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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
What you get is not always what you're gonna see
There's a me I choose to let no one see
If you see that me let me be the first to offer up an apology
That's my B side, that's the stranger I gave a ride and once inside it destroyed my family
And quickly
I find myself beyond a solitary sorry
The fix is never near as easy as you plea for it to be
Always aware that my grip on reality was secured by the same guy who's loosing it mentally, the workmanship is shotty
I do know the motions to take though and I go through them awkwardly
Robotically emote what I think is expected, a real time commentary
Going live is scary, that's just reality
I've rehearsed my lines so when I do I blend in seamlessly
Neither are an ability I use to be a mystery, well, not completely
I'd rather no one see behind the privacy shrubbery
It's private property but I never enforced it properly
Good 'ol hindsight, always 20/20
No control on this disorder, examples are aplenty, it'll eventually break free then consume what's left of me
No one believes when I say this is not me
Honestly, I don't put up much proof of the contrary
I do try, but these copy/paste repairs are undone too easily
Woe is me

Druzzayne Rika Aug 2018
What day it is
what place is this
Answer is there
I can see
but cannot see
the book is open

the seamless
more I know less
up to the point
I know what I want
till nothing to
wait for
the sour feeling
keeps coming

driving slow
not missing sun's glow
it is bright
like always
beating on its own
the little heart
from its start

many branches
of the root
all stretches
to find a better place
participating in
every race

further apart
from where I had started
no closer to the end
it is no better than
if I just stop

it is not money
not for this journey
all I do
is do it more
candle is melting
all the wax
how can I reform

The structure
all that matters
is that it stands
no fall, no toll
it is not as simple
to make the life boat sail
Nina McNally Mar 2017
So much of what we do or say makes a difference-
Either good or bad- so choose wisely
And you'll see that your voice does
Matter! That no matter who you are, your
Life is important and you're worth it!
Everyone gets an equal chance in life
So make the best of it and
Spread the LOVE**! End the hate!
A quick write.
Title from Sabrina Carpenter.
McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017

— The End —