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Mitch P Jul 7
I put away the dishes
hampering peace of mind
dancing between the counters
handling the quiet

tidying a mess
and unhiding fears
feeling each breath in my throat,
fighting back tears

I picture the most beautiful
and sad, image I've ever had
and wonder if heartache
only gets harder with age

At the arc of my day
Before things go back to different
I shutter in my memories
and put away the dishes
E Jun 2020
it amazes me to come back
to the pieces of art that transcended
from my own mind
it's not comparable to the quiet
the lack of sound not allowing
for those regular thought processes

i saw a sign that introduced me to
thousands of tall green statues
have been being there before
walking in reminded me how it felt
to be numb and lost
overgrown grass, moss, and insects
took over what was

it's month two going onto three
there hasn't been any sign of people
nobody is out looking for me
the way out is guided with red yarn
it's visible, but impossible to see

having the comfort of silence
the heavy winds accompanied with destructive thunder
replacing my routine of what once was
nature having took over me

did it take me there on purpose?
is there a bigger purpose than what i can see?
was this a defense mechanism to the overcrowding fungus consuming my cerebellum? just how bad was this spore that spread into my lungs?

i underestimated the power of my thoughts, and they breached my sense of self, bringing me back to a place i hadn't thought to see again.

this is my time to test whether or not I am capable in the war of my mind. the fight never ended and i am geared up from recovery.
been very out of touch with myself since may/ late april. im starting to digest it, process it, and understand how to fix it. im not too big of a fan of my mind at the moment. It's too quiet and doesn't have me looking for the next thing to do.
Mihle Mdashe Mar 2019
It only lasts for a limited period of time, coincidence this just describes my happiness or the beings in this life. It's crazy how nothing never lasts, I've forgotten the sound of my laughter. I fall for a temporary high, my temporary escape; what I think I need to get by . I want anything but temporary, I crave for something that will be permanent. My soul acquiesce to anything temporal, but I now renounce all that. I just despise how confidence seems to vanish right at the time you need it the most, I mean there will be days where my dear friend confidence will be there but what's the use of her when she'll just disappear the moment a remark would be made about me. Whenever that angry voice in these four walls in my mind would tell me "you're ugly" "you're too skinny or too fat". I tried to recover, I tried my best to get better but somewhere along the way I realised it was all temporary. I fell apart again, I lost again and they'd laugh at me! Crying myself to sleep seems like the best option but I go with the unhealthy coping mechanism; slitting my wrists. The pain seems acceptable for awhile but what happens when you got so used to the blade that you can't even cope without it. I thought it was temporal, I thought I'd manage without it but I'd tell myself "one cut upon that wrist means a step closer to goodbye".
This is my story with self harm and how self harm became a crutch to me.
Lyda M Sourne Apr 2018
I write stories when I'm happy
And poetry when I'm sad

But now I don't write at all
I have several writing styles along with a personality with them. Lyda is another of mine. I'm sorry I'm weird

— The End —