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Esther L Krenzin Jan 2019
Through sunlit paths
and raging storms
Arms linked together
in uniform
Jocose laughter
warm smiles
Golden moments
made worthwhile
As the clock ticks
through silken air
Precious seconds slip
to who knows where
Spent with souls
of softened steel
Condensed in flesh
within concealed
Standing together
as harsh winds blow
Hand in hand
strong roots below
Though years may pass
in a blurry haze
We stay together
-Esther L. Krenzin-
To my friends who never leave my side, who support me when its hard, and smile with me when its easy. You are worth more than you know.
Love you.
Arke Sep 2018
you passed the joint over to me
I looked at your lips
as the smoke rolled over them
like a spirit chased out of your body

I took a drag and passed it around
we stared at him with eager eyes
for the next clue to win the game
it was getting late and I felt drunk
with happy exhaustion when
your friend whispered "plantagenet"
"what?" we asked
"the clue is... plantagenet" he said again, sternly

our eyes connected
I looked at you, then at him
then back to you
for the briefest moment
before we both started laughing
full belly laughs
and at that moment
you were lovely
of course, we lost that game
but only sort of
Tiffany Scicluna Mar 2017
Oh a kiss
What a bliss
It is something
I ought to miss
Such a mess
I ought to be
Into an abyss
I fall with thee
Matt Fatt Mar 2015
i act like i'm something special
when we all know nothing is
and the people sit there and they judge me
for the all stupid **** that i did

but I've woken up sweating in jail cells
sick from all the DTs and shakes
and i watched the woman i loved
leave a week before our wedding date

and i can remember the first time a pig
put his gun against my ******* head
said "make a move you ******* ******
and i swear to god that i'll shoot you dead"

i've seen more friends than i care to remember
passed out with needles in their veins
i've wept beside to many grave sides
to ever wanna go that way

i've shredded my throat since i was twelve
smoking a minimum two packs a day
and even at my very worst
i still can't bring myself to pray

i've lost far too much in this world
for someone whose not yet twenty five
all i can say at the end of the day is
"though i may fail at least i try"

so i sit back and let people judge me
cause they don't know the **** i've been through
and i'll keep saying i'm something special
even though we all know its not true

— The End —