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annh Sep 5
As his feet moved even faster, and he twirled and whirled and cantered across the stage, it was as if he existed in an indeterminate space - blinded by the footlights, deafened by the orchestra, absorbed in his own rumbustious choreography. Beyond the pit, in the anonymous darkness, the audience rippled and flared appreciatively in response. So he danced on until, with a final rapturous gesture of his outstretched arms, he plunged to earth as dizzy as a snowflake. And waited.

The silence shifted. The soft rumble of engine noise played softly in the background, while the chain-link fence rattled in the squall which blew fresh off the harbour. He opened his eyes and watched the cars crawling across the overbridge above him; the empty basketball court, littered with yesterday’s snack papers, lay in shadow. In the middle distance, a familiar figure walked briskly towards him.

‘Matthew! Matthew! You come here this secon’ or I’ll whip your **** right off, already.’
‘Yes, Auntie.’
‘What you doin’ tryna waste good time?’
‘Nothin’, Auntie.’
‘Ain’t that the truth, boy.’

As he stooped to gather up his satchel, Matthew saw out of the corner of his eye the concertmaster lower his instrument, incline his head, and begin to tap his music stand with his bow. From the balconies the first of a thousand rose petals began to fall with the evening rain, the applause thundered while the lightning clapped, and there in the gods stood his mother waving and blowing kisses at him, as he followed his aunt down East Street towards home.

‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Bansi Adroja Jul 30
I still think about when we first met
sometime in late  October
with rain in your hair
the sound of a beer cracking open
the sinking feeling
of just knowing
A poem stuck in my head.
xxx Aug 27
I close my eyes and you’re dancing.
Dizzy girls on a dizzy stage and you’re glowing.
Flesh-colored roses in your pantyhose.

I close my eyes and I see the garden where it happened.
You’re dancing for the worms.
Flower buds and ****** lips.

I open my eyes and I see the club sunbeams.
Where we happened and where it was dizzy.
Flower petals and smeared lipstick.

It blinds me and I can’t see anything at all.
Gabby Apr 4
I can't say these words I want to say. They lump in my throat and I am forced to swallow them once again. Why can't I say them? They are just words after all. I can't say them to you or anyone else. Not even a whisper of them to myself. So I keep them locked up in my head where they swirl around making me dizzy. Being dizzy on your own words is the worst kind of dizzy. A fog clouds your mind. In this fog is the words you want to say, along with possibilities of the replies you would get from them. The conversations swirl and swirl until your sick. Sick of the words. Sick of yourself. Sick of the world. Don't swallow your words until your dizzy, sick. Until your head and heart hurts from all that you can't say. All the possibilities of what could be because of those words. Don't become dizzy, sick.
malluraeh Mar 28
i keep my balance,
    throughout the day,
         until you meet my way.
              suddenly feeling dizzy,
                    tipsy, looking at your
                              pretty face.
Empire Mar 16
Make me feel
Make the room dance and spin
Make the floor sway under my feet
Make me fall into your arms
So you can pull me close
And kiss me deep
Make the whole world fade away
Until it's only you and me
Two dizzy idiots
Drunk on each other
Forever intoxicated
Smiling dumbly and happily
Making the rest of the world
Just go away
I want you to make me feel
Empire Mar 7
Have you ever
Felt so
     i              z
z                             z
z           z          
d             ?/.a>>>??a  ???      zz z  z z e d???
                      t   ip... p
                          Just from a glance      ss       ..  .
                               Eyes locking                            y
With someone
I've heard of the notion
This wondrous love potion
But I regret to say
It has not yet come my way
lucav Jan 22
my ring finger's too small for my ring
its a funny thing
when im hopped up on xanax see
i dont mind
how you wasted my time
but it gives me vertigo
every time i let go
u g h
Madison Greene Dec 2018
boys don't like girls whose feelings drip out like water
so I get dizzy off red wine instead of my thoughts
I want to kiss your lips and let you in the fortress I built around my mind
but all the progress I've made will mean nothing
and I can only pretend to be simple for so long until you'll realize I may be too much to love
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