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AestheticAbi Jul 24
I close my eyes
I feel a feeling
Down my cheeks

I cover myself
I recall the memory
Of loneliness

I turn on my phone
I see us together
In my mouth

I run to the bathroom
I regret the time
On a cheating scumbag
This made me feel 100% better
katryna Oct 2018
Sounds and Headbang.

How can we stop the time?

stella and blue moon this time.
mixed in one glass.




that's all I need.
that's all you want.

that's all I need,
you is all I need.

How can I stop them?
You’re officemates,
You’re soon to be so-called "wife"

How can I keep you from them?

This is all we had,
Saguijo is our crib,
our enchanting place for a couple of hours.

your hand,
slide to mine.

your lips touch mine,
we walk on the street as we own it
we talk under the moon,
waiting for the sun to rise and shine.

but it never happen,
you just escort me to our last stop,

bid your last goodbye.
your last kiss for this week.

wishing for the next round,
next, "see you"
next back to routine,

from ex-lover to mistress but wait.

no *** this time.


to the so-called wife.
she held onto the
memories of her

I held onto my drink,

what a lovely sliver
of convoluted enlivenment
we were.

our togetherness was as fun as a root canal

as she was giving a lot of attention
to very little importance,

I remained apathetic

and the rancorous arguments
and grumble of accusations
proliferated into violent and
wasteful actions that ran on
the treadmills to nowhere

and this went on while we ripped
5 or 6 pages off the calendar wall.

but soon,

the storm of squabble suddenly abated
when she rewound herself back into
the arms of her old fling like a
VHS tape tracking back in focus,
her heart never changed,
just returned to where it
fittingly belonged
and as for myself,
I marched forward
into the light
with my old friend Jameson,
reinherited and reenergized,
like finding a lighter
in between couch cushions
but decisively, I took on a new
spectrum of positive reinforcement,
and an unyielding outlook
without her
in it.

people involved with
faint-hearted relationships
are like people
who make art:

they create it,
then want to get rid of it
and move on
to the next thing.
striking up another cigarette
like the band playing Krupa
or Giuseppe or Calloway
and slurping hot coffee
in the kitchen,
paying no attention to the
stains of the unclothed tabletop
with the rings from my coffee cup
as I’m watching the tabby cat
through the emitted smoke,
slinking on the broken fence,
eyes zoning in on the oriole
roosting on the branch of an oak tree,
chirping with the morning breeze and
targeting the writhing worm for food
with sharp precision while it wiggles
and burrows it’s way into the dirt,
peeved from the struggle and
resting alongside
the golden pieces of my ex-lovers
bludgeoned inlaid skull and her
remains decaying under the grass
where I wrapped her up in with the
missing table cloth and buried
her in my own backyard

there’s only one way to get out
of this inescapable vicious cycle
of vindictiveness and pestilence
like a martyr being crucified by
the idolatrous or the plastered saint
and we act as if we’re the blind man,
galloping down the gravel road
towards the gallows with jubilation
and the noose hanging from the tree
sings our names proudly like
hymns from the angels choir
we drink from the
poisoned well
with delight
while squirming frantically
and dangling
like anchovies
on a baited hook
a battery
of barracudas

the sirens arrived and
at least there was enough
coffee and cigarettes
until the constables found me

as I glibly explained
my way out of the whereabouts
to my ex-lover’s body that was
never accounted for

like skipping stones of brainpower
across the pond of iota minds
Skylar Turner Apr 2018
the thing about heartbreak
is that it doesn’t really stop

you feel it when you
see their face in the

you feel it when you
find a new lover who treats you

but they don’t text the same
but they don’t talk the same
but they don’t feel the

same thing happens
when you see them for the first

it’s outside your favorite coffee shop.
they’re walking towards you and you keep

now the coffee is cold
and it’s bitter and you can’t drink

don’t make eye contact
don’t make eye contact
don’t make

i sometimes see his face on the
empty milk cartons with “missing”

i sometimes hear his voice
singing the lines to my favorite *******

i sometimes feel his touch
though i only felt it once against my

warm and light
warm and light
warm and

light only seeps into my cold
heart again when i finally

my eyes shut and my
breath goes steady like a spring

my body and brain
relax and forget about the cruel

you are the forgotten
you are the forgotten
you are

the thing about heartbreak
is that it doesn’t really stop
Emm Oct 2017
They say what belongs to you would find its own way back to you,
eventually, somehow...
Only they know...

You threw me once,
did you expect me to come back to you?...
So I let you go once,
would you ever find your way back to me?

Were you testing me? Somehow...
Were you testing our fates...
the one you held within your palms...?

I can't help but pondered...
If come back this time, would we fall on the same ground?...
Or will we break when we're collided?...

Only they know...
Only those who've known would know...

Heard you're with someone new now...
I should've known,... I should've known...
You'd never left your heart cool for so long...
In the name of avoiding loneliness, avoiding the longing...
Had always been a fling,
but this time would it be your eternal song?
Or just another song?...
I dare not to ask, I wouldn't want to know...
Only my fool would believe you're still my one and only, my own...

And so I've been told...
And so I'll keep my heart cold...
'Cause it's the only one I can hold,
my pride and dignity...
The only key to my sanity...
Emm Sep 2017
Your smell particles,
I breathe
The drug I need,
the endorphin I need...

Simply missing your presence,...
--how you said you loved me,
your warmth,
your gentleness,...
-- and the consciousness that you're there, ...

... Even though not in person ...

As I spread my arms for your voice...
Silence answered me, ...
Nothingness whispered he's here...
--a sole hero walking against the desert scorching sun...

Now the roses you gave me had withered and died...--
As how you felt towards me...
Nurtured, then cut off to whiter and dry ...

Unspoken words behind your tightly clasped lips,
the embers in your eyes betrayed you, dear ...
Not as pure
Murky as ridden by dirt...

You are another trinket,...
I close the chest of your shadow...
I'd never cut your wings,
so there, off you go,... --off with the stream,...

... cascading into nothingness ...

Emm Sep 2017
You are ashes and bones to me
just so you know
Sorry, but my self-protection dragon must set you ablaze
Sent you off and away
Don't you know I move on to a different land?
It's not all castles walls and guards now
I'm all free!
Free as can be!
I'll mingle,
mingle and laugh happily...!
She released me from your shackles,
for the sake of my sanity
There might not be a knight...
Neither in shining armours,
nor galloping in on any horse or phegasus...
Nor am I my own hero,
or learned to fight for my own...
But my dragon,
she'll swoop me flying to places--
She'll keep on protecting me
Showing places we could never ventured,
you and me ...
And that's okay
Because she'll protect me,
and I will always be save
So I'll fly,
Goodbye, my love ...
In this imaginary grave,
I'll store your memory
Until I'm ready...
At least for now,
You never are, never was, and *never will be
Äŧül Aug 2017
Keep missing her love I am always,
Richter scale failed during those days,
In the ones that earthquake struck,
Poor me - I sank in her crooked love,
I'm a man simple to stupidity's extent.

I tried so hard only to end up faithless,
Should love ever cross my way again?

Drooling over an apparent innocence,
Electric shocks I'll always remember,
Again I know she won't fall from grace,
D**eepening is this sorrow in my cage.
My HP Poem #1648
©Atul Kaushal
Emm Jun 2017
Am I blue enough for you?
fallen cold feet in your hot water
has my heart been bruised enough for you?
pounded by your harrowing silence and skyscraping fortress which I cannot crawl into...

These four walls have become a better companion than the ghost of you
They echo my words so that I am less lonely
In a world that I would build someday without you
I would no longer falter into your decoy...
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