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well let me think on this...
am I stupid too?
for loving You?

yes, I guess I am...
Jules Oct 2019
I deserve to be with someone
who isn't confused
about the feelings
they have for me
Jordan Hudson Oct 2019
I waited too long so I thought
My faded song was just a shot
I tried once and gave up
You were no one to love
I'm glad we never talked
You were just so hot
But inside you not
I made an assumption
A fair one though
Treating my friend like **** you know
That don't fly so I won't even try
I hope you happy
That what you want
I am glad because I am done
Now I am mad, not so fun
Not so sad, and I won't run
See me walk by, forget I even tried
See me everyday, but say goodbye
I ain't gonna lie
You just looked good on the outside
I don't even know you
But I saw what you did
In a bad mood
My friend just said
Hi and tried to intro me cause I shy
Don't care well ******* then
I can't deal with your ****
******* gonna act
You a ***** and that's a fact
Haylin Nov 2018
This world is a huge mess
My life is a huge mess

People yell at me
I'm unloved,
Mentally beaten,
Sleep deprived,

I get anxiety attacks
Because of my dad,
The voices in my head,
And my own thoughts

And all I can say is "I'm fine."
I'm sorry,
I can't do this anymore,
I don't know if I'll ever come back
I'm not strong enough anymore,
I'm losing this fight
Goodbye, I'm done
Jamilla Sep 2018
Badly need someone to lean on
My knees are weak, so faint and down-and-out
My tears are falling, my pretention is over.
Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
Drink until I give up
Drink until I die
I've done my share
I've tried to save
But now I say goodbye
aaliyah Mar 2018
i won't talk about my depression
it'll only bring you down
you'll get that nervous look in your eyes
the second i open my mouth
if you only knew how much energy it takes,
for me to take that step
how much fear i feel,
and how little hope i have left.
if you knew that it feels like lava,
burning through my chest.
someone wraps iron hands,
on the the few words i have left,
and it takes everything i am
to scream
them out.
they come out like a whisper,
and now its your shout
you sit and say your sorry,
that you hope i'll be better soon.
maybe i should have an early night,
or watch a movie
my love, no, you do not understand.
mi not just tired
im through.
i've long accepted shallow understanding
i just didn't expect it from you.
Pauline Morris Jul 2017
I'm done for the day
What else can I say
I no longer want to play
Emotions starting to sway
My mask flew away

Leave me alone
I just want to go home
There's nowhere to roam
I'm turning off my phone
Gonna Lie down tired bones

I'm done for the day
Thoughts in disarray
They never obey
It's a feeling of dismay
Being life's proverbial prey

©Pauline Russell
Chelsea Brooks Apr 2017
there's endless poems of broken hearts and broken dreams
there's endless stories of what could've been

I think about what we were
and how I become a part of the cliche in which I am another woman
broken down like a little girl
because of the infidelities that I thought would stop because you said you love me
I have realized that love has become an excuse
to hurt others and for others to accept it

I accepted your lies
time and time again

now I am another cliche

broken by the relationship you let fall to pieces
Hal Jan 2017
And after all the **** you put me through, I still cannot hate you for you had the courage to do what I could not and save me from ruining myself. So instead, I'll think of you with indifference, because you sure as hell don't deserve anymore of my time.
-I'm done wasting my time on you
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