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Hey dearest Girl friend, you're more than meets the eye.
There's more to you than the world see and only you can feel
You are more than the current moment, may be  stuck, but not for too long

You're fierce and engaging
A lioness in her own den, you are predictive and predetermined
A conquer, you have fought so many battles, Zues would be jealous

Going from house to house, you have served!
Moving from office to office, you have worked!
From one business to the other, you have thrived!
From street to street,  you have hawked!

You move mountains with determination
Your mere presence sets them on fire
You are a woman first,
A sister
Sometimes you're a wife but above all,
You are a mother.

You are the best work of art God created to multitask
A Russian-roulette any man would **** to be victorious for.

You are a reason for inspiring inclusion.
Happy International Women's Day Queen!

To every woman out there! The world sees you,  the world knows you. Happy International Women's Day Queen 👸
a couple more minutes, just two will do and then I'll get up and make the coffee for you, but
will she wait? oh no, not her, if I'm not there doing it before she's even asking it she'll say that I'm going deaf.

and the violin cranks up on Radio Four,
quite pleasant
I think that I'll listen some more,

she's already at the door,
is that coffee ready yet?
Anitha Panicker Mar 2021
IWD, Alas!
Gender Parity, Alas!
Pandemic Alas!
You might ask why, I would say why not??

— The End —