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Ruheen 7d
I can see the way
Your rhymes they play
Your head
You've got that blame
On pause
Now hit repeat
I don't do rhymes
Or anything
That spins my head
Because I get dizzy
And then my head hurts
Then I get awkward
And I don't like it.
Then I get nauseous
And I hate it.
And then someone out there
Decides to hit
...sorry it took so long.
Karly Codr Aug 10
i'm dizzy.
the boxes full of sadness
that have been packed away
in the shadows of my brain
since march have been opened again
now they spin around in my brain
making me numb to everything surrounding me
I've grown so numb
To pain, to love
Trying to find a way
From below to above

Detached from the world
Detached from myself
Is there anything of worth
In my little slice of hell

When I try to look up
It seems the same as down
My smile feels empty
Worse than a frown

This hole in me
I can't seem to fill
I can't see the way
I can find no will

The days keep passing
Darkness continues to fall
It seems like nothing
Will clear this dismal pall

There's a hole in me
That I can't seem to fill
Leaving me empty
Except for this bitter little pill
I hate this anxious feeling just before a change,
Hate to have this feeling when I feel overwhelmed and everything becomes hard to manage,
Heart beat runs faster than train,
this makes me feel so drain,
Man! Why it doesn't have a stop
just like a train?
It makes me feel dizzy,
when I try to control,
Makes me wonder
from where It comes,
all of sudden,
I lost in its thunder,
And it does rain,
When it makes me completely lose my brain.
Hate to have this feeling just before a change.
Cadence Aurora - 19th may, 2020
Time -  7:54 PM
Kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’
by Michael R. Burch

Kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’
the bees rise
in a dizzy circle of two.
Oh, when I’m with you,
I feel like kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’ too!

Keywords/Tags: bees, kissing, buzzing, dizzy, circle, two, couples, coupling, attraction, ***, nectar, pollen, pollination
Poetic T Mar 15
If love is a chemical imbalance, I'll always be dizzy for you
Empire Mar 14
I drink desperately
I take the bottle, the glass
And I pour.... and keep pouring
Because I’m running
I need to get away from myself
I want so far from my head
I drink fast and deep
I want to feel it now
Keep going to feel...
I just want alcohol in my veins
I don’t want to feel anything else
I wanna be dizzy
And just for once
I wanna be happy
Laughing at myself cause I almost repeated half the hashtags lolol I’m slightly past tipsy
Hanna C S Feb 28
I still get a little dizzy when u kiss me;
Like the world turns a little faster;
Tilts a little more on its axis -
As our lips touch.
So time for you
                           and time for me
passes slower.
As the rest of the world watches;
I am left feeling a little out of spin;
A little out of sync;
And a little more in love.
Yh I hate myself too #gross
Marri Dec 2019
You clog my lungs.
You make me stutter and choke.
You make me dizzy.

Still I bring you to my lips--
Again, and again.

You make me gasp.
You make me break form.
You make me laugh.

Still I inhale your sweet death--
Again, and again.

You dizzy me.
You intoxicate me.
You poison me.

Still I drink your sweet praise.

A silly thing like me shouldn't smoke,
But you are just so irresistible.

A fickle thing like me shouldn't drink,
But you are just so alluring.

A stupid thing like me shouldn't love,
But you are just so perfect.

So here I am:
Drunk, high, and stupidly in love with you.
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