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I went through
My darkest times
Dark thoughts
Failed to overcome me
Bright thought
Shed a light
Darkness a great
Background to shine
Stars can't shine
In sunshine
Adore dark sky
Displaying their
Twinkling shine
Diamonds scattered
Above all around
So wonderful to
Watch at night
I went through
My darkest times
Dark thoughts
Failed to overcome me
Bright thought
Shed a light
Hitting a century
I could survive!
As I peep out of the window
I see grim faces
I run to them
Ask what's the matter
Life has shattered
A lad next door
Laid down life for the nation
He had adorned the uniform recently
Now his wife
Lies on the floor fainted
Holding her infant
Close to her *****
The youth had chosen
the army
To support his family
For a paltry salary
As his blood was cheaper!
Scenario on the other side
I could see
A celebrity has committed suicide
There is a lot of
Hue and cry
Conspiracy theories
Are being ascribed
The issue has been politicised
A celebrity who is vocal
Getting security of top order
At the cost of public exchequer
It's nothing
Just a little bit of dacoity
On poor tax payers pocket
Celebrity's blood is so precious
Sun would fall down
If anything adverse happens
Burning everybody
Security men are ready
To shed their blood
To protect the celebrity
As their blood is cheaper
For a paltry sum
They offer
Their blood is cheaper!
From the womb of Coronavirus,
Comes the birth of a new human being With a noble cause, a new purpose, a renewed vision, and a new mentality, one that would

Listen to people's cries, and lift their spirits,
Sheds tears over the innocent lives claimed by the illness,

Values close family ties, friendship, and Recites a wishful prayer to
Alleviate the suffering of the distressed Souls,

Protects the elderly, takes care of their Neighbor , spares meals to feed The Hungry, and renders services to others and Expect  nothing in return,

A birth of a new human being,
Who thinks, breathes, speaks and acts with Kindness ,
Who’s molded from humility,
With a mind full of reflection, and a
Soft heart encompassed with love.

Hussein Dekmak

Tatiana Dec 2019
In a burrow a snake lies
to itself
about its health,
if lids could cover its eyes
then maybe that would help.
But scales have formed
where human lids
grow on kids,
and shivers have wormed
their way through its body.
When the time finally comes
to shed its skin
what's left within?
Will life's pleasant hums
attract it outside?
Or will the cycle start again?
What was soft, scaly, and thin
has hardened
against the cruel nature I've yet to pen.
The snake always leaves behind its skin.

What was within your skin?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
You stripped my self worth,
dragged me into an ocean of fear,
left me feeling impure and touched.

I wish I could feel
innocent and pure once more.
I wish I could shed
this skin along with my past away.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“It’s becoming tougher to love you every time you hurt me. It’s becoming tougher to trust you every time you betray me. It’s becoming tougher to be vulnerable every time you exploit me. It’s becoming tougher to lend you my heart when it feels like an open wound in your hand. You taunt me every opportunity you find, brag about my flaws occasionally, criticize and act cold at times. I am tired of visiting the restroom as though it is my sanctuary during occasions, shedding tears and walk out numbing my heart. We ought to be encouraging, loving and supporting one another and not pushing the other down to rise. But the heartaches are becoming often and old wounds are being reopened. It’s becoming tiring to experience it over and over again. I guess for it to not hurt anymore, it shouldn’t matter anymore.”
Darryl M May 2019
Of countless nights.
Of Early Late Mornings.
I know not how far my love travels,
Further it goes.

In search for your love, I feel.
In loss of words, I am.
Prayers I must make to have you in my life.
Whom am I kidding; my heart is already on its knees.

As close as a heartbeat, you are, unto my heart.
A pump of your own, you have become.

Fake it is, for you ain’t mine.

Is it love that I fail at?
Or do I consistently meet wrong people?
Are the good ones always taken?
Or do we search for them once they’re taken?

In life, you never get what you truly want,
Most especially when it comes to love.

I can’t wait for you to fall for me.
If only you could mirror in my heart,
Our love would explode.

Do poets shed tears, or just shed ink?
Completed: 24th April 2018 [20:13 PM]
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