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Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Come, come, music,
While I kiss your melody
Not even I, can measure
how much love you hold

Hush, listen - the soft tiptoes
So gently, tenderly - sweet!
Your tune is so light
Pure bubbles meet

Schubert’s humming butterfly
Almost forgets the May bliss
She placed Music on a flower
Till her ripples lay in care

Come, come, sweet music
The moon may wink at you
And charm may sleep
Now those notes, she will bloom

Hush, lift the sleepy light
Well done Debussy – O dear
Roses shall dream of pulp’d verse
And music, she well knows what she hears.
Inspired by Keats, Schubert's Impromptu No.3 & Debussy
Ashfaq Khan May 2017
Carry the past as an experience
Live the present as an experienced
Arihant Verma Jul 2016
I breathe fine, so much I saw a deer kiss a lion.
I was dancing on my bed when I fell and my eyes
Perched upon the stars, the guitar felt being driven
By the magmas of undulating plasmas of creation.

The skyline, the star line , the jawline smile,
There goes a man, there! comes a child. In the
supermarket of emotions I sit down on the aisle
of mountains, plaid shirt on my chest, I breathe fine.

City of dreams, city of creams, of murmurs and screams,
there! Goes a tie and there! Goes the lie,
in the air, in the past. Down the road and on,
roads meet, cross happy and die, but
does ever a mason stop when he has been cut?

I find time losing everything in my mind
Remembering all my life is just a game.
Time, I don’t have too much time, places
I will ever find, are awaiting me.

Pretzels in the pocket got tumbled
with the pocket watch, the locket that
somebody gave to me still hangs
like the eternity of temporary end.

12 is my number, of my jersey’s, of many days
that I had such that something happened. 13th
is my father’s, and no he is not a demon.
I share it with him. I had it from him from the
league of legacy that few people take pride in having.
Putri Emilia Mar 2016
The love I have for him terrifies me,

So I cry,
I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry,
Because that's the only thing preventing me from bursting with so much love I have for him.

So I cry,
I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry,
Because that's the thing you do when you're scared.
I am crying
Why are you so out of reach
Srishty Mittal Apr 2015
You say you love me.

When old age takes over,
And I can't move as fast;
Tell me THEN- you love me.

When my lips aren't as soft,
Nor my hips as shapely;
Tell me THEN- you love me.

When my ears dim, and no longer
Can I hear your whispers;
Shout out THEN- you love me.

When I won't have much to give
But my soft, hazy glances;
Tell me THEN- you love me.

But till THEN, don't say-
Only show me you love me.
Love is founded on words, and built by actions.
Or any relation, don't you think?
Similoluwa Jan 2015
Sweet sixteen,
What's so sweet about being sixteen?
My year of fearlessness, of jubilee,
Of new beginnings
And staying true to me
Spencer Dennison Sep 2014
That's the sound of a half-empty spray can,
full of hope, just being blasted against a wall
that will never appreciate it's art.
This is the kind of thing that
turns a hard heart into marble
to carve your masterpiece into.
That's the sound of a half-empty spray can
of whoop-***
about to be unleashed upon the masses,
who thought they could divide the classes
and make our lives seem like less
as if it would make their's seem like more.
I've got a little shocker kept in store,
life does not open doors,
it closes them.
On the tapestry of Canada,
there will be those that hem us in.
Pete Badertscher Aug 2014
Whisper in my ear,
Nuances of quantum
Of antimatter
I will reply with
Electrochemical kisses
On the shallow of your
Twitter poem
Spencer Dennison Aug 2014
We live in a world
where we no longer try to deny that
each beat of our heart
is farther and father apart.
A world where we cannot jump start our imaginations
and let our thoughts run wild.
Where the meek and the mild can finally be safe
because the bullies have found love.

I know it's always hard to go through tragedy
when you have always thought of your life as a comedy.
Try as we might,
for some, there is no remedy for a bad day
but sometimes we have to allow ourselves
to give way for a miracle.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to say
with absolute certainty
that I love someone,
but if I can bend my mind around the idea
that marriage is no longer a contract,
then I can try to make contact
with the boy I used to be.
The one who used to dream.
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