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Jack P Mar 12
let us try brave resolve
till tongues untwisted
doing the ritual whisp
where found its rhythm in the breeze --
cocked back like a hammer
cutting through the silence
was the creaking of an open palm.

would you like to go for a swim?
it is cold and it is dark
but parts of us dispersed
across the eavesdropping tide
makes for a wonderful place to drown.


a secret is like a burden,
when it is shared, it is halved.
i'd love it if we made it
Pallavi Feb 11
I don't know
Where I am going ....
This road leads
to your heart.
But still you are far
so far.....
I could not reach to you,
Because you are like a moon,
I can only see you
from a distance.
I can not have you,
touch you
embrace you
In my arms.
The only voice
rumbling in my ears
is the last time
you said,
"I Love You"
I still wanna go
back in time.
To ignite the fire
the thoughts & desire,
are sleeping on death-bed
Very soon they will expire.
Ana Laag Feb 3
I'm getting weaker each day.
Paranoia's all I got left.
There's so much...
I could not say.
All is chaos in my head.
No one's here to help,
And everyone's leaving.
My sutured wounds,
once again...
are opening.
Just here...
Waiting for my deathbed.
Laura Yuri Jan 16
It's getting dark
I'm tired
Just... need to close... my eyes
Rest for a moment
It's... peaceful
I... love you
Kimman Oct 2018
Her final thoughts,

Her final words,

A creased sheet and the faint ink,

That ,"Ill forever be with thee,

Though tempest the flame,

Though ghastly the cave,

Ill beg and interceed,

For thee to reign in me."
Keith W Fletcher Mar 2018
Sally Ride Aladdin
Outside so long
Another loan and I grow up
Carl Definable i beam in ios
You got to ride up .
.if thats not you
cuz..i didnt want to run
Us and nobody.....
   ... beast in the bible
isn't it crazy about this talkin
so long as I can see that
Sally is on my mind
  is Jesus kind
Kind of Riley saying thank you all
Not just you baby...
That's your mother's latest local policy
So long till i see you at the Sonic
So I know that she's hooked on Tony Montana
Cuz I know I rode it once when I was 15
And then I broke down and cried at 7:15
Muskan Kapoor Feb 2018
On deathbed she said, " I... I..."

One moment she had her whole life to live, and another, a car came and took the life out of her.
While dying, she was muttering something.
She was letting people know, her ***** little secret.
But her throat halted her words.
For the first time, words left her.
But someone knew her secret.
Not her diary, a person knew.
Her parent’s well of tears was denying to be dried up.
And I never cried a single tear.
No, I loved my sister. But the shock of it all depraved me of liquid drops.
The shock, that she is no more.
The shock, that she didn’t even got a chance to utter her last words.
The shock, that she died carrying a secret burden on her shoulders.
Her diary gave me another shock.
She loved me.
No no.
Not as a brother.
I was her crush.
And this she never told another soul.
Under the pressure of society,
she didn’t say a word.
She secretly gutted herself.
I cannot fathom why she ever loved me.
But I understand.
Maybe if I knew,
I would have acted upon it.
That’s hypothetical.
But now, her secret is mine.
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
I'm looking for the Grim Reaper, we have a date
And he seems to be running late
We were supposed to meet years ago
And still here I am,he's a no show
I'm begaing to think he's avoiding me
I've felt his dark presence, but him I couldn't see
I tried to grab his sleeve
When with my sick mother he was about to leave
I stalked him to my dying uncles bedside
But again right by me he did slide
Reaper why do you play these games with me
Can't you let my death be
Do I need to write my name in blood
Do I need to let it be a flood
Grim Reaper I am gonna stalk you down
Until you finally put me under ground
Got Guanxi Dec 2015

Impeach the president.

Sentiment is evident.
I never meant you any harm.

Said the weapons company,
supplying those arms.

Put a lid on it tonight,

You can't harm me either,
I believe in beauty within the eyes of the receiver.

I'll blow away your limbs.
Second guessing the atoms patterns.

This track here (trachea)
crush your adams apple.

bite it judas,
move past the eden garden.

I'm hardened like solidification

Vindication evades me.

In a daydream,
they seem,
so lazy.

Pay me for the time spent dropping bombs on then tombs of family tree.

Gravity brings me back to earth,
and the drill takes me underground to the burial grounds.

I'll lay flowers around your decrepit eulogy.

It never bothered me before.
i wrote this against the clock.

Two minutes x
Micah Nov 2014
Please tell me you'll fight this fight,
I can't see without your light,
I need you to breathe into my life.

Don't tell me this is goodbye,
I won't grieve - it's not yet time,
Each breath breathed is keeping hope alive

So keep breathing,
Go on breathe in:
Just Breathe

Each breath breathed means we're alive,
And life means that we can find,
The reasons to keep on getting by.

And if reasons we can't find,
We'll make up some to get by,
'Til breath by breath we'll leave this behind.

So keep breathing,
Go on breathe in:
Just Breathe
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