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Steve Page Mar 25
The bigger my heart,
the greater my capacity for hurt.

The more open my mind
the deeper I need to think.

The greater my reach
the more grounding I need.


The older I get
the more I listen.

The more I listen
the keener my hearing.

The more I hear
the more my heart weeps.
Not sure if this holds together, but you get the gist.
amme Jan 20
He walks upright in the night but never evolves.
Drugs in his brain, never a pure thought.
Intruding other peoples business for inclusion.
Surrounded by resonating problems but never comes to a conclusion.
Only wants something if he can use it.
Only turns to god when he wants to be included.
Only looks up to people who does prostitution.
Addicted to the music.
Free will, freedom is whats hes abusing.
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
If we taught tolerance instead of fear,
how many lives would we have spared this year?

If we taught acceptance instead of hate,
if we taught kids to commiserate,
to see what others have on their plate,
that would make America great.
Sunset Meadows Oct 2018
We make jokes about it
We hide it
Just to take the attention off
So we can hide
No one ever thinks anything is wrong
Because how can someone joke about something
When it relates to them
And it's a serious matter
Well that's exactly what we do
You would be surprised how
Well we can lie
We lie everyday of our lives
Hidden that's how we live
Secret lives
Everyday who are we
Lost in every lie
Everyday someone different
But they all have one thing
In common
We always act as a person who
Is fine
Someone who isn't sick
Who doesn't have a disease
Someone who doesn't need medication
To stop from crying
Or needs to be in a mental hospital
We act okay
We are all actors or actresses
Just trying to fit in
Doing anything to be fake
Come join us it's work
but it's better than
Being the sick person
The outcast
The one everyone avoids
Come join us and be included
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Driven energy,
Understanding silence
Familiar wavelength
With sympathetic threads
Invisible bond
A sense of prospective,
A fate of inclusion,
Synergy of trust
Moment of warmth
Bridge of communication
Law of equanimity
Seizing a moment
With a Joy without an end

Adventure of being alive
Worth of human connects
Celebrating a new time.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Dani Jan 2018
Before the thunder coats my lungs I whisper soft

The storm is a cacophony of pink that flows between slow and stop.
In every direction, pointed hats and sharp signs
stinging words and biting looks
phrases dotted with peaches and comb-overs
hardened women fiercer than the surging wind.

I had never imagined feeling so powerful until
50,000 women
and men and nonbinary friends
engulfed my senses in magenta and bubblegum
and lightning struck 100,000 times in the space of two blocks.
J Jan 2018
I never thought I would leave a place I adored
For seventeen years - I just never got bored.
I had friends and a purpose and plans and a vision -
But then came a day I could not do a mission.

'Twas an ethical test - who do I betray?
I lost faith in the words they wanted me to say.
Knowing the truth I just couldn't condone it.
The decision to leave - it was mine - and I own it.

I had only been in that one place all my life -
where opportunities for me had always been rife.
I was nervous and scared but excited as well -
What the world had in store for me I couldn't tell.

I put myself out there not knowing who'd call me -
I'd done lots of fun stuff but what would they all see?
Just what were they looking for - could I be it?
The drama of searching nearly gave me a fit!

Then out of the blue there appeared someone gallant -
With a great reputation - and they wanted MY talent!
They were smart and compelling with fun stuff to do -
Is it any suprise that I went with you?

We started out great - hell - we started out grand!
We tackled some challenges linked hand in hand.  
But quickly I started with zillions of questions
And made what I thought were some helpful suggestions.

See - where I came from initiative was expected -
I was not prepared when my ideas were rejected.
Some issues I saw were things elsewhere I'd solved!
But for mysterious reasons you didn't want me involved.

I was puzzled and hurt and obsessed quite a bit -
Was it something I did?  How can I fix it?
I just wanted to find out how I could have assisted -
But more I pushed - more I found you resisted.

Then one day it clicked - I went about this amiss -
What yet had I done that you should listen to this?
I was barely a face with a name I was so new -
I forgot that I needed to prove ME to you.

It isn't enough to be good with some code -
Even if you know Java, python, and node.
It isn't enough to SAY that you know it-
Code does what you tell it - people need you SHOW it.

It's scary to be the new kid on the block -
With no credibility you're nothing but talk.
It takes patience and time for all this to be earned.
But it's worth the investment if you want to be heard.

So I rose to the challenge and did loads of work -
And hoped you'd forgive that I'd been such a ****.
And now - one year later - just look how we've grown!
We've built up some trust and are now in the zone.

I don't think for a second my story is new -
I would not be surprised if it's happened to you.
Embracing discomfort is a humbling feat -
But work your way through it - the result is more sweet.

Now let's build a community where we ALL can have voices
And not be afraid of these riskier choices.
Where we're ALL safe to say what we think and we feel
Even when such disruption may not be ideal.

Let's connect with each other in such a way
That we're transparent and collaborative every day.
Let's let EVERYONE have their say.
Let's cultivate new ideas before they can stray.

Let our values guide us all how they guided me
To remember who I want to be.
Let's face the world with integrity
And wonder at and explore all the possibility.
I believe everyone should have a voice on any kind of project, regardless of experience or tenure.  Sometimes the freshest eyes yield the greatest breakthroughs.  That said - sometimes you do have to **** it up and work extra hard just to get the right people in the room to listen to you - and not let all the rejection along the way discourage you from doing what's right - and that was the inspiration for this poem.
A poor perception of Christianity
is the ongoing failure of the Faith
to treat all people evenly within…
a circle of inclusion; who will see

past the shortcomings of humanity,
in order to spiritually grow? Ideas
of our accountability, accompanied
by genuine, personal responsibility

dictate that we treat every soul
in the same manner of Love, without
thoughts of the trivial attributes
that separate us; under the control

of God’s Kingdom, we remain equals.
Since we’re supposed to serve one
another, shouldn’t we help everyone
with a mandate to perform God’s will?
Inspired by:
Jam 2

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
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