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Keebo Jan 2021
“She’s dead! Wrapped in plastic”
But her spirit is in the red room, waiting
The dream man offers her a comforting hand
As she dulls on the horror show of the past
The angel who went ashtray has returned
To take her peacefully away
She breaks down and cries but laughs at the same time
Because after a life of never feeling good enough
Wanted or truly loved
Seeing an angel made her feel worthy
Laura is the happiest she’ll ever be
A Twin Peaks poem here...more based on the final scene in FWWM as it’s so hauntingly beautiful
Keebo Jan 2021
John Lennon
Can you imagine the world if he wasn’t shot?
Do you think his believers will finally see
The bullshitting hypocrite behind all that peace?

“All you need is love” sang by a guy
Who went out of his way to be cruel to his wife
Used to ***** about his dad doing the disappearing act
Until he did it himself, the silly ****

“Imagine no possessions”
Bold words from a guy who had a lot of obsessions
“Love is real, real is love”
Says the guy who’d rather have two lovers at once

His best hits was with the Fab Four
His solo hits are like seesaws
Yoko Ono had some hits
By him, behind closed doors she took it

Some people see him as some sort of Jesus
But truth is, he was politically clueless
The egotistical, ignorant little poseur
Who’d rather stay in bed until it’s all over

Did he change the world? Did he ****
Nothing but a demigod, high in everyone’s mind
I’m really glad he died in his prime
Just wished that ****** Bono was next in line
Written about somebody we should not put on a pedestal
Keebo Jan 2021
Let me tell you about my friend
With pale light skin and ginger hair
She has a personality so beautiful, it’s rare
Whenever I’m down, she’s always there

She has blue eyes that eases the mind
With a smile that can brighten up anyone’s life
Her name is Cara but to me, she’s Mother Nature
A perfection trapped in a human figure

I’m like a sinner and she’s the sister
Listening to all my worries and adventures
When I rant about how ****** in the head I am
She reminds me how far I came to be the better man

It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting her
A one of a kind diamond treasure
I’ll always be grateful and forever love her
Even if I am a bit more edgier
Keebo Jan 2021
Below Drown Town, there is a place
An area for the voiceless people to stay
It’s called The Wastelands
Here is where I live and spend most of my days
Fantasising about a girl who can take the isolation away

This picture I’m painting inside my head is us
Lying down in my bed
Listening to old school tunes about love & gangsta ***
I lose myself completely in the look of your eyes
While you tangle up your legs with mine
A kiss from your lips gets me high
It numbs my mind and slows down time
I whisper “let’s **** and forget who we are”
You pull me closer and say “ready when you are”

But like most fantasies, you snap back into reality
The girl I want is way out of my reach
I’m like a king with a forbidden lust dream
Starring at the world whilst I wait for a queen
In The Wastelands for the rest of eternity
This is a sequel to an early piece called “Drown Town”

I live in this area called “The Westlands” in Droitwich Spa (Drown Town) so it’s a bit tongue & cheek

“Drown Town” is a piece about the rundown down whereas this one is more of a woeful longing feel
Keebo Nov 2020
I am the lonely boy who loves a lonely girl
When I’m blue, she’s the one I run to
You’d think we go together like two + two
But in fact, we make five and here’s why
We’re both equally traumatised
With a battlefield going strong in our minds
It tires her out all the time
Whereas I use drugs as a coping vice
We’re both fairly afraid to get close
Because past lovers still have a hold
Not in the sense we keep a torch lit
Just scarred and bruised from the flames within
We’re both so anxious about timing
She thinks she’s too much, I think I’m not enough
These are the cards we’re dealt with
But having her by my side is a blessing
Originally this was called “Lonely Girl” part two to my second poem “Lonely Boy” but renamed it after the Jack Nicholson film
Keebo Nov 2020
Is it a battlefield for love?
Or a wicked game of lust?
Is it a good time and fulfilling?
Or is it a meaningless rush?

Do you have *** because of connection?
Or do you **** just for the attention?
Do you have *** to feel like a new person?
Or did somebody **** your innocences?

Do you see *** as a gift?
Or a symbol of nothingness?
Do you see *** as important?
Or escapism from human conversation?

How do I see ***?
It’s better than hanging from the ceiling
How do you see ***?
I’ll be waiting
Keebo Nov 2020
I woke up on the floor
From a party the night before  
Feeling like a train wreck, looking like a mess
Trying to piece together last night’s events
But my memory’s **** & my fishnet tee is missing
So I roll up a cig, grab my coat and leave
I’m losing count on how many times I do this routine

Walking down the street
Going through the texts I sent when you were asleep
Telling you what drugs I’ve been on
What I genuinely think, I know I’m a nihilist
But I know I can also change in your company
It’s funny how the heart speaks
When ******* & MDMA is in the  bloodstreams

Finally, I’m home
My mental state is melting like a Dali painting
So I crawl into bed for a good rest
Letting my body dissociate at the sight of 2PM
Some people say this is a waste of a day
But I didn’t think about that yesterday
Now I scream “**** MY LIFE” loudly from the inside
Part 2 of “I Wanna Live Inside Slash’s Hat”
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