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  Apr 13 Armand-DeamoJC
And over time,
My pen stopped bleeding
But my heart didn't
You broke too much of me
to start a new life
I can't look at a girl the same
I can't look at myself the same
  Apr 2 Armand-DeamoJC
Well beneath my sarcasm
My hatred for the world

There is a different story waiting
Waiting to be told

For I am made of poetry
Of sunsets
And the moon

Of summer rain
And chocolate smell
And nights that end too soon

It's hidden well
It's out of sight
It's on you to find the key

For my fragile little world,
My dear,
Is not for everyone, you see?
If time is healer
As they always say
Why does  it still hurt
After all these years

The loss of love
Is never replaced
No love is the same
From another’s face

Each love is different
None are the same
So the hurt from a lost love
Still feels fresh through all time
People never change;
they adapt or
learn to do things differently

I remember that I told her I'd change and make everything right. She was right. People don't change, but she has a better life now right? Right? RIGHT!?
once upon a time
maybe i was sane
once upon a time
maybe i wasn't to blame

once upon a time
maybe i could communicate
once upon a time
maybe i could think straight

once upon a time
maybe i could see
once upon a time
maybe it wasn't just me
--I wish I gave this to you, I wish you would read this, and if fate would have it, you would. I wish these feelings would not still be true, but they are, and maybe... just maybe yours might still be, but it's been so long. Too long, but here it is--

Don't go, my Belle

I feel the atoms vibrating within my body
and named it your sweet touch
I see the stars, when your lips intertwine
in a silky embrace with mine

I cannot lose it, I love you too much
Forgive all my flaws, it's not a crush
I promise you, for in all my life
I'll find a way, for you to be my wife

I know that for if we'd be torn apart
The angels would weep
and I'd be cursed with no sleep

You are like my *******
and always stuck in my brain
Yet the thought of you keeps me sane;
So please, let's just go kiss in the rain
I'll take the demons from your brain

Baby let me hold you, and keep you safe
I'll fill, your blank half, to the grave
I'll always make you feel alright
never again, will we fight

I love the way you look in red,
and I love, you choose black instead
I love your nails, coloured blue
I love your "I love you"
I love it that your socks are green,
and your room is never clean.
oh baby I love you
and everything you do

Baby please... oh please don't go
for to live without you, I don't know
and when the rain calms
I'll hold you tightly in my arms

I'll hold you until we're grey
I just don't hope you'll ever say
I don't love you anymore
I wrote this for my ex the day before we broke up. I never gave it to her, everything happened suddenly. 2 years apart, and I still love her. 2 years apart, and I've heard she misses me.

I doubt
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