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Charu Singh Jun 2020
My heart is
Plentitude of bliss,
Occupied with stuff to miss.

My heart is
Eschewing out of cage,
With his envisage.

My heart is
Apportioned of benignity,
With lashings of placidity.
Charu Singh Jun 2020
His soft and gentle speech,
The melodies in his voice,
They're stuck inside me as leech,
Again and over again I make it my choice.

His antiseptic sounds,
His patient and silent utterance,
Which can heal all the wounds,
And can take away the world's belligerence.

Hearing his sweet whisper,
Ears feel better than listening to water waves.
The sound of his hits harder than zephyr,
And when he is away,
to listen to him my heart craves.
Charu Singh Jun 2020
Addict is someone addictedly
addicted to an addiction.
And you need a new addiction
For letting the addict escape
the addiction.
Forgoing addiction is a
different kind of addiction
when you need a non-addictive
to ignore the former addiction.
Charu Singh Jun 2020
My life and heart,
Sentenced behind a rib cage,
I have no one,
Whom I can show the rage.

Have no walls to restrict me,
But restrictions that imprison me.

I want to fly like a bird,
But here I can't utter a word.

I crave for freedom and happy life,
Heart, mind and soul makes a whorl,
I want to act as per my will,
But I can't, may be cause I'm a girl.
Charu Singh Jun 2020
Life would surely be better,
If I try to be myself,
Rather than someone
else and shatter,
Life's to explore yourself.

I may be bad enough,
For you to handle,
But I'm rough and tough,
To burn like a candle.
Charu Singh Jun 2020
I desire freedom,
Freedom to do what I want
I desire love,
Love from family and friends.
I desire success,
Success that makes my parents proud.
I desire friendship,
Friendship that helps me grow.
I desire trust,
Trust that I can do it.
I desire someone,
Someone who can get my freedom back.

But, for all this,
I need freedom,
Freedom from this imprisonment,
Imprisonment which no one can see,
No one can feel.

— The End —