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Jules Oct 2019
What I feel and what I deserve don't coincide
This is something different
Something I don't usually abide
I'm at a loss
I'm torn
I don't want it all to fall apart
This is crazy
but so are we baby
Osiria Melody Aug 2019
How do you write?
I improvise
Let my imagination
and ideas coincide

I tend to rhyme,
Should be a crime
Don't ask me why
I bother to try

I barely edit
Craft some lines,
Then shred it
And tether it to
form a stanza

As I write, I pay
a visit to a
word bonanza

Similes, figurative
language and

Common themes
include love,
curiosity and

I imagine myself
in a fictional situation
Usually the kind
that involves

I insert the key
into my creative
And drive myself
wild with ideas that
come into fruition

Ideas that stem
from branches of
a lucid dream,
Repeating and
changing each

From the morning's
coffee made black
with no cream or
sugar or anything,
To the afternoon tea
that complements

To the evening's arrival
that's comforting

My desire to write
Is an evergreen

I've been so sing-songy lately.
C E Harrington May 2015
You’re in my house
and I can’t let you out
every time you’re near the door
I slam it closed
and lock you in your room
I keep you safe
away from everyone
-everyone that’s in there, too.
I keep them away from you.
I keep you safe,
safe and sound
I’ll keep you bound until I’m safe..
safe from this place
you call my mind.
you’re the only thing
that seems to coincide.

— The End —