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Yesterday's tears
are tomorrow's fears
Today's pain
is tomorrow's gain
Yesterday's sad
is today's bad
and tomorrow's mad

Pain ends the same, in madness
I know you still share feelings                    (a)
Though, with different meanings              (a)
for I remember:                                             (c)

Your heart gazed into my ego                      (d)
Your crystalline eyes                                    (e)
with pristine seas                                          (f)
Melted my heart, like that of ice                 (g)
Your lips, rewrote my affection                  (h)

Things might be different                           (i)
Though I might now be an insurgent       (i)
for if I re-render:                                          (c)

Your lips, told me to go                              (d)
on the most obscure days                           (e)
in a world of dying trees                            (f)
with no breath, like lab mice                     (g)
I tied a noose, with my rejection               (h)
A poem to my beloved, to whom I say thank you for making me push to the point where I wanted to take my own life. I still love you and I know you love me too, but it's the worst kind of love you can find
You tried to help,
But I kept on breaking you
And over
And over
Three years ago my eyes were caught
My words were not abroad
My life had many empty pages
My heart had many empty stages

Two years ago my eyes were taken
My heart was not mistaken
My life was re-written, on all pages
My heart was a concert, with full stages

One year ago, my eyes were mournful
My heart felt painful
Marks left of torn pages
Silence again, with no stages

Today is the day in between
Yesterday was the day to mourn
Tomorrow I will be reborn
I hope of love, never before seen
This is actually a confusing one. Three years ago I met the girl that most of my poems are about, two years ago we've been together for almost a year, last year, before we were together for 2 years, we broke up. Yesterday was the 'anniversary' of us being apart for a year, and today is the day in between. Yesterday, the day that I finally got over her, and tomorrow, the day I'm meeting a girl I've been talking to for a few months online. I really like her, and I think it's time to move on
It breaks my heart
To remember the start

We were best friends
Who grew into greater friends

We were the lovers of Eros
The ten among the zero's

We were like the ocean
You were the tidal waves
and I, the beach

I think of us now as continents
Millions of years ago we were split,
though the scars can be seen
We belong together

I love you Meagan
and I hope you still do,
for it hurts Belle
it hurts insanely
My mind cannot stop picturing us
My heart cannot stop beating at you
My eyes, cannot lie, no matter how red
My lips, have grown dry
My hands, have grown violent

I need you
I want you
In a week we've been separate ways for a year. I can't stop hurting or loving you, it's worse now than it was before. I just hope you're happy
She's an angel among all the stars
She's a healer of all one's scars
She's the usual customer in bars
She has wicked, poisonous claws
She's the winner, of all draws
She's the breaker of all laws
Did I pass the test oh sweet sorrow
Should I close my eyes till morrow
To see if I need a heart to borrow
I'll search for a path to follow
Within your heart that's so hollow
Oh sweet life, what do I owe
To see your beautiful face tomorrow
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