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snipes Aug 2022
foggy memories arise as the sun speaks

peace of mind falls as the moon winks

                                                 - ups and downs
                                                 a life of balances

                                                      ­                  …
Everyday now seems like Today
CrackedMoonboy Jun 2021
Life is a big road trip

nothing is set in stone, cause
every day is a new sheet of paper

you choose what can make the paper
look good or bad

just like life, it can be you eating a nice meal
or you making bad deals and not getting
the best meal
Life is what you make it to be
Wilkes Arnold Apr 2021
Life is pain.
But I wouldn't say
I've always felt this way.
Pain is a cruel and hateful teacher,
Demanding I fight for each and every breath.
I'm grateful towards death,
That it will all end at some point.
It's a ******* shame
That life has no real reason or aim.
What a peculiar thing
Standing on the shore
of this big wide sea
Looking at the horizon
as far as the eyes can see
All my life in front of me
Little ripple waves
Big foaming thunder storm
I stand there facing all
Shakingly cold
watching lightning touch down under
Standing there await
other  days of wonder
while the storm has gone
and the sun goes under.

Shell ✨🐚
Life is as a sea. Never knowing if it will be calm or if there will be thunder.
Regina Jun 2020
tribute to down's syndrome are God's flowers,
His joy, His own
Nylee May 2020
It's a routine
and there is a disruption
Everything is fine
On the surface
Dig deeper, an eruption.

Let's believe in it
but worry is constant companion,
Hope is whimsical
It flutters and breaks
And burns again with flame.

It was a dream,
A beginning and the end,
A living breathing trend.
But a life is beyond imagination,
Ups and downs and a show.

Now to this slowdown,
We don't know,
The time in abundance
Is going to drain
A fear turning to a new name.

The year has been
straight out of some ******* movie
It is building and building
and no one knows
what kind of end it will bring.
AmazingsanPoetry Mar 2020
Life is like a pyramid stairs where everyone struggles to step up, some takes few steps up and drift down-up until finally and gradually they slide down ward,  while some makes it to the top of the pyramid and tarry for a while before stepping down through the other part of the pyramid or steps down  the same path they have paved.
But there are those never privileged to take a step...
Pyramidal melancholy.
Grey Feb 2020
I know that what goes up
must come down.

I just didn't think that our love
would decline so rapidly..
Dec 2019
Blurry Vision Jan 2020
Hurt me,
Make me cry,
Scream in my face,
Make me wish i didnt know you,
Do all of the things that i think a relationship should be.

You don't do that though.
You love me,
Support me,
Cry with me when im sad,
You listen,
You take care of me,
You can hurt me. No matter how hard you try.
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