Austin Morrison Oct 2017

No.1 I have a fear of heights and I'm okay with that because I fall for you everyday which keeps me close enough to the ground that I feel safe.

No.2 The dark. I do not like the inability to see, imagine being trapped in a space with no light, nothing to reach for but just a void of emptiness. You cannot find a place much darker than a blackened, hallowed heart. There are no signs of life, with no trace of light. Yet you still managed for find your way around it, walking aimlessly as if you knew where to go. I was afraid of the darkness within, until you lit a flame inside Of me, trying to send a signal fire to my sanity.

No.3 spiders, nothing poetic I just think they are creepy. Eight legs of hell and the have no need on my life!

No.4 I imagine being on a island stranded alone knowing no-one could find me, while i sit there huddle next to a tree with no reason to move forward. I feel a warm touch press on my shoulder. I open my eyes, everything seems different the white scattered sand is now my bed. waves which held m e back from moving forward, now my blanket which seems to feel heavier than a tsunami of depression and deep thoughts. I lay there stuck being buried by the sand and drown by waves. Being held down by my past and worries of my future. two hands lifted all the weight off me, I looked up and there she was, she grabbed me by the...

No.5 my heart is beating faster and faster as I run an endless marathon. My palms get sweaty, it gets harder to breath as if I was trapped in space with no air tank. I try to push through I will not let myself drop out of this one so early. I have a fear to love, not of love but to love. I want to find it but I'm to afraid of letting myself become vulnerable, as if I'm joining a war with no gun just my heart hoping not to get shot down but be accepted with open arms. I have scars and battle wounds from past wars. But for no reason you lended a hand to patch me up. You showed me not all wars are worth fighting Alone, so we joined hands and walked strong. I am afraid to love, I am not afraid of love Is something I would say. I am afraid to love anyone whom isn't you.

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Austin Morrison Feb 2017

To the girl who thinks it will be awkward because she rejected me

I had an interest for you not only because I saw you as a suitable mating partner

But because there are some decent fucking human beings in this world who actually want to get to know eachother

So just because you said no to a date with me doesn't mean you have to erase me from your life's history

But getting to know someone is like opening a random box, you don't know if it will be a diamond ring or a dying rose. something that once was, but not meant to be beautiful, just like my intent to get to know you

And I carry my intentions around in my pocket so I can drop them off at your door and walk away when you don't open it

I'll leave them behind in case you ever want to see what's on the other side, but just like the rose if you wait to long something that once was beautiful will wither away.

Austin Morrison Feb 2017

You're  small and cute but made to be hot.  filled with warth, your a badass teapot.

-for my friend Cara who Is now a teapot in my eyes xD

Austin Morrison Feb 2017

Since the day I met You I knew You were no ordinary girl. It's not because your hair was more colourful than the northern lights or because your smile was so dorkishly adourable.

You see I would never really get nervous around girls, and I already knew you for a couple of years so the thought of there ever being something died a long time ago.

so I still cannot understand why when our hands interlocked that Wednesday morning, in that empty feild with nothing but us and the crickets, You managed to transform the butterflies in my stomach to pterodactyls, the frog that was once in my throat has been swallowed by a tyrannosaurus.

You made the feelings of a first crush come back to life, I relived it over and over until first crush was changed to first love.

But when you kissed me, when you kiss me the creatures in me became prehistoric. Their bodies burnt away with nothing but remains left behind, And their bones were used to build the foundation of the feeling that I still have today.

You know most people say when they have a special kiss they see fireworks, but girl when I first kissed you I saw a meteor shower.

Austin Morrison Jan 2017

It's Saturday night, 4 o'clock in the morning. And I'm believing I just had the best night of my life.

I never drink for the taste, but for the small percentage of freedom of my everyday life.

Disregarding what I do to my children and my wife. I drink to black out and I drink to forget life.

Unlike my father I never drink to back out. But I also do not drink for the taste, everyone needs a escape.

I will stand there with a girl I don't know, and I drink slow to drown and torture my sorrow. Hoping one day my soul will be hollow and I turn out nothing like you.

Austin Morrison Jan 2017

I was told by my peers that letting my voice be heard was preferred , yet they say the words I speak are absurd

What's the point of freedom of speech if my words still have a safety lock. The day I will be happy is the day I find the key to chains around my throat

I don't want to drown in this bullshit but just stay afloat. if I always wrote by putting my pencil on paper, why does someone else have to be my eraser

I am a chaser of dreams, and a speaker of my thoughts. I will untangle the knots that they keep tying. I will preach my beliefs even when I'm dying.

Austin Morrison Jan 2017

Seven shots with bloody knuckles,
four bottles of letting everyone down,
Eight hits from a disappointing life.

It only took me one trip to the rehab center called your touch. I used the medicine of your love to become sober.

now I am dependent of you, I need you everyday and do not feel the same without you. I have an itch when I'm away and a warmth when I'm close. I became addicted to your love.

twelve tabs of compasion,
three pints of self worth,
five pills of your warm embrace,
And one injection of beautiful passion.

I want you....

I need you...

I have you..

I love you.

One person can change your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.
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