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there is a hole:
in the middle of my heart;
reserved for you;

when we meet again;
on another earthly plain;
it may be broken and in pieces right now;
but come the future, when we reunite;
the missing piece (you);
will fit right back in like it was never there to begin with
in the emerald colored sea;
that is where you’ll find me;
when the sun shines down;
i’m awash in crystalized light;
and i hold on with all my might
be gentle with yourself;

your scars tell a story;
of survival;
of bravery;
of a new frontier;

your wounds will heal;
it may take some time;
but those scars are important roadmaps
to your body;

be gentle with yourself
if i had it all figured out;
i’d bring you in closer;
i wouldn’t push you away;
my dearest lover;

with the moonlight pouring;
we’d dance until morning;
to a love that is soaring;
as we stroll along the street
my heart beats triumphantly;
at what it has found;
it has been decades;
since it has skipped a beat;
since my breath caught;
since i tripped over words;
since butterflies in my stomach;

and through all this, i say:
thank you
in a circle, they chant, “something wicked this way comes”

they are correct;
i am wicked;
and i am coming;

i arise from the ember and ashes;
teeth like fangs;
claws as fingers;

i wield power spoken true by revenge as they whisper, “now you become chaos. you are destruction.”

finally, i speak:
”who’s next?”
i would like to rise;
high above the alcove;
towards the swirling blue sky;
beyond the clouds and mist;

i want to touch the moon;
and taste the stars;
live in constellations;
and sleep beneath galaxies;

who shall I share this dark abyss with?
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