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Zeyu M Apr 13
Only the living suffices Death-
For each life taken- another, He returns
It's not tramontane- but Him
lays the stopless fools to rest

—yet, in the piazza, a torch shines
Figures set across the square
Ready for Burial: it's then
I surmised- that casket black
for me first was set.

Never shall I fear Him more
than the tyranny of evil men
He comes now to take my hand
but then- releases another life.
For all who had died tragically in this pandemic.
The Lingering and the Unconsoled Heart
by Michael R. Burch

There is a silence—
the last unspoken moment
before death,

when the moon,
cratered and broken,
is all madness and light,

when the breath comes low and complaining,
and the heart is a ruin
of emptiness and night.

There is a grief—
the grief of a lover's embrace
while faith still shimmers in a mother’s tears ...

There is no gruesomer time, nor place,
while the faint glimmer of life is ours
that the lingering and the unconsoled heart fears

beyond this: seeing its own stricken face
in eyes that drift toward some incomprehensible place.

Keywords/Tags: lingering, unconsoled, heart, death, bed, deathbed, silence, last, rites, hospice, eternity, finality, infinity, grave
lua Oct 2019
there are some people in the world
who we forget to say goodbye to
even if its simply going to school
or to work
to the moment their body lays limp on their deathbed
a simple "bye"
or a "see you later"
would suffice

if you can say hello
you can say goodbye.
before it's too late
Ashley Kaye Jul 2019
but there is good in this life too i tell you
little one it’s not so bad there’s cotton candy clouds bluish skies no it’s not like the movies but who wants the cliches anyway happiness is the greatest lie they say you think you are happy my dear but what if I take your toy away tell you you’re adopted that you will never amount to anything yes I’m old and wise but I will die and the human race itself is mirrored in the downfall of old age each generation claims worse than the last I may be a crackhead I may have a stroke but we’re all the same from the grave you’ll wish you smoked that cigar your father offered you just last week I don’t care you’re four it’s never to prepare this world is a **** show and let me tell you all my favorite actors are dead and gone they say you young people don’t follow actors anyway let me tell you the secret of all things I won’t be cryptic dear.... that’s right lean in so I won’t die alone
I forget when I wrote this one but it was in July 2019
Laokos Jun 2019
don't you dare smile
in the face of the
day.  don't think for
a second that
you are in control
of your feelings.  
see that person ahead?
don't acknowledge them.
head down, eyes forward,
mouth shut, heart
...good, now you're
getting the hang of
it.  now, accept everyone
else's authority but
your own, amass financial
debt, relieve yourself
with the proper drugs,
find someone under
the same
enchantment as you
and call it love.  
have kids because it's
the next step.  raise them
in your image.

watch them repeat the
same cycles
and as you're dying, have
a flash-thought-
  "did I even notice who I was?  what I wanted for this life?"
and as the thresh
ceases to be held you
light a candle of hope-
your love the spark,
your children the fed flame.
you say,  
     "they will sever the momentum I couldn't, they will
          see it."
-after all they are made
to be better than you,
not simply blind copies.
yet as the kaleidoscopic walls
usher you on you wonder,
     "how many of my ancestors have lit this same vela del lecho
         de muerte?  how many were hoping it was their daughter or

the security of tradition and
the risk-reward of novelty
played out across
lineages.  both correct
and incorrect in their
own ways...

which one reaches through
the ages and hums
your spine?
Jack P Mar 2019
let us try brave resolve
till tongues untwisted
doing the ritual whisp
where found its rhythm in the breeze --
cocked back like a hammer
cutting through the silence
was the creaking of an open palm.

would you like to go for a swim?
it is cold and it is dark
but parts of us dispersed
across the eavesdropping tide
makes for a wonderful place to drown.


a secret is like a burden,
when it is shared, it is halved.
i'd love it if we made it
Pallavi Feb 2019
I don't know
Where I am going ....
This road leads
to your heart.
But still you are far
so far.....
I could not reach to you,
Because you are like a moon,
I can only see you
from a distance.
I can not have you,
touch you
embrace you
In my arms.
The only voice
rumbling in my ears
is the last time
you said,
"I Love You"
I still wanna go
back in time.
To ignite the fire
the thoughts & desire,
are sleeping on death-bed
Very soon they will expire.
Ana Laag Feb 2019
I'm getting weaker each day.
Paranoia's all I got left.
There's so much...
I could not say.
All is chaos in my head.
No one's here to help,
And everyone's leaving.
My sutured wounds,
once again...
are opening.
Just here...
Waiting for my deathbed.
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