughed as she dangled the key.
‘You can stay ‘til I hear your proposal,
It’s like squeezing out blood from a stone,
If you fail to propose, this relationship’s closed
And I’ll leave you out here on your own.’

‘We’ve talked about this, Isabella,
And you know it can’t possibly be,
I’m already wed, when you came to my bed…
For God’s sake, just throw me the key!’
‘You know that you’ve never been happy,
With her, or with all of her friends,
It’s time you got rid of the lot of them,
It’s time you were making amends.’

‘I said at the start, Isabella,
That a fling was the most it could be,’
A shadow passed over his worried brow
As he looked at the incoming sea.
‘That might have been in the beginning,
But you know it’s gone further than that,
I’m having your child, did you know, in a while
And I’ll not have you leaving me flat.’

The sweat had burst out on his fevered brow
As the water encroached on the sand,
‘Did you know we’re beneath the high water mark,
In an hour or so, I’ll be drowned!’
‘The choice becomes yours, you must get a divorce
Or I’ll just walk away and be free.
There’s no going back, I’m determined in that,
I’ll be walking away with the key.’

The sea was beginning to lap at his feet,
And she to retreat as it came,
Then suddenly she was beginning to sink
While crying that he was to blame.
In seconds she’d sunk in the sand to her waist
In terror she cried, ‘Rescue me!’
But he was restrained by a half inch of chain,
‘For God’s sake, just throw me the key!’

‘How do I know that you won’t walk away
And just leave me to sink in the sand?’
‘I wouldn’t do that, just throw me the key
Or we’ll both become part of the land!’
She’d sunk to her shoulders at this point in time
And she struggled to pull out her arm,
Then raised it on high and she let the key fly
As they both held their breath, in alarm.

‘I’ve told her I want a divorce,’ he cried,
As the key fell just short of his reach,
‘And I lost the baby a week ago,’
She cried, to her neck in the beach.
They stared at each other as she sank from sight
Then the water rose over his head,
As a little gold key, was swept by the sea
To a hand that was already dead.

David Lewis Paget

— The End —