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ryn Jun 2018
I deliberate.
I contemplate.
I procrastinate.

Then I write in ink...

In the hopes
of capturing
all that swims unruly
and speaks in runes.
Haesel Feb 2018
I know I couldn't do that to them or you
It's just every thing is tearring me up from the inside out
Everyday it gets harder and harder to stay
Trying to pretend like everything's okay
It's making it hard to stay
My heart is heavy and all these things I've kept inside
Is catching up to me
Three years of avoiding talking about my problems and keeping sh*t inside my head
Makes me want to try new things instead
Alcohol Pills smoking a spliff to get high  
Made things 100x worse
A little something I wrote when I was in a dark place im so glad I'm no longer in that state of mind count your blessings
Karmen Mar 2016
Calm and secure you always made me feel
Each night we lay side by side
Hand in hand
Sometimes with my head on your chest
It felt right
Two beats in tune
Each breath released as if it were one
Heart aching for what would come
It knew this wouldn't last
Still I went along
Pretending it would all be alright
I didn't expect it to end this way
Not this fast is what I mean
Thought there would be one last time
Moments like this are rare
Wish I could relive
What love you made me feel
The battle to let go
All too real to be told
Demons I fought
As I lost you in sight
The time went by
Never to be as I once was
Jst.moved on
Forgetting that once upon a time
Each night we shared
I once was calm and secure
gabriel ackerman Oct 2015
Rain clouds as far as the eye can see.
Water pouring from the sky, drowning me.
I close my eyes, and shut out the dim, pale light.
I give into my sorrow, my starless night.
My eyes fill with tears, but they are covered up by the rain.
The blood drips from my body, and the water worsens the pain.
The pain shoots through my body, the worst pain I've ever known.
And i let out a scream of terror, the most weakness I've ever known.
I wait for myself to drown beneath the tide.
This time, why even bother to ask why?
I'm so far out to sea not a soul would hear me.
But then i remember, my mind is the sea.
My thoughts enclose me, trapped with no way out.
And then i stop crying, it's already too late, not a thing to cry about.
My eyes slowly close as the world fades away.
This time I'm asleep for good, I will not live to see another day.
A bittersweet smile finally crosses my face.
The muffled "goodbye" and I'm gone without a trace.
Here's another poem, even though I hardly ever upload.
Grayce Hobart Sep 2015
When this wine touches my lips
Thoughts of freshman year float by.

Wine Wednesdays...
A weekly ritual marked by cheap Franzia and wandering hands
Mumford, Coldplay, and Dave
Laughter, Dancing
Build me up buttercup

This is my place
With you
On this cheap *** futon
Murphy girls and Detroit boys
Drinking this cheap *** wine
How it was supposed to be

Cheeks rosy like our wine,
Sunset Blush with shy kisses
Soft whispers
Fingers intertwined
Your hand rests on my thigh
Gently moving up and down

I am in heaven.

If only for a moment
As I reminisce
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
They're eating me alive
It's eating me
It's driving me crazy
It's 5:30 in the morning
I haven't slept
It's killing me
I don't think I might be able to overcome it
But I'm not brave enough
To pull the trigger
LittleFreeBird Aug 2015
You were under my skin,
so i tried cutting You out;
now all i'm left with are
hand-me-down bandages
and something for the pain.
You’re in my house
and I can’t let you out
every time you’re near the door
I slam it closed
and lock you in your room
I keep you safe
away from everyone
-everyone that’s in there, too.
I keep them away from you.
I keep you safe,
safe and sound
I’ll keep you bound until I’m safe..
safe from this place
you call my mind.
you’re the only thing
that seems to coincide.
Sheenanigans Jan 2015
The doctor said it just need a rest and med
But how come its all over my head?
Now all I can find is my bed*
And no, I don't want tears to shed*

8:17 pm, 1-16-2015
(first poem to post this 2015)
My head is aching. I really should need painkiller. Unwell (not oneself). Should fall asleep before I'll fall apart.
Ominous tides control my mind
Killing me on the inside
Ageless hurt boiling in the pit of my soul
Yearning to be set free from the eternal prison I have made in my head

Ineffectually think of my impending doom

Fearing the person that I am slowly melting into
Equally hating myself for my sinful crimes
Eloquent words flowing off my hateful tongue
Leaving behind the once pure little girl inside

Deranged voices talking to me
Expecting me to comply
After death and before lie
Depression is my only truth

Nightfall arriving, perishing my once boisterous being
Opening the demon in my soul
W**** will not leave me alone
©LogenMichel copyright 2014
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