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marjo Sep 2020
i'm nowhere near,
no, not even close.
what my heart wants,
i have to enclose
for i'm testing new waters,
somewhere far,
embracing my nightmares
and learning to welcome
Vadim Slivinski May 2020
The door, half-open, the sound
Of piano keys one by one
Accelerating, rushing,
Then, softly and gently
Fingertips only
On your neck
And my hair;

The doormat, greasy,
White stains on black,
White stains on white,
White saints above,
And below — white Snow.

Hands jump
From one place to another,
Passionate, yet thoughtful,
Albeit slightly nervous;
A black bough
With a little cloud atop,
Red on white,
White on black
And white on white again.

A lucid view
Through an opaque surface,
Chills mixed with warmth
Within and around;
Muted soft sound
Goes on for a while,
Numbs the senses,
Then, suddenly, a couple
Of accurate and precise
Touches make such
Clear and dazing notes,
That you just sit there

The drum, slow and steady
And swingy and lazy,
As the body trembles,
Bends slightly, freezes
And goes crazy;

Translucent wings
Flutter over white
And black and gold,
The bird serenades
In the dim, shivering light.
He puts
his hands
Around her body
And a calming, warm,
Quiet sound
Of a pulsating heart
Blurs and blends
All the colours:
White on gold,
Gold on black,
Black on white,
White on hazel
And so on
And so forth;

An upright bent
Of the bent upright;
Hold on,

The end.
A friend of mine once said that it's better than ***

Originally published on Medium @ Poets Unlimited

Subtitled 'A jazz-infused impromptu' for reasons unknown
nishta Apr 2020
a feeling of mustard
sweeps through me
it's esoteric strokes
cradling my essence,
pooling at my feet,
downing in drowsiness.

   -if sunny was a feeling.
the sun as a painting and a feeling. (trying to get back into writing and being more consistent.
nishta Jan 2020
coasting through the withering terrain
sun follows as i hum against the winds,
shadowed by the roof of a desolate dusty pink sky
a feeling of insignificance washes over me.

that i am just another cog in the machine
mediocrity, ambrosial on my tongue
essence that i crave.
its been a long time. as i was ona road trip driving through a desolate field witha beautiful pink sky enveloping us i had a sudden wave of this emotion that i cannot explain but it was the closest to feeling peace in my opinion.
Ashfaq Khan May 2017
Carry the past as an experience
Live the present as an experienced
Arihant Verma Jul 2016
I breathe fine, so much I saw a deer kiss a lion.
I was dancing on my bed when I fell and my eyes
Perched upon the stars, the guitar felt being driven
By the magmas of undulating plasmas of creation.

The skyline, the star line , the jawline smile,
There goes a man, there! comes a child. In the
supermarket of emotions I sit down on the aisle
of mountains, plaid shirt on my chest, I breathe fine.

City of dreams, city of creams, of murmurs and screams,
there! Goes a tie and there! Goes the lie,
in the air, in the past. Down the road and on,
roads meet, cross happy and die, but
does ever a mason stop when he has been cut?

I find time losing everything in my mind
Remembering all my life is just a game.
Time, I don’t have too much time, places
I will ever find, are awaiting me.

Pretzels in the pocket got tumbled
with the pocket watch, the locket that
somebody gave to me still hangs
like the eternity of temporary end.

12 is my number, of my jersey’s, of many days
that I had such that something happened. 13th
is my father’s, and no he is not a demon.
I share it with him. I had it from him from the
league of legacy that few people take pride in having.
Putri Emilia Mar 2016
The love I have for him terrifies me,

So I cry,
I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry,
Because that's the only thing preventing me from bursting with so much love I have for him.

So I cry,
I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry,
Because that's the thing you do when you're scared.
I am crying
Why are you so out of reach
Srishty Mittal Apr 2015
You say you love me.

When old age takes over,
And I can't move as fast;
Tell me THEN- you love me.

When my lips aren't as soft,
Nor my hips as shapely;
Tell me THEN- you love me.

When my ears dim, and no longer
Can I hear your whispers;
Shout out THEN- you love me.

When I won't have much to give
But my soft, hazy glances;
Tell me THEN- you love me.

But till THEN, don't say-
Only show me you love me.
Love is founded on words, and built by actions.
Or any relation, don't you think?
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