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YoussefM Nov 2017
I have suffered a lot for the day that i became free
until i met her to imprison me again with chains of love that i am frightened to be free from it .

I've been up night after night  waiting for the world to pervade the silence trying  to listen to her heart beats for relieving the doubt that she's a real human .

Some they said she's using a talisman I say from now I will  sanctify this magic because it was the best thing i got in my life .
martin murray Aug 2017
We are free!
We live in the land of opportunity,
With multicultural integrated communities,
Thank you elders for preaches, speeches of unity;

But now............;
I am sad, sad, sad, sad, sad;

The innocent live in a electronic prison,
And worst, some are slaves to the nation;

2017 the clink of the chain is replaced with a silent hum,
Even the whir of the brain computer interface machine disappears in the atmosphere glum;

We don't hear or see chains drag and clink,
As the imprisoned human's walk in sync,
The mainstream public unaware do not have a chance to bethink,

A spokes person will arise through the new generation,
With peaceful preaches, speeches to each Royal monarch,
And member's of Parliament to abolish electronic restraint's.
This is what cannot be seen, but is happening.

— The End —