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m4tt Feb 2015
Hide with me brother though not out of fear.
-We went for coffee-beer, the informal kinda beer-
Come with me brother come and hold me dear.
-We become good friends, we rediscover the world-
Look friend how shiny its all when you are near.
-**** goes on-
This poem is not about friendship, failure is here.
Friendship poem fail fun -
seldom Apr 14
it's our laughter that
bound us;
the moment of camaraderie
new friendship being born
unsure whether this'll be thorn
or storm
and i sat there, torn
unsure where to go from here
a welcoming clasp
palm on palm, fingers
coiled around one another
a peace treaty, a clap of agreement
a silent pact between us
" i gotchu"
a " thank you"
a smile here
a couple more there
am offer for selfless help
and pride in me
pride in you
that forged out friendship
and i thank you
for all your help
all of it.
(C) Elissar Mustapha, 4 Feb- 5 Feb 2019
Rj  Sep 2014
Rj Sep 2014
I realized, even though I had always had a feeling
I am completely asexual, with physical ****** things
And surprisingly, relationships and love
I'm sorry im not who  you wanted me to be
But I can't do it, because everytime we do something
I have this heart flutter, but I can't ignore
The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach
I'm not cut out to be in a relationship,
I'm too messed up to tell the difference
Between love and a frienship
I'm sorry that this isn't even a poem anymore
I'm sorry I can't go on dreaming about relationships and love
When I'll honestly never be in any of them
I'll always be there for you, and every thing I've told you is true
But I can't do it,
I'm too asexual
I'm sorry. I couldn't stop thinking about this. I feel horrible
Emily Oquendo Sep 2014
I care for you now as I cared for you then
even when I said I just wanted to be friends,
it seemed like you understood but now it's
not that way, whenever we talk you don't
have much to say,
I didn't want to lose what we shared,
I didn't want us to grow apart,
but you didn't take a chance with me
you just left me in the dark.
Today I tried to talk to you and you just passed me by
didn't say Hi didn't say anything just left without a thought or a goodbye.
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
They called them selves friends
not just friends but very good friends
but truely they were disconnected
and this was very impossible
to on lookers because they
saw them as friends who
were so close and connected

But they knew as friends
that they were far apart from
each other just like parallel lines
tht would never meet

In a friendship where both
were meant to be active
and supportive so that
their friendship would grow
and blossom for all to see
and for all to admire

It was only one person
that was doing the work
it was only one person that
was being active and
supporting the friendship

Ony one person felt hurt
only one person had to apologize
even though he did nothing wrong
making her seem good and
making him seem bad to on lookers

With time the friendship
stopped growing as it used to  
because it was only one person
who felt the need for the friendhip
while the other felt that the frienship
was useless so there was no need trying
and this made the friendship turn out
into being a one sided and an unappreciated friendship
Mary-Elizabeth  Mar 2014
Mary-Elizabeth Mar 2014
A sigh of relief,
As I watch you walk through the door,
Knowing that the day will be great,
Me and you
You and me, us!

Friends walking side by side,
Being us. Two friends just you and me.

A frienship strong,
You never fail to amaze me.
A frienship that will last so long,
Together we should be.

Is it really just a frienship,
I just wish it wasn't
Why can't we be more than this
Together, us, forever?!
Just for fun whilsts on my break
Please enjoy :) x
Mina Rider Dec 2012
I chased down the bustling road
when I caught a glimpse of her walking down.
Today I stand, impatient;
my finger thumping a pithy tune,
as she climbs down the stairway,
one step at a time.

Time capsules are concealed
in objects that we rarely see,
and only notice when silence visits
and sits in the middle of the room,

Today was on such day,
when my foot accidentally brushed
a tea cup that had bravely withstood,
the anomalies of my childhood,
and leaning back on its broken handle
took delight,
on my sudden emotional plight.

After years of unrelenting boundaries
the yearning to jump over,
turns into the ultimate goal.
Definace, with a vengence,
and fury so grave,
mars conscience by its senstaions,
makes it depraved.

Forgone was the leap
that bound my heart with rules
of love, loyatly and frienship,
for it now only understood,
the twinge of ache it gained
whenever it recognized,
a then familar face.

In a world fantastical,
there is order and right.
And mistakes are begotten
to only be forgotten
and set some memories aside.

I held my hand out,
on the last stair, she looked up,
and in brown eyes, just like mine,
I saw days that now defined,
our relationship,
as mother and daughter.

We talk of  far shores and setting sail,
with our two feet firmly rooted in the bay.
The anchors aren't pulled, the rigs aren't checked,
we are rarely ready, if ever,
at our fancy's behest.

In the seconds that she took to step down;
seconds in which I re-lived a lifetime,
I ran down the same road,
the bustling street with the same goal.
I held my mother's hand
and let go.
Chuck Aug 2013
Love envelops my languid soul
I lounge in its warm embrace
A content poet is a dry inkwell
Yet the ink is congealed with satisfaction
I refuse to allow joy to slow my quill
Too many poets quest for love through language
Many drown in the bliss of El Dorado
Lost forever, bathing in golden love
I will drink golden cups of passion
Play in priceless fieds of frienship
But I will pause to respect it's fragility
And to be a beacon for those lost in windless seas
For I once wore the albatross around my neck
My thirst is now quenched in golden oceans
I wish to be a gentle wind in the sails of the castaways
For love envelops my languid soul
And so it can and must for all
I just want to say that the love I receive from you, my friends on HP is a large part of my El Dorado.
could I compare you to my diary?
Sculpted to be just like me:
When i look into your eyes
I justs see a mirrored disgise,
for you and i compare so well our frienship
we'll never tell, you shall not fade,
from memory or the light of day,
because your my shadow your my friend
and i hope till death we end
S Smoothie Jan 2014
feeling wise and centred.

should I share it or keep it close lest it bedestroyed

I am one to impart and share

but there are some who do not care

they tear apart your words for fear

that thier ideals should shatter and thier

true happiness may be visible and require of them much change

I am not a mirror.

I am a window.

I can show you a view  but your reflection can still in it be seen;

and thus, you may see yourself fit well in the scape I am offering.

if you trust me to be wise I may fail you

if you trust me to love you it would be wise of you.

come to my window open the pane and let the breeze of truth wash through you

breathe this space. come out side legs first into my wisdom

and behold what ever you see is yours to take with you

a seed to plant in your own garden. may the view extend you far beyond the horizon and stars

let there be meaing in your life with out going to far and with out staying so close.

let me touch you with what I know.

let me listen to your excuses and smile.

let me show you the way

you may drop bright pebbles along the way

and come back anyway.

let me be your friend,

I will show you the ways of wise

this is my frienship creed loyal and true

Change is the enemy of identity.

Stagnation is the enemy of growth.

Discernment of what is necessary to change and what should not change

is the friend of wiseness.

But love is the only precursor to all these.

yours sincerely,


— The End —