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Mimi Hachiko Jul 11
You say you dont know who you are
You rearing to leave us a scar
I still dont understand the way
You sulk through life each day
Not that im one to pass
But im getting quite crass
With the way you say
Nothing is better today
Iz Nov 2018
I am drained
I try waking up earlier,
I try giving myself an extra 30 minuets for sleep
Nothing helps
I sit and stare
Like a brain dead zombie
I don’t know what to say
I know I could do better
I could make myself work
I could push forward and hope to gain the motivation and strength to continue
But even the little things that used to be so simple I could do them in my sleep seem monumental to me now
I don’t know if my problems got bigger
Or I got smaller
But they’re definitely not being dealt with today
Mae May 2018
The sky cries for me
I walk alone
No thoughts or feelings
Just a desire to go
To the river
Into the river
Just to float
And maybe drown

My blue hair ripples
Cold water makes my body panic
My lungs are gasping
I fall under
Riding the current
Wherever it wants me to go
I float back to the surface
Thanks to my empty soul
Today's not the day
Perhaps tomorrow
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
i just cant today.
I'm not feeling anything,
from getting dressed
to taking a shower,
to getting in my car and going to work.
I just don't want to get out of bed,
i'd prefer to stay to myself and thoughts today.
Why can't depression be a good reason to not go to work?
I don't want to force a smile today,
I don't have the energy.
I tried to smoke some **** to clear my mind,
but that honestly made me think more in depth,
which didn't help.
Maybe alcohol will help?
(i can't go to work drunk though)
ugh, i just need your love, i need your attention,
i need a big ******* hug.
this isn't something that i've written and edited, or something that i jotted down in my notepad when i had the chance.
this is me, waking up, trying to get out of bed to finish the day.

— The End —