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Dania Nov 12
Sometimes I just don't
Pretend to understand how
Amazing you are
be kind to those who express themselves
  Oct 25 Dania
Monet Echo
What if every little thought
That lives inside your head
Instead of hiding away in there
Was spoken out, was said?

Would you be embarrassed?
Would you hate your mouth?
Would you rather be mute
Than let the truth come out?

What if every little thing
That people thought of you
Instead of being tucked away
Was heard, was listened to?

Would you be ashamed?
Would you cover your ears?
Would you rather be deaf
Than let the truth come near?

And what if every image
That passes through your thoughts
Was freed from its prison
To roam until it rots?

Would you be disgusted?
Would you look away?
Would you rather be blind
Than see your thoughts at play?
Dania Oct 25
What if everything wasn't the way it was?
Have you ever posed a sentence with a question?
Just looking for answers.
How to refine the question -
Or find the answer.
We panic at the thought of thoughts,
Of questions.
But should we find answers?
What if we don't have them?
Be kind to those who share.
Dania Oct 25
One of the few things that I'm sure of.
I could build my world off of.
Your unknowingly frequent touches on the world around you.
One of the few things I know.
It's strange - almost unheard of in this town.
The impact --
Be kind to those who share
Dania Oct 25
Lover ...
What does that mean?
Because I've had many.
My lover now is the most incredible,
And so was the one before.
Until he wasn't.
I think I've got it now.
My lover.
Be kind to those who share.
Dania Jul 13
Beauty -
How much is in the eye of the beholder?
I wonder.

"You are beautiful".
He said that to me.
I wonder.

I wonder if he said that and meant I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
I wonder if he said it because he felt it only in that moment.
But I also wonder if he said it just to say it. I wonder.
Dania May 23
One of us had to be the one who ended it,
But what if one of us was the one who still wanted it.
I forgive you for being the former,
And I scare myself for still being the latter.
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