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Austin Morrison Jun 2023
In the depths of silence, where shadows reside,
A heavy heart, burdened, cannot hide.
Unseen, unnoticed, like a ghostly wraith,
I wander through existence, lost in a desolate faith.

In a crowded room, I fade to gray,
Whispers and laughter, they all drift away.
An outsider peering through misty eyes,
Yearning for connection, but met with empty skies.

Words unspoken, like echoes unheard,
Emotions trapped, stifled, never stirred.
My voice, a mere whisper in the wind,
Aching to be heard, to matter, to rescind.

The world moves on, an unforgiving tide,
Leaving me stranded, unwanted, denied.
Invisible threads bind me, a lonely refrain,
Longing for affection, like a wilted flower in the rain.

I seek solace in dreams, a sanctuary of the mind,
Where I am cherished, accepted, intertwined.
But awakening brings me back to the bitter truth,
That I am but a shadow, lost in the uncaring sleuth.

Yet amidst the darkness, a flicker remains,
A glimmer of hope, a spark that sustains.
For within this void, a strength starts to ignite,
Embracing my worth, pushing through the night.

Though I may feel ignored, unwanted, unseen,
I'll rise above the shadows, where dreams intervene.
For in this vast universe, I'll find my own way,
To shine brightly, even if skies remain gray.
Austin Morrison May 2023
A recent meeting led me to a girl, She was a butterfly, free and wild And I was drawn in by her fluttering style. Her wings were painted with colors so bright. We sat by the water, talking all night, And for a moment, everything felt just right.

Her laugh was so contagious, my heart skipped a beat. Whenever I'm with her, I feel so at ease, Comfortable, and happy, with a sense of peace.

But uncertainty creeps in, and doubt fills my mind, Does she feel the same, or am I just blind? She's not looking for something, at least for now, And I'm left feeling lost, wondering how.

Despite it all, I still cherish each and every day, The way her smile lights up my way. And though my heart's fearful, and my mind's in strife, I'll hold on to hope, and enjoy this journey of life.
Austin Morrison May 2023
In shadows cast by a weary heart,
Where solitude weaves its subtle art,
I find myself lost in a lonely abyss,
As feelings of neglect persist.

Once cherished, now a distant ghost,
Love's ember fades, it's what I fear most.
In the depths of my soul, a tempest brews,
Aching echoes of a love I can't lose.

Alone, I stand in a crowded room,
Yearning for connection, a shared bloom.
But like a shadow, I'm unseen, unknown,
By the one I hold dear, my heart's cornerstone.

Unwanted whispers linger in the air,
As my pleas for attention become despair.
Silent tears paint a canvas of sorrow,
As I search for solace in the morrow.

Do I not matter, am I just a ghost?
My heart longs for warmth, the love I miss most.
Yet silence engulfs, a bitter refrain,
Leaving me trapped in this ocean of pain.

But amidst the darkness, a flicker remains,
A glimmer of hope that somehow sustains.
I'll reclaim my worth, my spirit will rise,
And spread my wings beneath desolate skies.

For even in solitude, strength is found,
In the depths of my being, a resounding sound.
I'll learn to embrace my own company,
And find solace in the depths of me.

I'll treasure my heart, its worth untold,
And cherish the love I long to unfold.
For though I may feel alone and ignored,
My spirit won't falter, I won't be ignored.

In time, the wounds will surely heal,
And new beginnings will gently reveal.
That love is not confined to one's embrace,
But flows in abundance through life's vast space.

So, I'll rise from the shadows, embrace the light,
Unburdened by darkness, ready to take flight.
For even in solitude, I'll find my own way,
And love's sweet symphony will guide me each day.
Austin Morrison Jan 2022
These days I go to more funerals than weddings.

I bury my friends and family more than flowers.

The city has grown quiet, yet the world is on fire.

I lay my head down and burn with it.

Because we dug our own grave, and it's a good fit.
Austin Morrison Nov 2020
I always liked magic.
Being tricked into believing things that are not real.
I even decided to learn it for myself.
I got so good that I managed to trick myself into believing we would work.
The feeling you gave me was so magical, I should have realized it to be fake.
You got under my sheets then vanished, as if you were never there, to begin with.
I played it off thinking you would pop up somewhere else like it was one of my tricks, but you never did.
Left searching alone for so long, I grew tired and impatient.
I have lost my love for magic even though I still managed to be tricked.
I have learned I was never a magician, just a jester playing the fool.
Austin Morrison Nov 2020
I just want somebody to call my own
Somebody who's not afraid of the darker side
Somebody who can take a shortage of breath, and loss of movement
Somebody who is not afraid to have their skin crawl
I want to learn somebody
Be able to pick apart their mind and body
Understand them as if they were my own
Memorize them
Understand them
Push them to their limits
Use them
Ruin them
Hold them
Love them
Austin Morrison Jul 2020
The warm air of a summer breeze

The ground painted by autumn leaves

The sky shines on the first snowfall

The new path i walk, arms open to all.
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