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Hey dearest Girl friend, you're more than meets the eye.
There's more to you than the world see and only you can feel
You are more than the current moment, may be  stuck, but not for too long

You're fierce and engaging
A lioness in her own den, you are predictive and predetermined
A conquer, you have fought so many battles, Zues would be jealous

Going from house to house, you have served!
Moving from office to office, you have worked!
From one business to the other, you have thrived!
From street to street,  you have hawked!

You move mountains with determination
Your mere presence sets them on fire
You are a woman first,
A sister
Sometimes you're a wife but above all,
You are a mother.

You are the best work of art God created to multitask
A Russian-roulette any man would **** to be victorious for.

You are a reason for inspiring inclusion.
Happy International Women's Day Queen!

To every woman out there! The world sees you,  the world knows you. Happy International Women's Day Queen 👸
I hate to say this, but I miss you
On days when I’m angry at you
I recount every memory of you
I miss you on the saddest days and even the most delightful ones

I hate to say this, but I love you
I’ve loved your fairly flaws and even resented myself for loving you
I loved you from the very beginning, I bet I’d do till the end
I love you like molt to holes
I guess, I love every curve of you

Permit me to say this, but I hate you
I hate the way you make me smile
How you get to my skin
I hate how your voice brightens up my day
I hate the ease I feel when talking to you in distress
I hate how I feel when you call me nick names
Gosh! I love them all!
I guess, I called for a white lie

I miss you as my person
I miss the fact that it was just the two of us
I hate I have to share you…
Not you, but the concept of you
I guess I hate myself more for harboring these thoughts I do
But in the end, all these conflicting emotions…
I just miss you.

Whispers of your absence echo through my heart, painting the canvas of longing with hues of nostalgia. In the symphony of solitude, every note resonates 'I miss you.' 💔✨
Khadijat Bello Nov 2023
JANUARY ,I was ignorant and oblivious.
FEBRUARY came, and I sighed a breath of relief. Too confused, I made a wish. MARCH-ed with mixed feelings. I started seeing light in APRIL. I've finally found a resolution, I MAY just catwalk my way into JUNE and end my love lust. Then rekindle in JULY, a lust cost. I was not ready for what AUGUST had to say, for I staggered my way and landed facedown in SEPTEMBER hoping to feel brand new when the brisk rain fell in OCTOBER and I knew I exhausted all tears in Autumn and couldn't cry again. Yet I walk in the morning dew and light morning sun that says Winter is here and I'm sitting in NOVEMBER asking myself how 11 months has passed by. Yet, I remembered. DECEMBER is round the corner.
Reminiscing in time
Khadijat Bello Oct 2023
Nigeria 🇳🇬

A lot has happened to you since 62
You're a year older, and still most of your kin hates you
They forget how they may not exist without you
Yes! You are on the brink of hell,
To say your name has been marred with gutter
An act from most of your children

You have suffered the injustices of men
We hear cries of your children in the North
Thousands of hooligans in the South-West
There is so much bad blood in the East
The Middle Belt doesn't know her role or who to follow

Your name has been berated all over the world
Your currency, at the brink of death with the stock market
Stolen funds for those who can grasp it
Banditry for the suffering Masses
Illegal mining, yet no one is talking about it

You have suffered bickerings from people who want to Japa
A fluctuating forex makes it no easier
They blame you for their atrocious behaviour
They sometimes forget how fertile you are.

From East-West and North-South, you have suffered injustices
For decades, you have been subject to malicious governance
Battling all levels of inflation, subjecting your people to abject poverty
Yet the rich get richer, and the poor? More Jejune if you ask.

At 63, I want to fight. For your children and kinship
Fight for your soil and regain your strength
Battle with these injustices and insecurity
Bring down inflation and take back your crown
Debunk all forms of evil committed with your name
And fight for a better 64.

Nigeria is great, Nigeria will be great
Nigeria is our father's land.
Happy Independence Day, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Happy independence day to my beautiful country Nigeria 🇳🇬 I strongly believe you're great, and will be great again.
Khadijat Bello May 2023
First, let me start by Greeting you in Twi, "memawo akye" in Kumasi
And back to my home land, I say to you, "Yene"! in Ebira
"Habri za asubuhi"! from Swahill
Ina kwana in Hausa
Emesiere! in Ibibibo
ụtụtụ ọma! in Igbo
Africa, the home of one third of the world's languages
Here I am telling you Djam walli!  in Fulfulde
Nigeria is a power house of over 500 languages
I say Kube lazhin! Nupe
U nder vee! in Tiv
Manao ahoana! in Malagasy language
Ojobe in Boki
Africa! My home continent, where some languages are foreign to most.
West Africa, my land region the Zone of the Giant of Africa.
Nigeria, my Father land! I say to you Good morning in different dialect.
Telling my own Africa story by Greeting you all Good Morning in different African dialects.
Khadijat Bello May 2023

What is it, really?
An illusion, if you ask me
A system making you think you can choose it
The system plays you a great trick

Use my home land, a case study.
She's flawed from when she used the military
Canada lost sight for morality
The United Kingdom then becomes a general market even though it's a Monarchy

Wake up! Democracy is only a trick
Russia is still in Capitalism
China is still most Socialist till this day; She's still practicing socialism
Arabia is better off with Federalism

How then do you think Democracy is real?
She's flawed and ill
Makes you to ****
Not minding if it's your kin
I still root for Monarchy, I get to know my king
And even the military, the soldiers act by order.
So what then is Democracy?
Day 4 of May. And it came in a question
Khadijat Bello May 2023

The Oxford call it a group living in community
To me, it's what shapenes our morality
An association of different confraternity
A big circle of sorority

Some people want peace, other wants justice
Some others, just want the insecurities to cease
For us, it a ball game of big and small bliss

The affiliation of humanity and its hospitality
A vibrant level of governance and fellowship
Society is a tapestry with many seams

Wild range of Education and different services
For some, they want sympathy. Others just want to live with emphaty…
As they woven in their want for greed

Society changes to norms and values
In diversity of cultures and tribes
An ethnicity of many kind

The society is our genesis
An LAD of every child
A pattern for everyone.

When next you think to change a person,
Think first to change his society.

Day 3 of May
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