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PS Jun 2020
I dived
In the ocean of you,
I forgot
I haven't learned how to swim.
PS May 2020
Are you looking at the sky?
All changed like your soul and mine.
It scares me that words set us apart more than distances ever could.
But we grew wise learning all the answers as to why.

I hoped that I could jump to the past to only make it right
From the day I fell for you
Till the day our souls attended the rendezvous
I should also take away the promises that included "forever for you, I'll fight".

Wishing you'd come one night and tell me it was all nature's fault,
So we could join forces and laugh once more.
So I can see that cheeky smile pour out through your new soul.
So we could go on again to decide our future and never halt.

We wouldn't talk of the past,
Just learn the night above us and fall in love.
We'd be cheesy and flirt a tad bit
But I promise, this time; to not run too fast.

One chance is all I'm willing to give.
One chance is all you'll be willing to take
Let us do it from the scratch
Let us show the love birds how to live.
I wrote this back in 2018
PS May 2020
You are happy when you are kissing
Satisfied by the lips that do you.
Untill they turn into glass
Lie to you and pour out your blood; all blue.
PS May 2020
Guilty of what you feel today,
Does not exist in reality.
What exists is,
It's shadow in the past.
Forgive yourself.
PS Apr 2020
In a world of rap
Where most music is just bass
She listens to jazz
Jazz that's dressed in sparkly crap.

In a world of texts
She chooses a pen with feathers
And writes letters
To the birdies that live in their nests.

In a world of Instagram
Where reside plastic filled humanoids
She chooses to hang up Polaroids
With a genuine act captured, not a sham!

In a world of internet
Where facts and fiction have rivalry
She sits herself in a library
Loving the silence and smell of wood she'd get.

The world of today
She despises a bit
People call her weird for she throws a fit
When she sees no romance in the holidays.

Unusual she is
She was born in the wrong era
Even the name, she scoffs, sad little Klera
For gay she isn't because

In the year of 2020
She's looking for the 1960s
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