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so many colours on a scattered on a page,
too many scars on a pretty face.......
for my friend who died two weeks ago
a little headache,
and father running for doctor,
now ,
makeup hid all the scars,
a little lipstick and a little blush on,
to hide the injured lip and the cheeks that are dark,
a daughter had now become a a wife,
a daughter in law,a mother
this goes to all women out there being tortured by their husband,one of my friend died two weeks ago .the doctors told us that she was being tortured physically and mentally  by her husband and her mother in law....this really broke my heart.......
i guess your part in the act of my life is over now,
i think i should draw the curtains of memories on your side...
_memoona kazmi
bahir sufi naach nachawey,
andar ishq dhamaalan paave
and if i ever get a chance,
to let you see from my eyes,
i'll show you,
how that smile of yours is,
i'll show you ,
how perfect you look in your own skin,
i'll show you,
that you don't need anything else,
to make yourself pretty,
coz you in real means,
are a masterpiece......
-memoona kazmi
in the solar system of my love,
you are the only sun i revolve around
-memoona kazmi
standing beside the roaring waves,
was the girl with killer smile,
she had so many hopes,
rising in those angelic eyes,
she asked me,
if i wanted to buy something,
i said,"love please",
naive,i didn't know,
it will cost my eternal peace..........
-memoona kazmi
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