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Grey Feb 4
I know that what goes up
must come down.

I just didn't think that our love
would decline so rapidly..
Dec 2019
Hurt me,
Make me cry,
Scream in my face,
Make me wish i didnt know you,
Do all of the things that i think a relationship should be.

You don't do that though.
You love me,
Support me,
Cry with me when im sad,
You listen,
You take care of me,
You can hurt me. No matter how hard you try.
Alexander Jan 4
My weakness was you,
But little did I know~
I made you stronger.
RVani Kalyani Aug 2019
Up this hill I have reached,
All these stairs that I have climbed.
I touch the clouds above me,
Feel the stars shining upon me.
But will I feel the thunderstorms too,
Or will I mix in tornado in the sky of blue.
I keep thinking and overthinking,
Snowflakes and hailstones are what describe living!
A short description of life
Faith Apr 2019
How do we know love
If we've never seen pain
Or how can we enjoy sunshine
If we've never been caught in the rain
And how do we see beauty
If we've never seen bad
How can you have the best day ever
When that's all you've ever had
So when you're in the darkest place
Soon joy is what you'll face
Ameed Feb 2019
The Former
The Latter
aren't the ones that
they're both in the past
and the past is gone
and it's never returning
Don't cling to people from your past
Just leave them behind
Just As They Did
© Ameed
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I got a lot",
On my plate,it needs to stop,
can't be friends with these here cops,
cause I'll be the target they spot,
still breathing while the sun is hot,
keep these lil'kids off the block,
I got a lot.

Putting aside my Petty squabbles and failures,
Writing the ups and downs as I go, theres no letters,
Feeding my conscious mind to a higher being,
Escaping this world is a must ,if you know what I mean,
Hard enough to know thy self,
All the things we consume will melt,
Our brains , the corporations gives thanks,
We drown an ignorance like a scuba tank.
we got alot*.
Maria Etre Oct 2018
For all
the curveballs
life pitched
Thank You
Brent Kincaid Sep 2018
Yesterday and tomorrow
All in a memorable row
Happiness and sorrow
Always a few more to go.
Laughter and sadness
Marching through time.
Dealing out character
Each of us must find.

Lovers and some losers
Each kind had their say.
Whatever they did to us
Made us who we are today.
We all had to learn about
The liars and the thieves.
We taught ourselves not
To do what makes us grieve.

We learned to reward ourselves
For living and getting strong
Even when our history has
Gone quite suddenly wrong.
We are the ones who count
And must add up the score.
So, we are the wones who know
What our life has been for.

Whining does so little good
And makes others turn away.
It’s up to us to find the words
We need to hear and say.
So we do what we can in life
And deal with what we’re given
And learn we can't have it all
Wrapped up in a pretty ribbon.
CredibleTopHat Aug 2018
Sometimes in life, there are ups and there are downs
some things can make you as happy as a clown
while another thing can bring you straight down
and force you to parade around
with a fat, unpleasant frown

But such is life
and such are feelings
sometimes they'll string us up as high as the ceiling
but also bring us down so low with no clear meaning

but, through our life we must remember
that these unatural feelings won't last forever
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