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We’ll drive all night with nothings to
speak, but everything to hear. only
of course to leave the house of
what we know and expand our mind,
a trip across the universe. such is no
waste. I am free.
I am free. I
am free.
and the only thing I need is to know
How in the world do I go back?
we used to drive all night. I’ve
missed your face and the space
your body encapsulated as the
beat blared through our bones
Again, can we do that again?
i stroll down the path i know, yet i
feel warmth crawl under my skin
you tap on my heart making sure it
breathes, sparks flutter through my veins.
on cue, it seems i fall to the floor. beneath
my fingertips, imprints find those
bones i want to call home.
so lips meet new lips, the sole way
i know how to convey. i
peel the shirt, the art off your
back appearing are the scars
my eyes knew were there. your new
skin sparkles like winter mornings
and the empty sky above isn’t enough to
let you let me tap on your heart, too.
you storm away and i am left
inside with my clothes still on
ice drops from my fingertips
air crawls over my skin
i can’t escape this feeling
where do i go from here
being traced like a french girl
laying bare in your place
the only place i want to
continue to know
where do i go from here
drowning in my own skin
drowning in yours
I fall back down and I
wanna stay here underground to
steal all the seeds that
your hand holds in front of me
soul to soul daisies will grow
and shoot above the ground
hide behind the grass, only
you can see the flowers
in between my ears, my oh
my these roots are like
treasure hidden inside my
chest sprouting to heal old wounds
Do you love her, friend?
With the way you hold her,
and flowers that you send.

Are you going to care for her?
make soup when she’s ill.
Are you sure, sir?

Can you swallow this pill,
as large as a horse or
be still in the sill?

Do you burn to the core,
friend, laying dormant
at night wishing for more?

Is this the wretched torment
wished upon me,
watching our lives ferment?

Poppies floating in hair,
golden flecks of red
It will never be me.

I’ve only thought of things you’ve said.
I digress, it’s she you have undressed.
enveloped in your embrace
sinking safely to the
netherland where
my lipstick meets your face
sticking calmly to your cheek
an imprint made to last, I
could feel it for years after
I grabbed the memory
from the air as it was created
knowing the moment
would fly by with
such speed, but i can still
feel your skin through my shirt
and your fingertips tracing
my chin, cheek, and hairline
I can feel your eyes as they
wander amazed as i sob
tears in your passenger seat
and conclude with a warrant
to kiss you
not knowing if i’ll have
the time again
to show how much love
can pour from my skin
and into yours lighting a fire
that would still be burning
the afternoon after
the coffee and cigarettes
were gone. There’s beauty
in disaster and truth in struggle
and i found both of the better
with you. Smiling and laughing
and asking about my day
and always being tucked in
so tight
like i was precious cargo
floating in the air
staring at the water
and the waves around
making magic fly
from my fingertips
higher in the sky
more than i’ve ever
been knowing that
i’m worth it
looking back in moonlight
the darkness appears
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