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Rene Arreola May 2019
I like to write poems,
I like to write free,
I don't let anyone,
Lecture me.

I don't need lessons,
For i know my true gift,
Writing poems fast and simple,
Without pushing the button shift.

I hope that I am worthy,
Full of nothing but bliss,
acceptance is great,
but, especially for this.
I don't know why I wrote this lol.
Rene Arreola May 2019
The constant reminder that our loved ones are gone.
Visiting their graves and placing flowers you bought on Amazon.
Realizing past problems that people never put their focus on.
It’s just an excuse to remember someone that has been withdrawn.

A physical phenomenon that keeps opening past wounds.
Feelings that people try to keep in, but still get loose.
Its repetitive and sad to tell you the truth.
Will it ever go away?

Ding, ding, ding. The alarm in my head rings.
Caution ahead. Dangerous feelings.
Prepare to get hit by sadness and other emotions.
It will end soon. Your mind is in the process of erosion.

A woeful fate with a caustic tone.
The mortality paradox without a doubt, well-known.
The charming idiosyncrasy of our loved ones,
Carved nicely in their granite gravestones.

The focus of death at all, ruins the day.
Exacerbating the situation, digging a grave.
Warning signs popping up like ads. Stop. Stop. Stop!
Just please stop and go away! Everything is better without it, okay!
I am writing a poem book based on a young man whose family was teared apart by a fiery plane crash. His view on the world is full of pain, anger, and fear. Hope you enjoy.
Rene Arreola May 2019
I see you lurking.
Around every corner at the darkest hour.
Your aura of negative energy.
Along with an eerie silence in the air.

In the corner of my eye.
I can see you move swiftly in motion,
As if you wanted to be caught,
But were reluctant at the last moment.

Whispers can be heard at the dead of night.
Nothing but fear, confusion, and fright.
Somebody's watching me, I know.
I just hope they don’t have malevolent intentions.

I write this piece at the moment I see your swift movements.
Your presence freaking me out and occupying the atmosphere
With the alarming feeling that I am not alone.
The eerie feeling sends a shiver down my spine.

As my breaths become heavier with fear,
You seem to fade away.
The absence makes me wonder where’d you go?
I hope that you don’t return full of dismay.
This is one of the first poems I have written. One of my nightmares gave me the inspiration to write about the shadow that haunts me in my dreams

— The End —