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Carmelita Jun 1
I don’t know when it first stated,
When our friendship parted,
I never thought this would happen between you and me,
I don’t know if you hate me,
But I guess this is our star crossed fate,
On that podium only one could it accommodate.

I have known you for eleven years,
We’ve been best friends for seven,
I always thought that our lives were a reflection,
Because we were of the same collection.

Both of our families weren’t rich,
But that never diminish the lives we cherished,
The hope for a brighter future and so we ventured,
We strived hard to achieve our dreams
And we both came out supreme.

But I don’t understand the afterhand,
One minute we were happy graduates,
The next we were no longer teammates,
You never returned my text,
You never tried to call.
I couldn’t tell if it was my fault.

Have I ever wronged you?
I don’t remember ever hurting you,
But if I did I ask of you to forgive,
I want you to know you were my closest friend,
And it did hurt when our friendship came to an end,
I want you to know, I wish you the best,
Because it is what you deserve, I pray that you will always preserve.

In times like these, my heart bleeds,
These are the words that forever would be left unsaid,
These are the answers that forever lay beset,
I don’t blame you, I don’t blame me,
From now on, our hearts flame will never walk the same lane.
Carmelita May 29
God created the blossoming flowers and trees,
Every little wild birds and bees,
All beautiful beyond compare,
Makes one want to just stare,
Better yet God created, the endless skies and deep blue seas.

So when you see the bees on the lovely flower,
I wish, you remember God's power,
Because just by uttering words he created the earth
And men who could give birth,
Thus, to make his creation flourish, the heavens would always shower.
God's creation is truly beautiful
Carmelita Apr 18
Headstrong, stupid, careless, wrong
Sinful, disappointment, hateful, not strong,
These are the things that describe me,
That plagues and eat away my humanity.

I have made so many mistakes that I have regret,
And these stakes are what I beget,
Driven deep within my heart, it tears me apart,
The pain, the scars, the guilt, the shame,
All I can feel now is just despair,
Will I ever be able to remove these stains?
Why do I feel so drained.

If only, If only, I could go back in time,
I would give even my last bit of dime,
But I can’t, there is no such thing as time machine,
Life is not a dream or fairy tale, this is not Jack and the bean.
I can’t go, but I could only regret
and fret “If only, If only”

But by God’s grace I won’t be lonely,
By God’s grace the darkness would dissipate,
By God’s grace there would be light,
Even throughout the darkest night,

We have all made mistakes, done things we regret,
Wept and been berated,
But where has that led?
If Only, If Only I have always relied on God,
If Only, If Only, my Lord, my God,

But it is not too late, make haste,
God love you more than anyone ever will,
Up above he looks at you here below,
No matter where in the world you may go,
No matter what you have done certain things can’t be undone,
But by God’s Grace you can have the strength to face,
Any evil, any scars, and overcome the past.

So I have learnt to stop saying “If only, If only”
And remember by God’s grace, You, me and we can live boldly.
Carmelita Apr 18
Father Father where are you?
Father Father, I know I have lied to you.
Father, I have said I won’t do it again,
but yet, I went straight ahead and did what I ought not to do,
But that which I ought to do have never been in my thought,
I have broken your trust, and now my words are like dust
I have disappointed you, I know I am wrong
Why am I always so head strong?

Father Father, please lend a listening ear
Father hear my cries, see my tears, as I beg on my hands and Knees.
Father God I know it is my fault,
a default of my actions, words and thought
Father I feel that you are gone and now this battle can’t be won
All alone now has made my sorrow seep deep within my bones,
I know you can hear me; I know you can see.
I know you are up there looking down at me.
As such I ask, I pray, I hope, father please help me here below
Father please give me the strength so I could cope.
Father I am so sorry for all the things I have done before.

Father Father it is really dark here and I am scared
I don’t know what I should do, where should I go
I am so confused,
But what is fear? I shouldn’t be scared.
Because deep down I know my Heavenly Father loves me,
Even though he might be disappointed in me,
He loves me despite my imperfection, disobedience or sin
As long as I am willing to let him in.
He will always be by my side as a Father, a friend a shield
One who I can depend upon even unto the end,
To share my joy, my sorrow, my worries, my tears,
So tell me friend, why should I fear?
Speaks about a person who has turned from God forgetting all the good God has done, now that he/she is going through a tough time, he/she seeks God but is facing some difficulties but yet God is always there.

— The End —