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Let's leave the world behind.,
And meet in silence,
Where the words are no longer required,
To express what we feel...
memoona kazmi Sep 21
Eyes that see
Not the eyes
That judge
memoona kazmi Sep 14
Dreams dont amaze me anymore
Dreams of you or falling off the sky
Crumbling sky or watching my love die
Walking on broken bridge
Or jumping off a cliff
Doesn't fright me anymore
Losing myself is what i am afraid of now
Only me.....
memoona kazmi Aug 25
Wish you happiness and surprize
To the dusk from the sun rise
May you get a happy day
All I want to say my friends is
Happy birthday.....
Happy 27th birthday M-E..... Today is my very special friend's birthday... May you have many many more.  .......... It 12 o clock in pakistan.. So acordi g to my country time,happy birthday to you
memoona kazmi Aug 23
Dear whoever is reading this,
You are the most beautiful thing in this world and you don't need anyone to tell you just have to know.....
Your lovingly
Your secret admirer
memoona kazmi Aug 23
Did you change
Or was it me who remained the same?????
memoona kazmi Aug 23
Thank u for teaching me that someone as sweet as you can leave the bitterest memories....
Your sincerely
A girl who doesn't love you anymore but still can't forget you
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