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Lela May 2021
I just feel dizy
Where all the time go
Nothing is logical and I've lot the sense of purpose
And even though
I'm still a human
My body makes me feel like I'm just a reject
Reject of stars
Reject of life
Nothing  is logical and I've lost the sense of purpose
My body's flying
But I stay put down
Is this really the end of my existance?
Who even are we?
aspen wilde May 2021
you turn to me but i'm not there
i'm drowning
i told you but you couldn't listen
the thoughts won't make sense
none are clear
they're surrounding
encompassing and unnerving
if i take one last breath
would you notice the body
folded neatly
lying under the baggage
you placed on my back
i can no longer support myself
but you won't take the load
stuck inside your head
and i'm stuck with you
if i stop speaking
i'll stop breathing
so i'll carry on until my
fingers are shaking too much
from lack of oxygen
or sometimes too much
i can hear my breathing
speeding up faster
ready to take off and
fly away with what's left of
my soul and spirit
that you didn't crush
still going as i recognise
the dizzy daze i'm falling into
waiting to collapse in
on myself for maybe
the last time
for a while at least
we both know it won't happen
because of you
i couldn't however much you
argue and scream and shout
or maybe it's because of her
calming my mind
ok i have to stop now
i told you it would get too much
once again i say
i'm sorry
remember me
or the old me
if you can
it wasn't your fault
pre panic attack
Saurabh Raizada Feb 2021
Cocooned in groggy haze
swamped with torpid emptiness
jaded sea of inert vacuum
laden with muzzy loneliness

sharp tick-tock of the weary wall clock

I lie awake with my eyes shut tight
striving in vain to dream dreams
caged in a mute indifferent night
inertia of stodgy listless being

wait is long… no sight of dawn

Exhausted ceiling-fan rotates
loose rusty rod, old dusty blades
creaking & groaning every two rounds
lazily it swings & sways

just like fan & the clock
I too am a mechanical zombie
wobbling thru’ the night... barely alive
anonymousthinker Jan 2021
I'm feeling dizzy, can't stand strait. My head is spinning, my ears are ringing I can't remember anything.
mark soltero Dec 2020
kiss away my pain
softly please
all i can ask for
is that you don’t hate my dismay
because somehow someway
after yesterday
when you kissed me
i got the rush
that i once felt in the dizzy of our laughter
and this morning it hasn’t gone away
I've grown so numb
To pain, to love
Trying to find a way
From below to above

Detached from the world
Detached from myself
Is there anything of worth
In my little slice of hell

When I try to look up
It seems the same as down
My smile feels empty
Worse than a frown

This hole in me
I can't seem to fill
I can't see the way
I can find no will

The days keep passing
Darkness continues to fall
It seems like nothing
Will clear this dismal pall

There's a hole in me
That I can't seem to fill
Leaving me empty
Except for this bitter little pill
Vampirecadence May 2020
I hate this anxious feeling just before a change,
Hate to have this feeling when I feel overwhelmed and everything becomes hard to manage,
Heart beat runs faster than train,
this makes me feel so drain,
Man! Why it doesn't have a stop
just like a train?
It makes me feel dizzy,
when I try to control,
Makes me wonder
from where It comes,
all of sudden,
I lost in its thunder,
And it does rain,
When it makes me completely lose my brain.
Hate to have this feeling just before a change.
Cadence Aurora - 19th may, 2020
Time -  7:54 PM
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