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Em Apr 2019
I want to love you
like I've never loved before
but I've loved you yesterday.

And beneath these sheets
I know I've loved you for years

But we met tomorrow.
And maybe,
when our bones
start humming at the same speed
we will wallow together

and our skins will stick together
and our tears will sting together.

We will love tomorrow
and Wednesday.
I will put on your socks
and my shoes
and we will love.

Because beneath these sheets
we are one.

Covered in these white waves,
Welcome home.
Em Mar 2019
Unfulfilled and filling
I am a bucket with the smallest hole.
A drain half clogged
We are bogged down
wondering why we didn’t
that the water’s shallow here.
And here lies the swallowed
words on the wayside.
The shivering, wavering
night skies.
He who lies
is also he who fixed the smallest hole.
On my inside.
Em Oct 2018
your body
mirrors mine
your soul
is that of
a girl i’ve known
since i was 10 years old
you are
where the grass
is green
you are who
i drown in
you are where i feel
like me
we are far from holy

hold me
scratching love letters
down my back
and whispering
down my neck

who needs amen?
breathe in
all the love
& lose the fear
& remember
that bullets pass
right through you.
& your heart beats
for women
like me
& your
gunshot holes
resemble everyone you’ve lost
since you were 10 years old

let me
fill those holes
with the marrow in
my bones
hold me
dig nails
into my palms
Dear God
don’t let me go
Inspired by the poem by Ocean Vuong: Ode to *******
Em Sep 2018
Excuse me while I scream
your name
Swallowing syllables the wrong way.

Excuse me while I bite my lip and
bruise ******.
Nip my tongue.
Break my wrist.
Fighting with soft fists,

Excuse me while I stop, drop,
sit and wait.
Lie low. Ladylike.

The fire's lost sometimes,
deep within my ribs.
Excuse me, it's difficult to dig there.
Em Jun 2018
I am not a truster

I don't believe
that everyone will do it right.
That everyone won't
hold my heart
too tight.

I don't want a heart
turned harsh
bright white
by fingertips, that squeezed
for just one night.

You're not everyone
You're a kite.
You love my heart
and you love it
just right.

With your left hand
You lift me.
I take flight.
Because you, my love.
You bring me light.
Em May 2018
If I could guess
It's been a minute
Since I thought about her.
Sixty seconds since
Her arms were
Wrapped up in my mind.

If I could guess
It's been a few days
Since she thought about me.
And I was far
From intertwined
Em Apr 2018
We can't make them uncomfortable
We can't make them feel weird
Because my boyfriend
Has *******.
Because my "boyfriend"
Is a woman.

We cannot make them uncomfortable
Those around us
While we subtly hold hands,
pulling away if anyone's gaze looks
a bit too intense
a bit too uncomfortable

You know what's *******
Just wanting a kiss on the cheek
but getting a slap on the wrist
by a bible belt stare
Because I
am in love.
With a woman.
I wrote this a long time ago.
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