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jennie Nov 2019
You’re a twilight dreamer
Thoughts of make belief
Sound and wide awake
Make belief is what you’re feeling
Just in my thoughts again.
onlylovepoetry Sep 2019
“never lament casually”

Leonard Cohen

the serious are plenty burdensome,
so if the flight delayed, or the device batteries,
moments away from recognizing that
0% is still a viable digit with a special meaning,
these, none deserving of deploring the human condition

but the weight of leaving her in cold Montreal,
while old promises made, demand a presence in L.A.,
freezey veins, icy cracking inspiration attempts in vain,
all the unrecognizable for crying out loud verses on a
cocktail napkin scribbled, watching ink letters wet melting

your wants simplest, fireplace warmth snap cackling
pop love songs verses for her, the sheets of her dark skin,
silken on your tongue, the wetness of her Oh’s,
left a connect-the-dots map from your nose to toes,
but her fingertip markers, now a thousand miles away,
busy throwing up to the sky, hands filled with leaves of
crisp falling colors assortment, only the colorless no’s left

they play a tune you wrote years ago on the lounge speakers,
modified, wordless, so it’s innocuous, background harmless,
this axes paper cuts on your private places where the songs get
birthed, and now your whole package is tonnage measurable,
the lamentations serious, serious constellations, etching a new song


“for the relearning is the crown jew-el,
that jesters rob from their kingly masters,
pride in love is the fall season preceding
Canadian winters, always thinking
you know better, be better at keeping warm,
this time which is the next time

you cannot learn from love,
cause it’s twice, two times,
never the same,
past lessons ain’t no prologue,
the body is maybe in the wafers,
sometimes vanilla,
sometimes chocolate

and the epilogue is
100% of the  poem~songs
that I loved writing
and hate remembering

Raian Maruvin Jun 2018
Maybe I've been the happiest I can be
Maybe I've lost the one I can love most
Maybe this doesn't bother me
But isn't all this sad at all?

How casually I can keep living
How casually I can always hope
Look to another day, keep waiting
For even better, as though there's more.

But maybe there won't be.
The greatness found is really lost.
Though there may be new adventures
I've been to heaven, and was thrown out.

— The End —