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Karmen Mar 2019
Much of a given ****
Not here very much
You ***** and *****
She’s twisted and sick
Still you run back so quick

Life you have always wished
Blinding your clear sight
Of the truth that lies
It ends the same each time

Man left all alone
Picking up the pieces
Of his worn-out heart
She shattered towards the floor
And wrecking his souls once more

much of a given ****
Not here very much
You ***** and *****
Still you run back so quick
So my given *****
Are not here very much
Karmen Feb 2019
Is it a right to write
Or should I deny
That life is but to write
Then you are
My forever goodnight
Till the sunlight arises
And continue our nights thoughts out loud
  Nov 2018 Karmen
S G Arndt
enjoy these words
in silence
value every line
you might try
to look right through me
in an attempt
to dampen the shine
  Nov 2018 Karmen
Michael Smit
Close your eyes and you will see
All is not what it seems to be
There is a story unspoken
That left my mind a woken
a Stolen token
My wound reopen

My reign of fire
My hearts desire
You are a liar
So burn in fire

I crossed the line
Had it not been define
a Wrap in time
a Story of mine

They call me the worst witch
Because I tend to switch
I make them glitch
Because I'm the witch

I enchant your mind
Forcing you to find
The power that hides

My power is running out
And I am left in doubt
This is my final spell
The last to tell
I wish you well
  Nov 2018 Karmen
i want to tell you.
i really do.
i'd love to spill my secrets, my issues to you.
yet i can't comprehend it.
i can't communicate it to you.
and the fact you could leave me.
it makes my heart a tearful blue.
you already look at me as if i'm broken.
what do i have to lose?
i want to tell you.
i really do.
yet i can't cope with the fact.
the fact your presence may fade.
vanish without a trace.
except you'd still have that key.
the key that can unlock the darkness in my brain.
this poem is in honour of my teacher who wants me to know that i can talk to him. but it's nearing the end of the year and he may not be my teacher next year. i fear that if i tell him too much i won't be able to cope that next year he might be wandering around with the burden of my thoughts i selfishly put on him without being able to do much to help me. and that i won't be able to connect with another teacher like i have with him. so, in general, this poem isn't really about telling him about my issues. it's about the fact that i might lose his presence in my life and that he's one of the last things that's keeping me sane. this poem is about loss. XD sorry for the mini rant i just needed to get this out there y'know.
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